NEWS: Michiko & Hatchin Marathon on September 5th

Toonami has announced that they will be running episodes 4-10 of Michiko & Hatchin on September 5th, as part of Labor Day weekend. The marathon will start at 12:00 AM EST and end at 3:30 AM EST, so it will last through all of Toonami that night. Here’s the schedule for that night:

12:00am – Michiko & Hatchin 4

12:30am – Michiko & Hatchin 5

01:00am – Michiko & Hatchin 6

01:30am – Michiko & Hatchin 7

02:00am – Michiko & Hatchin 8

02:30am – Michiko & Hatchin 9

03:00am – Michiko & Hatchin 10

Are you happy that Toonami will be marathoning Michiko & Hatchin for Labor Day weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


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