Cedric_alpha’s Introduction to Swim Squad

Hi, I’m Cedric_alpha. I’m been watching anime since I started watching Pokemon and playing the video games. Along with watching both Dragonball/DBZ on the old school Toonami. I also been basically watching Adult Swim since it started. I can still remember watching Cowboy Bebop when I was 11 years old, when AS was young and how that show changed the way I look at anime. Also it took me 5 years to finally understand what the hell was going on in FLCL after watching it 20 times, lol. Anyway, my favorite Toonami shows that are ongoing/have been shown are One Piece, Bebop, Kill La Kill, FLCL, Space Dandy, and Black Lagoon. My favorite Adult Swim shows include the ATHF series, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, 12 Oz. Mouse, Perfect Hair Forever and Venture Bros.

Other than that, I live in Michigan, I hate the cold weather here (I can’t control this), and like sports, mostly football and basketball. I also do play video games, but am kinda crappy at them. Favs include the Pokemon series, the Mario Kart series, and Saint’s Row the Third.

I just want to close by saying, I hope you enjoy the articles I write on here. Always wanted to write reviews/articles about cartoons/anime, but something always stopped me from doing it. So hopefully, you enjoy what I have to say.


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