Meowth900’s Introduction Article

Meowth that’s right! Hello! I am a fan of Pokemon as you can tell. Got into it through the anime back in the day. Team Rocket were my favorite characters. Meowth is the best Pokemon! I’m a college student, I love animals, I’m a ganger, and I love cartoons. Anyways, I joined the Swim Squad because I thought it looked like an interesting thing to do with my time outside of school. I’m usually watching cartoons or playing videogames when I am not doing homework. I am female, I watch adult swim cartoons and I like their cartoons. Some of my favorite cartoons are Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squibillies, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Home Movies, Metalocalypse,  and of course Rick and Morty. I am also a fan of the Saturday night Toonami block. My favorite shows there are Space Dandy, Bleach, Black Lagoon, Samurai 7, Eureka 7, Hellsing Ultimate, One Piece, and their reruns Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Cowboy Bebop. I hope you will all find my presence on here to be a most beloved time.


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