Out of the Fire, Into the Fray: KrisSimsters Has Arrived!!

07-18-15_3-45 PM

Who am I? KrisSimsters.

What am I Going to do? Tell you about me.

OK that was lame, I’m done. Anyway, welcome to my intro and I’m going to start off by telling you a little about me. I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia in probably one of the greatest decades (according to whole world)…the 90s. Back when Nickelodeon showed actual cartoons (that were good) that actually made me laugh and Disney was only one station. Back when MTV actual showed music with a minimal amount of TV shows and back when anime was slowly beginning to enter my brain.

By the time I was eight, my usually routine was coming home from school, dropping my backpack off at the door, and turning it to Toonami for two hours of amazing anime that included Sailor Moon. When I was younger, I never saw the sub to Sailor Moon…I’ve learned my lesson now. I also stayed up late on Saturdays with my Mom and we watched the greatness of DragonBall Z, One Piece, and Gundam Wing. But then one day, Toonami disappeared and I was upset, just like other anime fans in America. That meant that I needed to search for anime to watch on my own. Unfortunately, life moved on for me and I wasn’t able to watch anime for a while.

Moving on, I promised not to make this sad!! Around the same time Toonami had disappeared, a new love entered my life and its name was Adult Swim. I remember sneaking downstairs after dark, turning on the living room TV (and turning down the volume, I couldn’t get caught) and watching shows like Sealab, Aqua Teen, Space Ghost, and Home Movies; trying my hardest not to laugh. The more I grew, the more I enjoyed watching late-night Adult Swim (by the time I turned seventeen, I no longer had the urge to sneak downstairs to turn the TV in my room down more) but I still missed watching Toonami and I missed anime. It wasn’t until high school when I caught up with an old friend and he introduced me to one of the greatest animes of all time, Death Note.

I loved everything about this anime and in return, my love of anime came again. From then, my love of anime grew!! I picked up on my old favorites and added new loves like Kill La KillFairy Tail, and Soul Eater. I’ve made some mistakes too (SAO), but I just picked up from them and moved on. I one day wished to write about my two loves (especially since Toonami’s exciting return in 2012) and now, I finally can!! So what am I going to do for you? I’m going to write on this fantastic website, whether I’m going to remind of for [AS] beginnings or enlighten you on the anime Toonami has to offer. So join me why don’t you?

Come to the Dark Side, we have Light

I can’t wait to meet you.

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