An Introductory Paragraph About Staff Member bnjrivera

Fish portrait made by my dog friend Alex, at
Fish portrait made by my dog friend Alex, at

Hello, my friend is Benjamin Rivera, and I’m now a writer on this worshipping, chaotic, ratings-obsessed mess of a fan-made blog. Welcome.

I live in Santiago, Chile, where the streets can’t handle the periods of rain or hotness, travellers usually find its attractions more exciting than its citizens, and most of our local viral videos involve old people getting drunk. I know, that’s too far away. We have great food if you’re thinking on visiting.

I rediscovered Adult Swim in the middle of 2012, with a cross-promotion with a Steam game, when I realized that this obscure incomprehensible block that aired on Cartoon Network in Latin America back in 2005 and then banished forever a few years later was still a thing in the US. I was too young and too prude to enjoy that latin american version of that block back then [plus I didn’t have cable], so when I was introduced again to Adult Swim, I was blown away. I was quickly improving my English language skills, and my brain was adapting to that new stream of alternative comedy, odd visual designs and non sequiturs. I began researching their complete memory lane on every digital arsenal I could find. I started to learn, appreciate and follow their big selection of comedy shows and acquisitions, the unique music selections and their eye-catching bumps and promotions.

In December 2014, I became a faithful watcher/listener of FishCenter Live, that fish tank video podcast streaming on their website, and I started calling to the show in May, when I figured out that I could make free calls to the US using Google Voice. This became one of my favorite new experiences this year, even if that involves staying alone in your house. Not that I’m going out frequently anyway. Those new streams allowed me to meet and talk to a new bunch of virtual friends, and the chance to send contributions and be recognized by a lot of nice and friendly members of Williams Street. And for that, I’m infinitely grateful.

It’s strange that I became so engaged and captivated by this network, but I couldn’t really share it with anyone I know, because Adult Swim stopped airing on my country and they eventually forgot about it, so I developed some sort of virtual persona, that speaks in English, watches experimental art animations on Vimeo, listens to Ghostly, and Run The Jewels, makes calls on a live fish show, comments about Toonami and looks forward to everything that pops up from Williams Street.

Currently, I’m studying computer science on a professional institute, I’m a lazy-ass HELPeR on the Adult Swim Boards, a regular International Caller on FishCenter, and Choe said that I’m an “unofficial historian and library keeper of Adult Swim. He lives in Chile.” My favorite Adult Swim shows are Off The Air, FishCenter, The Venture Bros, Rick and Morty, the 4am Infomercials and Space Ghost C2C. And now I’m a writer on the Swim Squad! Starting today! How fun! Thanks, Abigail!


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