Total Rickall: The Rick and Morty Recap 02×04

Rick and Morty, Total Rickall
Can you spot everybody in the Smith household?

Hello everybody, this is KrisSimsters and today we’re going to recap Total Rickall, the latest Rick and Morty episode. In my general opinion, it got a little crazy at one point, but the episode in its entirety was really good and its one of the reasons why I love this show because it takes the episodes really makes it hard for you choose a top ten. If you have not see Total Rickall and would totally like to check it out (or see it again) before you read my recap, then its currently available on the Adult Swim website.


The episode starts out with Jerry, Beth, Summer, and Morty eating dinner with a strange man. Turns out the man’s name is Steve and he’s Jerry’s brother and after living with them for a year, he gives them tickets to Paris. When Rick comes in and asks who Steve is, Jerry’s reply is that, “He’s my brother and he’s been living with us for almost a year.” Rick then shoots Uncle Steve and explains that Uncle Steve is an alien parasite, a creature that telepathically embed themselves on memories (particularly happy ones) and multiply to take over planets. In order to keep the parasites from spreading (and help from Mr. Poopybutthole who hands him a remote) Rick locks everybody inside the house using glass shields.

According to Rick; there are supposed to be six people in the house, Rick, Morty, Beth, Jerry, Summer, and Mr. Poopybutthole. Anybody over those six is definitely a parasite.It isn’t long before the first parasite appears in the form of “Cousin Nicky.” After a Hulk Musical, the family is stuck in the elevator with Morty holding his bladder (even though Summer peed the moment they got stuck), Mr. Poopybutthole trying to be the positive speaker, and Jerry trying to open the elevator using Styrofoam Hulk-hands. Uncle Nicky then appears above the elevator offers to help the family out the elevator. Cousin Nicky gives himself away when he says that he wants to get some fresh air. Getting fresh air means stopping the quarantine, which makes Rick shoot him.

The next supposed parasite is Mr. Beauregard, a supposed butler who appears after the Smith family (and “Cousin Nicky” are held prisoner in a Nazi summary. This one is definitely interesting because instead of Rick stopping Mr. Beauregard right away; the family devolges into more memories of the supposed butler. The first memory is when Mr. Beauregard gets Jerry’s head out of the banister, which in turn introduces another parasite, Frankenstein’s Monster. Another memory of Rick, Summer, and Mr. Beauregard having a pillow fight on her bed brings out the parasite of Sleepy Gary, who becomes very interesting himself soon. There’s also the memory of Morty being upset because he had to go to his dance alone when Mr. Beauregard appears in a dress with matching heels and bag, and had a wig on his head. That’s when the parasite known as Photography Raptor appears.

The parasites are starting to multiply with the original number of people going from six to ten. When Rick starts counting off who’s supposed to be in the house, he counts the four parasites, starting Rick’s madness. He says he loves the number six so much that he writes the number down again using another parasite in the name of Pencilvester. Everybody soon becomes suspecious of Summer, who has zero pictures of her family in her phone (even though Beth has no pictures of Mr. Poopybutthole and vice versa). Frankenstein’s Monster points out that its weird that Summer only has one friend, a magical ballerina lamb that the family has never seen. The magical ballerina lamb is a parasite named Tinkles, who in another memory, comes into Summer’s room late at night and takes Summer to Never Bedtime Land that includes a song with a rap that I can never unsee. When Sleepy Gary and Beth appear in her room, she’s dancing with flashlights and says that it was Tinkles.

Tinkles then appears after Rick suspects her and is ready to shoot her with his raygun. Jerry soon begins to doubt himself by saying he’s known Beth since high school and her husband, Sleepy Gary is his best friend and no evidence is needed. Rick is tired of not knowing what’s going on, so he’s ready to shoot Summer, but Gary stops him. As Rick accuses Sleepy Gary, two more parasites show up, Hamuri and Amish Cyborg. Soon everybody starts chanting, “Remember the barbecue,” and then another memory appears with a whole lot more parasites (too many to count) and Rick grilling with Pencilvester. Soon the whole living room is filled with parasites.

All the parasites want Rick to take down the glass shields, but Rick refuses, the house is now infected with fake loved ones who have fake memories with each other. Jerry really starts to think that Sleepy Gary is really Beth’s husband instead of himself, doubting his own existence. Then in another memory–probably my favorite one–reveals Jerry and Sleepy Gary on vacation in a yacht where a simple talk about filming the new Star Wars movie by the coast and it leads to them making out, revealing that Jerry’s gay and hiding about it, having a secret relationship with Sleepy Gary that’s not real.

Back in the living room, Frankenstein’s Monster tries to use Rick’s watch to take down the glass shields, but they soon turn on Rick because he won’t take them down. Things get so out of hand at this point that Morty (along with the baby wizard and a duck with human arms) into the basement and just when you think Morty’s about to shoot Rick, he then remembers that Rick’s real because of the bad memories and proceeds to shoot the baby wizard and duck with human arms. Realizing that Morty’s right (without exactly saying Morty’s right), Rick and Morty suit up with ray guns and goes back into the living room where the bottom line is this, as you have a good memory with somebody, then you are a parasite and you will die.

The first to die before the massacre begins is Mrs. Refrigerator, who tries to cover her good memory by going on a roller coaster scary, but she’s the first to die. Rick is then about to  shoot Summer, but Morty remembers her as his “Bitch of a sister.” Summer remembers Beth because of she’s a borderline alcoholic and she remembers Morty because she saw him masturbate in the kitchen once. Even though Sleepy Gary is real, Beth remembers Jerry because he hid in the car while she was being chased by a homeless person. After the massacre, Jerry reflects that he has nothing but bad memories of the family and that all the parasites were good people. Everybody’s ready to sit down to eat, Beth sees that Mr. Poopybutthole is still around and thinking he’s a parasite, she shoots him. Mr. Poopybutthole was not a parasite, he was actually real and is actually bleeding. Everybody panics as Jerry calls 911 and tells that that, “My wife shoot…an old family friend.”

After the credits roll, the family is seen watching Mr. Poopybutthole in physical therapy and when his physical therapist comes out, Beth asks if they could see him, but she says that, “He’s sorry he didn’t have any bad memories of him,” and says that if they loved him, they would leave.


As I’ve stated before, this episode was good and I loved how confused I was towards the end of the episode because of all the parasites. Would I place this in top ten? Probably, probably not it depends on how the rest of the season goes. If the good run this season’s had so far continues, then I’m excited for season three!! I’m just excited about episode 5. In the words of Rick, “That’s the wayyyyyy the news gooooooes!!” See you next week!!

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