My Homage to Home Movies: My Top Ten!!

Home Movies
Lets watch some Home Movies!!

What’s up everybody, its your girl KrisSimsters and today I’m taking you down memory lane with one of the best (and first) series in Adult Swim history, Home Movies. I was nine when this series was first on the now dead UPN and it resulted in me sneaking downstairs late at night to watch this in the living room with the TV turned down low. As sort of an intro to lure you onto this site, I’m going to give you my top ten episodes of Home Movies in no particular order. Lets set the mood with that theme song I missed so well.

Note: Its hard to find all the episodes on YouTube without having to pay on them, but I’m sure their all on there someway.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get this countdown started!!

#10: Get Away From my Mom-01×01

The first episode of the series and probably a damn good one too, this episode deals with Brendon trying to cope with the fact that his newly divorced mother, Paula has accepted a date with his soccer coach, Coach McGuirk. Regrettably, the date doesn’t end well (with Paula ending up drunk) and by the end of the episode, Paula and McGuirk have broken up, even after Brendon has to apologize for his misbehavior.

#09: Mortgages and Marbles-01×11

After hastily moving out of his apartment, McGuirk enlists in the help of Melissa’s Dad, Erik when it comes to finding a new home. When things don’t go so well, McGuirk ends up living with Melissa and Erik, though Melissa is not happy about that. While Erik manages to get McGuirk back into his old apartment (at three times his previous rent) he does teach McGuirk about proper rental laws. Also, another reason to like this episode is when Brendon’s sister, Josie accidentally sticks a marble up her nose, Brendon decides to take things into his own hands by making a PSA teaching kids not to put marbles up their noses, but the video has the opposite effect and more kids decide to put marbles up their noses.

#08: Hiatus-02×03

After a movie gone wrong; Brendon, Melissa, and Jason decides to take a break making movies and each other. This ends up with Brendon trying to impress Dwayne’s choreographer, Cynthia, which causes him to get fired after accidnetally electrocuting Dwayne during a performance; Jason hanging out with Perry and Walter, but leaves them after finding their constant jabbering annoying; and Melissa not doing anything. This leads them to never take a hiatus again and continuing making movies.

#07: Dad & Therapy-02×07 & 02×08

Dad: After meeting his Dad for the first time since their parents’ divorce, Brendon discovers that his father is going remarry a woman named, Linda a rude woman who constantly complies. After spending the night at his father’s, Brendon hears Linda yelling at Andrew for not waking her up for work. When Paula invites them over for dinner, Brendon shows his father the latest film he made, which parallels his relationship with Linda. The couple leaves after Brendon asks Linda if she’s even seen her father naked. Therapy: Brendon, Andrew, and Linda have to take therapy sessions in order to work on their dysfunctional relationship. After showing a movie about a shrinking king who’s believed he’s conspired against, the threapist points out that Brendon might be the cause dysfunction since he’s frustrated that his father’s remarrying. Unable to get advice from both Paula and McGurik, Brendon starts becoming passive-agressive towards Linda and upon realizing that the sessions are bringing out the worst in Brendon, Andrew, and Linda, they cancel the remaining sessions.

#06: Four’s Company-03×05

Melissa begins dating a French guy name Octavio, which is cutting into her film responsibilities. Brendon gets mad and after continuously mentioning it to her, she quits. While Brendon is at school one day, he overhears Octavio telling another girl that the only reason he’s even with Melissa is so that he can get a role in one of Brendon’s movies. When Octavio comes by later, Brendon asks him if what Octavio says is true. Not only does Octavio confesses about what was said in the hallway, he also reveals that he doesn’t even speak French. Melissa overhears and breaks up with Octavio, returning to Brendon and Jason. The sideline plot is that McGuirk arranges a dinner with Paula, Mr. Lynch, and Erik after spotting them at the grocery times. When none of them show up, McGuirk calls them at inconvenient times. Erik is the only one who shows up to the dinner at the end.

#05: The Party-02×05

After being locked inside the school, Brendon is asked by classmate Fenton Mewley’s mother to make a video of his birthday. Brendon wants to use footage of him making fun of Fenton, but on the day of the party, after seeing Trudy happy, and quickly changes it, instead using footage of Fenton being rude and inconsiderate during his party. When Brendon shows the footage, Fenton gets mad at not only Brendon, but also his mother, but McGurik shows up and yells at Fenton for his behavior. He also tells Fenton’s Mom that she has to learn to discipline her son, so she grounds him while spending time with McGuirk.

#04: Pizza Club 02×12

In order to catch up on their lives, Brendon and Andrew decide to form a pizza club by going to the local pizzeria. When McGuirk catches wind of their plans, he feels offended by not being included and decides to form his own pizza club with Walter and Perry. When the two become annoying, McGuirk disbands the club and Brendon and Andrew invite him into their own pizza club. After wanting to be a part of their movies and walking in on their shots, Paula is finally offered a minor role in their next movie.

#03: The Wedding 02×13

Its the day of Andrew’s wedding and Brendon has a stress-induced rash that he tries to cover up, but fails when it starts covering over his entire body. Paula’s also frustrated planning the wedding that she accidentally orders baby trees instead of flowers and that the wedding is double-booked with a funeral. Melissa and Jason lock Brendon in the closet, but he escapes and passes out at the alter. Paula’s friend, Stephanie (who’s in town for the wedding) tries to seduce McGuirk in order for him to have sex with her.

02: Coffins and Cradles-03×13

While Andrew’s away on a business trip Linda (who’s been staying with Paula and Brendon) goes into labor shortly before a Halloween party; all of them (including Jason, Melissa, and Lynch) making a mad dash to the hospital. Once in the delivery room, Linda and Brendon exchange a heated exchange of words that includes probably my favorite knock-knock joke. Meanwhile, McGuirk makes another encounter with Stephanie, who has joined a new spiritual religion, and while her and McGuirk are about to have sex; McGuirk has a heart attack and decides to make a life change. By the end of the episode, there is new baby born, but the screen gets cut before a name is given.

#01: Focus Grill-04×13

After discovering that they’ve never actually finished making a movie; the trio set out to make three different endings for a focus group that consist of Walter and Perry, Fenton, and Junior. Melissa’s ending is of a magical princess with Brendon and Jason as her fighters, Jason’s ending involves the throw-up monster, and Brendon’s ending has them as bikers as they sit on top of the grill that McGuirk was supposed to be setting up for Paula. None of the endings go well for the focus group and afterwards Brendon states that maybe they shouldn’t be people “watching” their movies, that they make movies to just make them. Brendon also questions McGuirk’s reasons behind building the grill, mentioning that he has a tent and generator set up in the backyard. When the grill’s finally ready, McGuirk makes a huge explosion that also has a large impact on the house. As the group sets out to eat tapas (it was agreed upon), Brendon accidentally drops his camera on the street, but can’t warn McGuirk in time and watches as a car drives over it, ending the series perfectly.

I loved this series and I’m glad it ended the way it did. I loved re-watching all the episodes and making this Top Tens list for you. Hopefully, I’ll make more for you in the future, going down memory lane is extremely fun. Until next time, I’m KrisSimsters. Bye!!

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