Cedric_alpha’s One Piece Episodic Review

Hey, it’s Cedric_alpha, and I’m gonna be your episodic reviewer for One Piece. Giving you the run down of what happened the night before. Let’s do this! So to start ep. 313 “A Disturbance of Peace. A Navy Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love.”, we start off with MEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! WHY MERRY WHY?!?! *starts bawling out of control* *recovers* Okay, where was I? Oh yes. We start 2 days later(?) (Or 2 weeks? Funi didn’t put the damn subtitles up for it) back in Water 7. And Zoro is looking at his broken sword that got rusted out by a Devil Fruit using Marine, and him wanting to replace it. Paulie and the rest of Galley-La are getting the “Welcome back home!” treatment (The ladies, and some guys, love Paulie. He’s too shy to like them.) The Franky Family is rebuilding their home Luffy destroyed, and Sodom and Gamorrah are looking well after Chopper treated them. The media wants some answers to what happen, but Galley-La ain’t having it. The TITAAAAAANNNNNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!-I mean, the Giants (sorry, had to) are helping with Galley-La to rebuild the town, and both of them are looking to go back to Elbaf afterwards and want Usopp to join them. Meanwhile, Iceberg and Franky have a sit-down together, and Iceberg tells Franky he’s gonna work on Water 7 to float someday, no matter how impossible it looks to be.

Back at Galley-La, most of the Straw Hats are gather together. Luffy, cause of him resting up after fighting Lucci, developed a “sleep-eating” habit. Nami is depressed cause she lost everything: Her mother’s Tangerine trees, her money, her clothes, and the ship. But some of Galley-La brings the trees and some other supplies back cause they confiscated them when they thought the Straw Hats were enemies.  Nami is happy cause her trees are back. And the others there are happy too, and Robin re-assures them she is staying with them. After a break, Franky comes in posing (SSSSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) and tells them how he spent their 200 million Berries he stolen from them on some legendary wood. This wood comes from a rare tree, “The Jewel Tree, Adam”, and this wood was used to make Gold Roger’s famous ship. He tells of how he didn’t want to build ships anymore except for one last big one he wants to sail the world cause his ship building just couldn’t go away. He has the blueprints and the wood for it, and is giving the ship he’s building with it, when it’s done, to the Straw Hats to replace Merry for free, for all the trouble he cause. And of course, the Straw Hats are ecstatic.

Meanwhile, back at the bay, a giant Marine ship with a dog head on it, is at port. And from it comes Vice-Admiral Garp, the guy who challenged Gold Roger back in the day. Zoro, seeing as how the Navy has arrive, tries to warn Luffy and the others. But because he’s Zoro, he gets lost, and ends up back in the same damn place. (While also getting attacked by some kids.) Garp and the Marines enter Galley-La, even though Galley-La tries to stop them to no avail. Instead of using the door, Garp punches his way through the wall. He says he has some visitors that want to meet Luffy. He sees Luffy sleeping and speeds past Sanji and Franky, and gives a giant “Fist of Love” to the top of Luffy’s noggin. The others are shocked to see that a normal punch affected Luffy, but are even more shocked when Luffy reveals that Garp is actually his Grandpa. Stay tuned for more next week.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturdays on Toonami


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