Get Schwifty: The Rick and Morty Recap 02×05

Hey, Hey we’re gonna get Schwifty

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I promise I won’t use Get Schwifty a lot in this Rick and Morty recap, but the song is officially stuck in my head just like Frank’s Willing, Sexy Bachelor from China, IL in its season finale (that was a great episode BTW) but before I get off topic, lets head back Rick and Morty. If you haven’t seen the episode and you want to know the deal with Get Schwifty, then I advise you to watch it through Adult Swim, its available for free for just this week!! If you have watched the episode last time a million times like I did, then lets jump into this recap!!


So the episode starts out with a giant head headed towards Earth and the Earthlings call it ArmagHEADdon. Rick knows something’s up, so he and Morty have to head to the Pentagon (you know, the lane one in DC) to try and save the Earth. Summer thinks its God because if its God, then she can get out of school. Beth assures her that its not God and tells Jerry to shut up (because Jerry thinks its God) as Morty’s math teacher, Mr. Goldenford shows up and invites them down to the church so they can all pray together. Beth is skeptical that praying isn’t going to do much, but Mr. Goldenford is just being rational because a giant head’s controlling the weather.

Rick and Morty arrive at the Pentagon, where they’re in a frenzy because of ArmagHEADdon. The President wants to find a way to peaceful resolve things, but the general wants to launch missiles “up its ass.” When Rick and Morty show up, Rick turns two guards into snakes because they wouldn’t stay back like he told them to, and then tells them that the only one the Giant Head will go away is if it shows them that Earth’s got a hit song. The President orders them to get Pharrell, Randy Newman, Billy Corgan, and The-Dream. (The-Dream? When was the last time anybody heard from The-Dream? I honestly want to know). Anyway, Rick wants to know the secret speaker system in Area 51, but when the General asks him how he knows about that and the President intervenes when he says that he knows how to use Google Maps. So all those artists and songwriters that the President mentioned before, yeah they dead due to an earthquake at the Grammys. But good news, Ice-T is still alive and is headed towards Area 51. When Rick mentions that he dabbled as a musician, he and Morty are also sent to Area 51.

Meanwhile, at the church, the Priest gives a sermon about faith that includes (and I quote), “When God gives you an 11, you don’t fold, you double down and always hit on a soft 16.” After a Jewish Rabbi says that the Priest has been dealt a bad hand, Morty’s principal, Principal Vagina (its Scandinavian) states that since all the old gods are dead, its time to worship a new God, the giant head in the sky because you know, its currently controlling the weather. On the Black Hawk, Morty questions if Rick’s really a musician and Rick says that everybody’s tried at least one. Once they land at the sound system, Morty suggests that they cut their losses and go back for the family, but Rick refuses and tells him that good music comes from people who are relaxed so just give him a beat. Then the greatest, probably most annoying AS song is created and luckily I have a link, which you can watch below:

Back to the recap. The song is well liked by the Giant Head and everyone at the church thinks its Principal Vagina’s doing when it was really Rick and Morty’s doing. You would think the episode would be over by now at the six (close to seven) minute mark, but we still have roughly 13 minutes of show left, and the head proves it not over when Earth is teleported to another area of space where there are more heads. Its soon revealed that Earth is one of five planets on a alien TV show called Music Planet. The planet with the best song is the planet that gets teleported back to where they belong, the other planets are disqualified and gets destroyed.

Back in the studio, Morty’s still upset because he wants to go back for his family and starts to grab the portal gun, but Rick says the portal gun is low on charge and there wouldn’t be enough to get there and back. Also, Rick’s trying to shelter Morty from certain realities because he doesn’t want to get nervous. When the general sees Rick and Morty arguing through the other side of the studio, he revokes his faith in them and continues to talk about firing missiles at the heads. The President is against this plan and says while the General can put his faith in nukes, he’ll continue putting his faith in Rick and Morty. Back at the church, Principal Vagina is donned a set of Pope robes and is the new religious leader of the small people. Beth is still against this until Summer starts acting like the daughter Beth and Jerry never had. When they go to the Ascension Festival, Beth and Jerry are freaked out because apparently if you don’t obey the new God, then you get balloons tied to you and float up to the sky with the heads and come back as better babies.

While waiting for their turn, Ice-T says their out for Original Fig-Newtons (personally, I like the strawberry ones) and Rick gets more, using the portal gun. When Morty realizes that Rick lied about the charge on the portal gun, he grabs it and shoot a portal, leaving Rick in the studio. Morty goes from portal to portal to portal, unfortunately stopping at a place literally filled with shit. The next time we see Morty, he’s tired from going from portal to portal and is rescued by BirdPerson who can make efforts to prevent this, but promises nothing. Rick, still upset about Morty leaving, tries to get Ice-T to help, but Ice-T doesn’t want to help because he doesn’t care about planet Earth blowing up. The reason Ice-T doesn’t care is because he’s literally a block of ice. He was exiled on his home planet because he didn’t care about anything and Earth is just one of his many stops on a lifelong journey with no destination.

The General can no longer take anymore of the President’s tomfoolery, so he’s going to go with the nuclear option and the missiles will launch within one minute of Earth’s performance and hits the President in the face with a gun. BirdPerson convinces Morty that even though Rick is a dick, he actually cares about BirdPerson and possibly Morty with a picture of Rick holding a baby that looks like Morty. In the Potato Head Church, Priest Vagina offers Beth and Jerry to go with him to take Headism worldwide. Jerry would be the church’s Head of Advertising and Beth would be Head of Medicine and while they both love those positions, they refuse because while they like that Summer respects them, they want her to respect her by being herself and not the person she currently is. This in turn gets them on the Ascension.

When Morty comes back to the trashed studio, he finds the President tied up after the General took over. The President is unable to connect to anybody to stop the missile launch. Morty has no choice than to go to Rick with the President flying a Black Hawk. Because the heads are angry, the Potato Head fellowship thinks its because their sending Beth and Jerry into Ascension so Summer and Ethan pull them down. When Morty shows up, the Heads are happy again, so the Fellowship think its because they saved the Smiths from Ascension. When the General disobeys the President’s orders and launches the missiles at the Heads (it doesn’t even leave a mark), the Heads are angry and disqualify Earth; which the fellowship think its Vagina’s fault, so they tie him up to the Acension balloons.

Just as Rick and Morty are about to be blasted, Ice-T comes back and uses his back as a shield saying he wants to hear Rick and Morty’s song. Rick and Morty’s second song save the Earth and Earth is restored in its proper position…albeit four planets less. The fellowship instantly disband when they realize that the Heads wanted nothing to do with them at all and work to get Vagina down.

In the end credit scene, Ice-T is allowed back into his own planet and restored to his former form, which was Water-T. The happiness isn’t as his father, Fire-Q (?) dies from a piece of rubble falling on him after War has been declared. He then gets his guns and set out to defeat the enemies.


Just like last week’s episode, I loved this episode. It wasn’t as confusing as last weeks, but it was still a great episode. Next week’s episode features Rick and Morty going to a whole planet he made just for his car, its looks really exciting. Get Schwifty is going to get annoying for non Rick and Morty fans, but its still an amazing song and I want to see it on Adult Swim Singles. That’s it for my review, I’ll be back next week and that’s the way the news goes!!

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