My Rick and Morty Character Thoughts

Meowth900 here insert intro thing here. Alright so Rick and Morty has become a favorite cartoon of mine. Adult Swim hit a home run with this cartoon. I haven’t saw an adult swim original cartoon this good before. I saw cartoons like Aqua Teen, Squibillies, and Venture Brothers through reruns but never saw a premier of such an awesome cartoon. Also shoutout to the aqua teen hunger force finale! I got teary eyed during the credits. Ok back to to Rick and Morty talk. I figured instead of doing a cartoon review thing like the others are doing I would just say why I love the main characters of Rick and Morty. I love this cartoon so it would be hard to review episodes. So time to talk about the characters.

Summer is the daughter of the family, a young adult female. She was there as a background character for some of the show along with mom and dad, but I noticed near the end of season 1 and start of season 2 she started becoming an unofficial third member of the Rick and Morty squad. I would really like it if she became an official third member, and I hope the cartoon does more with her character during the rest of season 2 and season 3. My hopeful thoughts are that Summer can be Morty’s mentor, and a sister who fights monsters and help protect her brother from trouble.

Jerry is the father of the family. He’s the buzz kill character of the show, and always gets mad at Rick cause Rick is living in his garage. Unlike that girl from Family Guy who I legit feel bad for, Meg I think her name is. Anyways Jerry’s a real meanie. The episode of Rick and Morty with the puppy only made me like Jerry less, and I haven’t liked him since. I pretty much dislike Jerry’s character as much as the show does. Dammit Jerry!

Beth is the mother of the family. She’s a background character but unlike Jerry I do not dislike her as much. The daughter of Rick and letting Rick stay inside the garage experimenting and taking Morty as his assistant and not complaining as much as Jerry is pretty great to me. Oh also, she’s also an equine veterinarian? Go Beth go!

Morty the second name in the show title is a dude I can relate to sometimes. I am not a boy so can’t relate to that side of puberty, or having adventures with an insane scientist for a grandpa. However I can relate to things being weird in high school. My freshman year was not great. I never fit in, and I had dreams about the person I like. I also have a mom and dad who have an unstable marriage and that’s pretty much the big reason I can relate to Morty. I hope Jerry and Beth don’t divorce cause it would be a rough episode for me.

Rick the first name in the show title is the crazy old man. He’s my favorite cause he’s funny in a sarcastic way. I wouldn’t want Rick as my grandpa because I couldn’t handle all that abuse and exhaustion from being his assistant travel companion. But it is very funny to watch Rick and Morty’s funny conversations on the show. Rick’s an alcoholic and I approve of that, and I worry about him. I don’t want Rick to die from alcohol poisoning. Anyways I like Rick, and I felt really bad when he was sad in at one episode of season 2. I can’t wait to see an eventual character arc on the cool Grandpa Rick.

Oh also Dota 2 gamers there is a pack out with Rick and Morty as commentators. If you love Rick and Morty I recommend buying it.


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