Aqua Teen Hunger Force Finale, Parting Thoughts, and Why I Love Aqua Teen

I’ve never dreamed I’d be an Aqua Teen

Thirteen seasons, what did it mean?

A Master Shake.

Meatwad the floating head.

And now you’re dead.

And it’s the end….

Of Aqua Teen…

Hunger Force…

It’s the end…

Of Aqua Teen…

Hunger Force…

Yea folks, believe it or not last weekend was the end of Adult Swim’s longest running original cartoons. Aqua Teen Hunger Force features fast food products having crazy adventures in New Jersey. Master Shake was the crude talking milkshake cup, Frylocke was the neutral dude who bounces between good and evil, and Meatwad is the small dude who gets bullied by Shake and mentored by Frylocke. There’s also Carl the retired old man neighbor with a swimming pool. I loved this cartoon a lot. Back when I was a kid and had days where I couldn’t sleep well, I would put on adult swim and nine times out of ten the aqua teen was airing. (Back when I was a kid there wasn’t Netflix or Hulu so we had to turn on the tv. It was a real different time back then.) I watched a lot of reruns of aqua teen hunger force. I told my aquantinces about it. They didn’t show any interest which sucked. Anyways, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was a fun cartoon I wouldn’t watch in front of my parents. It wasn’t cutting to flashbacks all the time like Family Guy, or shoving offensive material and profanities in my face like South Park. This show felt like a cartoon for adults but didn’t feel as bad as other cartoons for adults, and I really loved it despite not being its correct demographic. When I got older I watched all the episodes of the hunger force, and then I started watching tv premiers of the seasons where Aqua Teen’s title began changing.  Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 01, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Aqua TV Show Show, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever. I don’t care what it was called I would still watch it. I can’t make a top 10 episode list cause there were a lot of favorites that I would be hard to pick just 10 episodes. It’s also hard to pick my top favorite character, but I know Master Shake or Carl would be one of them. This cartoon is just really great, and I’m really sad it’s over. 

My favorite part of the finale was the end where Meatwad finally grew up. Master Shake got eaten by clams, and Frylocke died peacefully I guess. I got teary eyed when Frylocke died. I don’t know what the hell happened to Carl. I hope he was ok after Frylocke’s death. Meatwad got an office job, began dating, married a lady, and had meat kids. I know it’s a normal thing for normal people to do, but it was nice seeing the “youngest aqua teen” still living his life. Meatwad and family went to the Aqua Teen home base, and Meatwad told his family about his old crazy adventures. He also mentioned Carl, but forgot his name. That part hurt a bit. Meatwad’s kids cheered for Meatwad to do his shape shifting into a hotdog. Meatwad turned into an igloo, and a hotdog and they left the aqua teen home base. That spider monster guy owns the base now. I don’t know what he’s doing in there. Maybe secretly planning to revive Master Shake and Frylocke for a reboot season? Nah….that’s only an Aqua Teen dream…

Aqua Teen Hunger Force can be watched on Adult Swim on demand and Hulu Plus. 


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