Akame Ga Kill! Episode Recap: Kill The Imperial Arm Users

Original Airdate: July 27th, 2014

Toonami Airdate: August 29th, 2015

Episode 4

The episode starts with a guy named Zank the Executioner going around and chopping people’s heads off because he’s become an addict, due to how much he’s been doing it. Don’t ask me how that works, just roll with it. So anyway, Tatsumi is doing more training at the Night Raid base, and more antics ensue. They then go over what the imperial arms are and what kinds the Night Raid members have. Basically, all you need to know is that they have special powers that all result in death for the people they’re using them against. Tatsumi then has to come along with Akame on a mission to kill Zank the Executioner. Tatsumi is then lead by a vision of one of his friends who was killed in the first episode, only for it to be a vision created by Zank. Akame and Zank then get into a battle and duke it out, and then Zank distracts her with a girl who fought with Akame in the past. She kills Zank anyway, saying that her love for her friends is what drives her to kill them. I don’t know what kind of mental issues Akame has to have that mentality, but whatever. And then the episode ends with a conversation between Tatsumi and Akame.

Man, Akame has really gotten edgy in this episode. Not just because of the guy who cuts people’s heads off for fun, but because of the majority of the dialogue, which sound like lyrics from a Linkin Park song. Mostly with all the imperial weapons involving DEATH, the “voices inside my head” line, and Akame’s line about killing the ones you love. I really wouldn’t be suprised if the show’s script consisted of random Linkin Park lyrics, with random comedy scenes thrown in for the hell of it. This really does feel like some 15 year old wrote this because they thought it’d make them look cool. Also, I just noticed that the majority of these villians so far have the stupidest motivations ever. The one from the first episode wanted to kill people because they were jealous of other’s hair, and this guy cuts off heads because it’s fun. I don’t know if this is supposed to be some sort of dark comedy or whatever, but I just can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of these motivations. However, I was still entertained by the action in this episode, and the “did you really think you could hit me while monologuing” line was pretty hilarious. And in the end, the show really doesn’t need much more than cool action scenes to hold my attention. Call me shallow or whatever, but I really thing the show just works as a fun popcorn show. Nothing more, nothing less. I give this episode of Akame Ga Kill! six chopped heads out of ten.

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30AM.


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