One Piece Recap: Episode 314

Hey, Cedric_alpha here with the 2nd One Piece recap on ep. 314 “The Strongest Family? Luffy’s Father Revealed.” On the last episode, Luffy revealed Garp was his Grandpa shocking everyone around. This included the Marines with Garp, cause they didn’t know either. Luffy warns the crew to not fight Garp, cause he has nearly killed Luffy a bunch of times when he was a kid. (By throwing him over ravines, into a jungle filled with dangerous animals, and apparently tied balloons on him to fly in the sky. All just to grow into a man. It kinda did help.) Garp always wanted Luffy to grow up to be a Marine like him, but Luffy never wanted to be one cause of his old friend Shanks. (While fighting with each other, Garp and Luffy show they are alike by both randoming falling asleep like that, before Garp wakes up and beats Luffy again.) Garp tells how Shanks has grown in power since Luffy last saw him, and is now one of the “4 Emperors”, some of the strongest people on the Grand Line and beyond. A flashback then shows of the very early episode of Shanks giving Luffy his Straw Hat and taking off to the seas.

Meanwhile, Zoro has returned, being led by the kids who tried to mug him (and with the giant bumps on their head, failed at it.) Zoro then starts beating up some of the Marines. Luffy notices and joins. Garp orders two Marines to stop them. They try their best, but to no avail. Luffy and Zoro beat them easily. But it is then revealed that these two have met them. In fact they know them. One of them is none other than Coby, who last we met WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY back on ep. 70-something. (But you mostly know him from the first few episodes, which they show a flashback to.) Coby has trained alot (and I guess hit puberty?) with Garp, cause he doesn’t look like the wimp from all that time ago. Also with him is former spoiled kid Marine Helmeppo, who tries to get recognized by Luffy and Zoro (it doesn’t work) then tries to tell them how strong he is as well (Luffy: “You still suck.”) And yet after all that time away, Luffy assures to Coby that they are still friends.

Now as Garp and the other Marines are re-building the wall he broke, Garp tells Luffy that Luffy met his dad. Luffy, not knowing he had a dad, is a bit confused. Garp says they met him in Loguetown, the birth/death place of Gold Rogers, way back then (also around the time Coby and Helmeppo started training with Garp.) A flashback shows Luffy captured by Buggy the Clown (again, remember him?) and about to be executed. As Zoro and Sanji are trying to get to him, Luffy tells the town he’s gonna be King of the Pirates one day, getting the town in a fuss. Thinking it’s the end, Luffy says goodbye (or “I’m dead.”) to his friends, but a sudden out-of-nowhere lighting strike saves Luffy while also defeating Buggy. Luffy and the others get the hell outta there. Garp then reveals Luffy’s dad’s name: Monkey D. Dragon. The flashback then continues and we see Dragon stopping Captain Smoker (so many old faces in this episode) and having Luffy and crew escape. Luffy has no idea who Dragon is, but everyone else does, and they can’t believe it. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, who apposes the Government and defines them at every turn, even attacking them. The Government has given Dragon the title of “World’s worst criminal.” Of course, Garp wasn’t suppose to tell all this and tells everyone to just forget what he said. (Everyone’s faces say it all as Garp laughs it off.) The strongest family line is revealed as Garp, Dragon, and Luffy are all family.

Overall, this episode did have some good comedy in it, with the twists, old friends/faces and the flashbacks. Although the flashbacks were a bit long, they did do good to show what happened before. Esp. since (at least I believe) alot of the Toonami Faithful haven’t seen the beginning of One Piece since the shitty days of 4Kids One Piece. Oh those were bad times. Also, these flashbacks are still better than Shippuden’s flashbacks. Anything is better than that. Overall, I say a solid episode. 4/5.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturdays on Toonami


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