The Ricks Must Be Crazy: The Rick and Morty Recap 02×06

Its an auto-ception!!
Its an auto-ception!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and welcome back to another Rick and Morty recap. While last night’s Rick and Morty was good, probably more darker than Auto Erotic Asimilation but not as dark as A Rickle in Time, it does not make it into my top tens list of Rick and Morty episodes. If I had to really grade it, I would probably give it A- or B+, simply because I like Summer’s plot a little more than Rick and Morty’s plot. If you seem to disagree with me or you haven’t seen the episode, then go back and watch it either on your DVR/On Demand service. For those of you who have seen it, lets jump into this recap!!


The episode starts out with Rick, Morty, and Summer leaving a Ball Fondlers movie franchise in an alternate Earth. On the way back to the ship to get the best ice cream in the multiverse, there’s something wrong with Rick’s ship battery, which means Rick and Morty will have to literally go inside the car battery to see what the problem is. Before leaving, Rick instructs his ship to, “Keep Summer safe,” locking her inside the ship while Rick and Morty are gone. Once Rick and Morty are gone, Summer’s texting on her phone when a random stranger comes up and starts talking to Summer. When Summer turns away, the stranger starts banging on the ship window and then the ship cuts him into pieces while saying, “Keep Summer safe.” Just as another strange comes up, the ship grabs him is about to cut him up too, but Summer tells the ship not to kill him, but the ship makes him lose the feel of his legs. Summer starts crying about not feeling safe, so the ship plays some easy listening and pulls her seat back, but Summer doesn’t feel safe.

Rick and Morty land inside the car battery, which is a whole planet within itself and Rick uses the planet for power purposes. Morty argues that its slavery, but Rick says its society because they work for each other, buy houses, get married, and have babies that’ll replace them when the parents die. As they land, they are greeted by the aliens of the planet, they are greet by the mayor who tells them that another alien-Zeep-has found another way use power that’s better than Rick’s way. When they meet Zeep at Zeep Power, Zeep shows them that they get power the same way Rick used them to get power. Zeep calls it a miniverse. Soon Rick calls Zeep out on the same thing Rick’s doing with the microwave battery.

The ship is still causing trauma for Summer when the swat team arrives and tries to get Summer to come out of the ship. In return, the ship makes one of the members of the swat team’s son named Hunter, who tells them to leave the ship alone before turning into goo. The ship them proclaims that it either harm or leave the ship alone. Back on the planet, Rick asks the mayor of the miniverse if any of their scientist were working on anything universe-wise in a container like Rick and Zeep were. And then we add another stage of inception, this universe is much colder than the last. Once they land, Zeep tells the same thing that Rick told Zeep that Rick got from Morty, this is slavery and using that source of power will make the previous universe of power obsolete. Zeep then figures out that Rick created his universe, causing a fight between them. The miniverse realizes that he’s nothing more than another universe, but Morty’s explanations doesn’t help much as he gets back inside his ship and crashes it into the river below.

After the death of the teenyverse scientist, Rick and Zeep are in two separate caves trying to figure out a way out of the teenyverse. In order to keep things from being worst, Morty says that the only reason why Rick won’t destroy Zeep’s universe is because they need it for Rick’s ship. Tired of the arguing between Zeep and Rick, Morty declares that he’s going to live with the Tree People and Rick tells him to be back before sunset so the Tree People won’t eat him.  Back on the ship, the army has now shown up, but because Summer told the ship not to hurt anybody, the ship can’t kill the army. As Summer lay down more ground rules, the ship mocks her because it can’t kill the army or have melting ghost babies to scare off the army and swat team.

Apparently, months later, Rick and Zeep are still fighting when the tree people-led by Morty-surrounds them. Morty led the tree people into the forest, where he pleads with Rick to get them out of there because they are backwards savages and smell like pee. When they refuse, Morty keeps them hostages. They finally make it to the miniverse, but Zeep betrays Rick and its a race back to the microverse, leaving to fight between them, which Rick won. When Rick and Morty get back to their universe, Summer’s traumatized due to the ship and how the ship brokered a peace treaty between the government and spiders, getting the army to leave them be. Rick, Morty, and Summer finally get their ice cream, but this leads to a battle between Rick and Summer because Rick thinks that Summer has something to do about the new being law of this multiverse.

In the end credit scene; Morty’s in class when he suddenly turns into a car. killing another student in the process.


I liked this episode, but Summer’s B-Plot with the ship is what made it more interesting, shocking enough. I even tweeted about this (I usually live-tweet new episodes of Rick and Morty and Toonami every weekend respectively) because I never thought what would turn into a simple task by Rick to his ship, would turn into such a catastrophe in a matter of seconds. As stated by other recappers, this episode dealt with death in a fresh, funny way and I didn’t mind it. But would this episode by in my top ten? Personally no, but it only proves that nobody can like every episode of every show, there has to be some flaws in order for it to be one of the best shows on Adult Swim (well in this case, the best show since ATHF has ended).

There will be no new episode of Rick and Morty next week because its Labor Day, but trust me, Little Rick seems to be worth the wait. Also, there’s a Rick and Morty marathon on like right now, so if your not doing anything, then check it out!! See you in two weeks, and that’s the way the news goes!!

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