NEWS: Black Jesus S2 premieres September 18th + S1 DVD Out Now

Here at Swim Squad, we post some news quicker and some other news later. But after a week of waiting for their YouTube channel to upload that trailer online, now I can finally announce it properly.

Season 2 of Black Jesus, created by Aaron McGruder and Mike Clattenburg, is now ready to come to light! After some semi-cryptic close-up pics of the huge “Last Supper” billboard on their Facebook page, the premiere date was first unveiled last Tuesday night, courtesy of John Witherspoon on Twitter, followed by official pages and everyone else, leading up to OUR post of the announcement. And it’s not too far away. In fact, new episodes are coming on September 18th at 11pm ET/PT! That’s in less than too weeks!

And earlier this afternoon, Adult Swim shared the official promo online, edited by Sara Hardy, with music by Pharcyde & Eric B. & Rakim. Enjoy it.

Watching Slink Johnson being enthusiastic and jolly makes you feel good, right? Count the days for the return of the most relatable and accurate personification of the Savior in this generation, on Friday nights in a couple weeks.

In related news, now you can own Season 1 of the series on physical media! The 2-disc DVD set is out now on Amazon for you to own it. Contains all 10 episodes, blooper reel and episode commentary from the show creators.


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