NEWS: On Cinema at the Cinema has returned for Season 7!

Attention movie heads and rabid fans of talking hosts!’s most influential movie review webshow is back once again! After a few months of Twitter tension about creative differences and unforgotten grudges, Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington kept it professional, signed a written agreement, and went back to their host and guest seats at the movie theater, for a brand new season of On Cinema at the Cinema!


The season premiere kicked off yesterday evening, with Gregg finding a alternative solution to that burning scandal that happened during the production of Decker 2, and Tim getting a new beard and talking about the future of the Decker franchise. And both guest and host are part of the Marvel bubble now! So check out their hot reviews on the Summer blockbusters “Antman” and “Fantastic Four”, and see if you can catch their respective secondary roles on those films.

New episodes of On Cinema are coming every Wednesday on the Adult Swim YouTube channel and for the next 10 weeks. And remember that a new sequel for Decker is starting production very soon, so look forward to that! A 2-hour Decker special???? YESSS!

Are you part of the #TeamTim or a #GreggHead? Show your side-splitting support in the comments, and follow @timheidecker and @greggturkington on Twitter for a look inside their film-buffing minds.

[Oh, and if you’re just discovering this five-bagger show, I suggest you to binge-watch the entire saga of rivalry and personal matters with this playlist]


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