NEWS: ATHF Carl’s Lock returns with its 2015 Season and a contest.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force may be over for our understanding, and you may still be extremely upset and vocal and irrational about it on Facebook comments, BUT… the iconic Carl Brutananadilewski is back and here to stay! Talking football like every year! The acclaimed Stone Cold Lock of the Century uh de weeh RETURNS!

Starting today, our beloved Carl will be dropping his rants and hot football predictions every Friday throughout the NFL season right on, the AS YouTube channel and on ESPN’s SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt, Friday nights at Midnight.

And check this out: this time, the Lock comes with a contest! Each week, watch the latest webisode on, then place your safe bet on his weekly team prediction via Twitter, with the hashtag #TeamCarlRules or #TeamCarlSucks. By doing that, you’re entering for a small chance to win a Master Shake drink cup coozie or a weekly Carl prize. (You have to be 18 and up and a US citizen tho) This week the prize is… eh, a bunch of hair. Check the official rules for more info.

Or if you’re looking to get a better, more decent prize, join Carl and Scott’s Pigskin Pick’em League on, if you know how this thing works anyway…

Oh, and follow Carl’s official Twitter feed if you know what’s good for you. And please thank Dave Willis and Scott Van Pelt for bringing this webshow back. It means a lot.


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