One Piece Episode 315 Recap

We are at episode 315 of One Piece and in the last episode, Coby and Helmeppo appeared again, all buff and not wimpy like before, and with none of this bullshit happening.

Anyway, Garp also told that Luffy’s father was the Revolutionary Leader, Monkey D. Dragon, and this shocked everyone. We start off “Its name is the New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Route.” with Garp telling Luffy he won’t capture him cause he is family, and he’ll make some fake story up to the Government. He also tells him that Coby and Helmeppo wanting to meet him were the only reason why he came to see him. Luffy is happy that his grandpa is leaving though, cause he’s a pain in his ass. (Garp does sock Luffy good, and Nami and the others just look in disgust of this stupidity.) Sanji does ask Zoro why he not seeing Coby and Helmeppo too, since he was friends with Coby, and Zoro says this is all for Luffy to experience. Then Sanji learns Nami is at the pool, and he wants to go see this for himself.

Luffy is talking with Coby and Helmeppo and ask if they went over Reverse Mountain, the mountain with the giant waterfall that you take to enter the Grand Line, like they did and Coby says no. Even though Helmoppo argues with Coby that this is suppose to be top secret Navy stuff, it’s fine “cause it’s Luffy.” With Nami eavesdropping on their conversation through wiretapping,  Coby tells of how the Navy has a secret way through the “Calm Belt”, a sea that is full of Sea Kings (not the Pokemon) that are some of the biggest of all. (Luffy and crew know this place well, as shown in a mini-flashback.) On the bottom of the Navy’s warships, are Sea Prism Stones. The stones, that are known to weaken Devil Fruit users (as seen earlier at Enies Lobby) also can cause Sea Kings to not notice the boats going through and have them not attack them. A scientist named Doctor Vegapunk came up with this idea. He also researched the Devil Fruits and learned how Devil Fruits can transport powers to people and how they can make inanimate objects, like swords and guns, into animal weapons. Luffy also tells of Coby’s meeting up with Luffy to Helmeppo and how if it wasn’t for that, Coby wouldn’t be the man he is. Coby is thankful of this meeting with Luffy, and has no regrets with all the stuff that went down with him because he made a wonderful friend. And he gushes about how Garp, even though they have to deal with brutal training, took them in and looks after them, and they want to pay him back by becoming stronger. Even if it means still being enemies of Luffy.

Coby then talks about the 2nd half of the Grand Line, on the other side of the Red Line, called “The New World”. There is a new era coming, with a bunch of pirates going over there, and it said whoever conquers it will become the King of the Pirates. Coby believes he and Luffy will meet in the New World. Coby then blurts out how he wants to be an Admiral one day. Even though he’s embarrassed that he said this, Luffy still believes in Coby and that next time they meet, they will be much stronger. Coby is grateful for meeting them and he promise they will get stronger as he and Helmeppo run off. Back on the warship, Coby wonders how the world will react to Enies Lobby. He knows the Government is going to cover up most, including CP9’s defeat at the hands of the Straw Hats, and thinks that even though the Navy burned down Enies Lobby during the Buster Call, it’s not right that the Straw Hats get blamed. (As they show through flashback that has stupid ass Spandam in it.) Helmeppo is also worried as well bout the Straw Hats, as Coby teases him (Helmeppo is a tsundere. Who knew?)

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Back at the pool, Kokoro (shown earlier being very elegant) jumps out of the pool and Sanji still can’t stand the sight of her as a Mermaid. A bunch of meat is cook, and everyone, Franky, The Franky Family, Galley-La, the giants, Sodom and Gomorrah, and some townsfolk, all arrive, and a giant party with the Straw Hats begins. (If this was your first time seeing a Straw Hat party, congrats. They throw some of the best parties throughout the whole series. You need to check them out.) Robin goes to a nearby wall, where someone starts taking to her. It’s none other than Admiral Aokiji, the person who froze her and some of the others before, surprising her, before they start a conversation. Robin couldn’t abandon the Straw Hats, cause of all they did for her. Aokiji talks about the giant former Marine Saul, and how he was a former friend of Aokiji. Even though he was carrying out his Marine duties, and had to kill Saul, he still respected Saul’s wishes and let Robin escape. However, after all the years, all that changed and cause of her not finding a place to call home, he’d stop her. But Robin has now found her place with the Straw Hats, and Aokiji tells her to live her life with courage, and have the spirit of Ohara live on inside her. We see a happy Robin join the Straw Hats party and Aokiji leaves knowing Robin is in good hands.

Overall, another good episode that showed the friendship that last even after being away for a time, and Robin’s new-found place with the Straw Hats and her happiness now with them. Now you have to get ready cause there’s gonna be a few filler episodes as we finally end the Enies Lobby arc. I give this episode a 3.5/5.

One Piece can be seen on Toonami on Saturdays at 2:30 AM.


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