Sword Art Online II Ep. 22 Recap: “The End of the Journey”

So we are up to Ep. 22 of SAO II. With only 2 more episodes to go, the constant bickering and arguing and SAO fans defense and SAO ‘haters’ hating on it, and who’s wrong and whose right, is all gonna come to an end soon. And I can’t wait for all this drama to finally go away. HOWEVER, we still have a couple weeks left and we had to go through basically the penultimate (well I believe so) episode of the “Mother’s Rosario” arc. And it all leads up to what might be one of the best/worst episodes of all. (I say this cause this opinion will surely vary depending on if you love it/are a “hater”) I have my own thoughts on this episode, but I’ll get to that at the end. For now let’s start this recap.

We start “The End of the Journey” with Asuna still wondering why Yuuki left all of a sudden at the end of the last episode. Saiyone of the “Sleeping Knights” tells Asuna that Yuuki doesn’t want to see her again. Asuna then thinks she’s a nuance to them, but the others don’t believe that. Saiyone tells Asuna to just forget about Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights for the sake of Yuuki. This makes Asuna very sad. After a brief appearance of seeing Asuna’s mom and dad (I think this is the first time we see him, actually) Asuna is back at school and Lizbeth and Silica ask about the guild Asuna ask to joined. This leads to Asuna going on the roof and meeting up with Gary Stu Jesus Kirito and a stupid ass talking toaster Yui and them talking. Kirito, for some reason, has some info on Yuuki, and where to find her. Asuna then goes to the location of this info, which is a hospital. When she ask about Yuuki, (who’s name is actually Yuuki Konno) Yuuki’s doctor shows up to meet her and show her to Yuuki. They been keeping a low profile on Yuuki and Yuuki warns them Asuna would be there to meet her. Asuna is the only person Yuuki ever talks about, but she gets sad and in tears when she talks about her all the time. She still wants to meet Asuna though. And Asuna wants to know why she couldn’t see her.

This leads to talk about a machine called “The Medicuboid” that Yuuki is on. It’s a machine that does a full dive into virtual reality from the hospital. And it could be the newest technology advancement for the future. Mostly cause it can help with a person’s sense and help cancel out pain through a badly hurt person. It’s like “a miracle” (their words) but it can’t cure illnesses, especially from those in terminal care. And there we learn that Yuuki is dying, which shocks Asuna. (And probably some of the audience if they didn’t see a giant red flag earlier.) So we then learned that Yuuki was born in May 2011. But when her mom was giving birth to her by C-Section, some of Yuuki’s blood was contaminated with a “virus”, cause her mom was given untested blood and then the whole family was also affected with said virus. Asuna makes it too the room that Yuuki’s in and it’s one big happy meeting yet ag-

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Oh wait, this definitely is not happy. Then the doctor tells Asuna what virus Yuuki has. What is this virus you ask? Peter, would you and your gang like to tell them?

That’s right. Yuuki has AIDS. Freakin’ AIDS!! You would think it would end there, but there’s more. Yuuki’s been fighting this disease since 4th grade when she got diagnosed with AIDS and all the drugs she takes for it don’t work (I guess they never called Earvin “Magic” Johnson for his stuff at all.) Also she got shunned for this at school too. But anyway, even though there was a ton of risk involved with the Medicubold machine and no patients would want to do it, Yuuki’s parents agreed to it for her to be on. She’s a test subject for it and has been in full dive in the virtual world, with barely any contact with the real world, every day, 24/7 for 3 whole years, one more year than Asuna, GSJ and the rest of them been in SAO hell for that time.  Even though the doctor assures that she’ll be okay like this, Yuuki in reality doesn’t have long to live. And this makes Asuna tearful.

Asuna then ask about Yuuki’s sister, who is named Aiko. And is Yuuki’s older twin. She, like Yuuki also got AIDS (like it’s a spreadable virus, even though it ISN’T!) She was the quieter one of the two. She died a year ago, and a year before that, their parents died. Anyway, as Asuna is in a room next to Yuuki, Yuuki (in I believe the machine thing) can hear and see Asuna. After some talk, Yuuki tells her she wants to meet where they first met in the virtual world. After going into the virtual world, Asuna finally meets Yuuki again and they are both happy. Asuna hugs Yuuki, like so.


This leads to Yuuki saying her sister Aiko hugged her like this (Awwww) and that she smells like her (Ummmm), just like the sun (WHAT?!). Speaking of her sister, her sister is the one who formed the Sleeping Knights, and that the Sleeping Knights had 9 people to begin with. However they want to stop cause 3 of those original 9 are dead, and 2 more people from that group were told they were dying soon so they decided to disband in Spring (Get it? The Sleeping Knights are made up of people all dying.) But they still wanted to clear the floor and the boss they were on so they looked for a strong person to helped them on their last run and that person was Asuna. Even through all this info, Asuna is still happy with Yuuki, and Yuuki is happy too. Asuna does ask Yuuki if she had one final wish, and Yuuki does: She’s wants to go back to school. Even though this seems impossible, Asuna says there is a way. And the episode ends there.

Now as I said, I have some thoughts, so just be clear, if you’re a SAO fan, you may not want to hear this. Just pretend that the last paragraph was where it ended. As for others that do, here I go. Ahem *clears throats* Okay …. WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?! How in the world did Yuuki get AIDS like that? How are doctors in SAO so fucking stupid that they give, not only unchecked blood, but unchecked, HIV/AIDS positive blood to a pregnant woman?!?! And how the hell does it spread like a mutation to the whole damn family? That is not how AIDS works, SAO’s creator!! I mean, the parents should have sued the damn hospital for all they got and made it go bankrupt. But that didn’t happen either. And why are there no AIDS resistant drugs in here. Magic has been alive for almost 25 years now with those drugs! Are you telling me this freakin’ world doesn’t have them?! I mean, I just. MY BRAIN!!! AGDGDJFKJSDFSJFSJIFSWDHJIFJGFEFHESGFJNBGFSEWDHJIFSWEF!!!!

Okay, I’m fine now. But anyway. That’s my thoughts. Now even though I think this was a ploy to get everyone to feel sorry for Yuuki and her family, and that this just SAO at it’s manipulative worst yet again. Now that’s not to say that everything was bad. The performance of Cherami Leigh and Erica Mendez was spectacular here. And the dub has been one of the bright spots for this show. I know that alot of others we’re sad about this episode and we’re feeling it for Yuuki. And well, I can’t stop you from enjoying a show you like. So this one was probably a sad episode for some, while for others like me, it hit the lowest common denominator of writing, yet again. (And for some I know, it pissed them off cause this was their first viewing, and Yuuki was their favorite.) So again, your opinion on this episode, and this show most likely, will definitely vary. As for my opinion, and my rating of this episode, I give it 1.5 dying patients/5.

Sword Art Online II can be seen on Toonami on Saturdays at 1:30 AM


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