2015 Adult Swim Singles Program, Week 15: DOOMSTARKS – “Lively Hood”

Week 15 - DOOMSTARKS - Lively Hood

Hey everyone! RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest release from the Adult Swim Singles Program.

The past few weeks have seen the Singles program getting into some major big-event type material, with huge acquisitions like Skrillex and Slayer being featured artists. This week’s release is a similarly huge deal, with a song courtesy of two of rap’s greatest working together. Adult Swim fans are no doubt familiar with MF Doom, whose music has been often endorsed by the block, and even once released an entire album revolving around AS’s various shows. The latest of his many collaboration projects sees him working with famed Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, and from this we get DOOMSTARKS with the song “Lively Hood”.  The DOOMSTARKS project has been brewing for a while, with their album finally set for later this year, and this song proves that the wait will definitely be worth it. The beat, produced by MF Doom himself, has that distinct style of taking what sounds like samples from old cartoon and movie scores and turning them into something more intense and foreboding. Both Ghostface and Doom bring great flow and energy to their verses, and both bring a mix of great and awesomely bizarre rhymes about life in New York City. Another winner from the singles program, and definitely makes me wanna hear the full album when it drops. You can stream the song down below, and of course you can download this and the other singles here. Let us know what you think of the song down in the comments, and I’ll see you next week when the next single drops.

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