Big Trouble in Little Sanchez: Rick and Morty Recap 02×07

With Tiny Rick comes Big Responsibilities
With Tiny Rick comes Big Responsibilities

What’s up guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and welcome back to another Rick and Morty recap. Its great going back to my usual Rick and Morty recap, I missed you guys. The episode last night was really funny, not as funny as episodes in the past, but funny because it features Tiny Rick. The results don’t end well (of course), but that’s what we love Rick and Morty, nothing ends well in this show. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, then go back and watch it because as usual, then recap will contain spoilers. Lets get this recap started!!


So the episode starts off with the usual morning breakfast routine until Jerry (who’s busy on his laptop) asks how school’s going. School’s going great except for the fact that a lunch-lady died due to two holes in her neck and all her blood drained out. Rick soon reveals that there’s a vampire roaming around the school and when Summer asks Rick about shrinking down to the body of a teenager and killing the vampire, Rick shoots her down, asking her why she isn’t ashamed of herself. Summer asks Jerry (who’s still doing something on his laptop) to back her up, but just any asshole who doesn’t look up from his laptop during a conversation (I honestly hate people who do that, its a huge pet peeve) he just reiterates what Rick said, “Be more ashamed of yourself.”

This soon leads to another Berry vs. Jerry argument and Rick says, “Either fix your relationship or get a divorce,” which is what we’re all thinking at this point. When Beth says that no “Earth” therapist can help mend their broken relationship, (probably because of Beth’s demanding demure and the fact that Jerry’s gay and shouldn’t even be with a woman like Beth to begin with), Rick decides to take them to a therapist on another planet.

Once Rick drop Beth and Jerry off at Nuptia 4 (claiming that if a dog and a bar of dark chocolate can reunite, and a pornstar and a pornstar can reunite, then so can they), they are greeted by Glaxo Slimslon and their couple’s therapy begins. Back at Henry Hepson high school, Morty and Summer are greeted by Tiny Rick, who decided to put his mind in the body of a teenager and help Morty and Summer find the vampire.

To start off Beth and Jerry’s therapy, Glaxo has them use a machine that lets them see how they think of each other. For Jerry, he thinks of Beth as a monster basically and for Beth, she thinks of Jerry as a spineless bastard (basically what we all think). Monster Beth and Spineless Jerry soon stage a breakout, killing the guards and causing Glaxo and the other couples to hurry out, leaving Beth and Jerry with their own monsters.

After hunting the vampire off screen (it turns out to be the gym teacher), Tiny Rick (who is instantly popular) gets ready to head back into his old man body when Summer gets a text asking to throw a house party. Tiny Rick agrees to stay for Summer’s house party, which brings a lot of people, including Jessica, the girl Morty had a crush on back in season one. She asks if Tiny Rick is either a brother or a cousin, and Morty replies that he’s just regular Rick in the body of a teenager. Even though Tiny Rick is having a blast body-wise, his mind isn’t having the same feeling.

Beth tries to find a control room to contact Rick while Jerry finds a small space for himself to hide in. Even though this is a spineless move to not give this space to his wife, Beth states that their better off separately than together with Jerry hiding in his little space and Beth finding a control room to contact Rick. Just as Beth is about to set off, she’s kidnapped by Monster Beth and Spineless Jerry goes after Jerry. Jerry finally sees that he is a spineless bastard (something we all knew since day one) and sets off to save his wife.

Even though Tiny Rick is great, Summer thinks that he needs to get back inside his old body before it dies, but Tiny Rick disagrees with her opinion because tonight’s the big dance and he’s having fun being a teenager. Once at the dance-and after another song/cry for help-Principal Vagina takes Tiny Rick away from the dance and expels him for killing the vampire gym teacher, finding the body in his locker. Tiny Rick knows that Summer’s name is behind this and yells at her, tossing her purple drink all over her shirt before leaving and making the popular kids hate her for getting him expelled.

Monster Beth has Beth tied up to the brain machine and makes her produce more Spineless Jerrys to create an army because while there can be millions of Spineless Jerrys, there will only be one kind of Monster Beth because Jerry thinks she’s smarter and stronger than what she really is. Jerry has his one brave moment when he comes stormy in and killing all the Spineless Jerrys. Jerry’s act of bravery makes Beth think of Bravery Jerrys. Jerry figures the only way to end all the madness is when one of the Bravery Jerrys speaks out and thinks highly of Beth. Jerry places the brain machine on the Bravery Jerry and a Beth Goddess appears, destroying Monster Beth and having all the other Jerrys kneel before her.

Tiny Rick is ready to destroy his old man body when Morty and Summer stop him with Morty fighting him and tagging him to the ground, where Summer makes him listen to Elliott Smith in order to regain control of his mind, begging Morty and Summer to put him back in his old body. Once Rick is back in his body (and naked) he praises Summer for helping him out and yells at Morty for ditching him for Jessica. This also means that he has to ditch Operation Phoenix, which would have involved him leaving his old boy for various life stages from baby to middle age adult. After killing all the other Ricks, Rick leaves to pick up Beth and Jerry, who have been blowing up his phone since the Monster outbreak.

The after-credits scene of this episode was when the vampire king leans of Coach Feratu’s death, but instead of getting revenge for his death, he gets angry about Feratu’s vampire name; Balik Alistane.


While I did like this episode as a whole, I’m more interested in how Morty is progressing as a character throughout the season. He’s been out of his shell more as the season progressed. You can tell that he’s started to look up to Rick more as a role model, even in the way he told Summer to, “Get your Shit Together,” the way he said sounded more like Rick. Is Morty really turning into his own version of Tiny Rick? Also these episodes feels like the season is slowing down to its end, which makes me wonder how it will end? Will it go out all out like last season or will it end on a cliffhanger, making me wait in agony while they get season three together?

We’ll find out more answers next week, be sure to check out the Squidbilies marathon on Adult Swim and the Cowboy Bebop marathon on Toonami and I will see you next week. And that’s the way the news goes!!

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