Black Jesus Episode Recap, 02×01: “No Room For Jesus”

Glory be to God! What’s happenin’, pimps?

Hey, everyone! RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to experience the second coming of your Lord and Savior: Black Jesus! That’s right, season 2 is officially upon us, and we must all allow his holiness into our hearts once again. I’ll be doing weekly reviews and recaps for this season of Black Jesus, so let’s get started with the season premiere, “No Room For Jesus”.


The episode opens with Dianne meeting Jesus at the mental hospital that he was left in at the end of last season. Jesus delivers a message to her that she and Jason are meant to be together, which she thinks is a curse since he says God’s not going to send any more men her way. After this, he gets picked up by Trayvon and taken back to Compton to meet up with his friends. When they arrive, Lloyd greets them at the door, acting as the gatekeeper for the complex. Jesus goes to Fish’s apartment, where it turns out Boonie and Jason are living as well. Jesus wants to stay, but there’s no room for him, especially when Vic the landlord shows up and imposes a new rent agreement on Fish with restricted visiting hours and a “2 nigga limit”. Jesus talks to his friends about a vision he received from God to spread his word and “go legit”, but the others aren’t really feeling the idea, and then Fish leaves to take care of some business, which has Jesus worried since he’s told that Fish left with a ski mask in his bag. Jason, Boonie, and Jesus stalk Fish to see what he’s up to, but he ends up stealing their car and leaving them stranded. They all meet up back at the apartment, but Vic comes in to kick two of them out, leaving Jason and Jesus to sleep in a van for the night.

The next day, Fish and Boonie go to Ms. Tudi’s house, who tells them to deliver a message to someone in relation to her drug-dealing business. Then Jesus shows up at the house to the absolute joy of Ms. Tudi, who even had a table of food and desserts laid out for the return of his holiness. He tells her of his plan to go legit and spread the word of God across the world, but she can’t exactly go along with this plan despite her desires to follow in Christ’s footsteps, since she has bills to pay. Back at the apartment, Fish and Boonie are about to head out to do what Ms. Tudi asked them to, when suddenly Boonie is saddled with looking after his kids. The two go off with the kids tagging along and eating ice cream in the back, and a woman suddenly runs into the middle of the street with a gun and fires repeatedly at the car, breaking the windows and hitting Boonie in the arm. The two of them go back to Ms. Tudi to let them know what happened, and Jesus shows up as well, absolutely furious at what’s become of his friends and his neighborhood since he was gone. Later that night, Fish visits Jesus in his van, and Jesus starts to vent a little more about how upset he is at the state of things now, especially compared to how much people wanted his help back in the hospital. Fish manages to talk Jesus into helping out the neighborhood, even offering him a blunt that Fish rolled himself. The gang celebrates with drinks back at the apartment, but once again Fish leaves to take care of some business. When he gets to his destination, he puts on the ski mask, busts out a gun, and breaks into a house full of unsuspecting women… only to start taking his shirt off and dancing erotically to their enjoyment. The episode ends in the middle of this bachelorette party, with three more women entering into the room, including Ms. Tudi. Fish dances and gyrates to avoid making eye contact with her, but then one of the women pulls off his ski mask, and Ms. Tudi sees that it’s him, making her fall back in shock.


My Thoughts

This was a pretty excellent way to kick off the new season. The most interesting thing about this first episode is how much Jesus seems to have changed as a character between seasons. He was generally a more jovial, friendly character in the first season, but throughout the whole episode we see that he basically has no chill. It makes sense given how much he wants to help his friends and how stubborn they seem to be in accepting any of his advice or help. Seeing as a lot has changed with the neighborhood and his friends while Jesus was away, this episode sets up a lot of great potential conflicts that can be explored as the season goes on, and I’m looking forward to seeing them. The ending scene with the bachelorette party is a gloriously absurd way to the end the episode, although it does feel very abrupt, much like most episode endings so far. Regardless, I’m happy that Black Jesus is back, and next week’s episode (Jesus and friends robbing a church) looks like it’s going to be absolutely nuts. I give this episode 9 carrot cakes out of 10. See you next week!

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