Sword Art Online Review…… IT SUCKS BIG TIME.

Hi everyone. I’m PersonaSoda and I’ll be reviewing on what’s considered to be the worst show that has aired on Toonami called Sword Art Online and …………. UGHHHHHHHHH……. I’m sorry but THIS SHOW ANGERS ME SO MUCH AND HERE’S WHY. But before that, let’s take a look at the postive stuff of this show before this review turns into a rant because after that this review will totally won’t say anything good about the show. 


                  The Animation and Music


This is all good I can say about about Sword Art Online. The Animation is actually really nice. The background animation looks gorgeous and the animation with the fight scenes are just fantastic. That’s one thing good about the show. A-1 did a good job with that.  The music is also pretty good. In case you don’t know, the music of Sword Art Online is by Yuki Kajiura, the same person in charge of the music of Madoka Magica. In Sword Art Online, while I’m not sure if I say it’s the best score she has done, it’s still pretty good to listen to. The openings of the show are okay at best. The first one is just alright, but the second one is just a bit meh if you ask me, but that’s just me. NOW…. Let’s get into the good stuff.

                           The Story

In the year 2022, a VRMMORPG game called Sword Art Online has been released. Many players, including Kirito, a beta tester, who logged into the game are unable to log out. It turns out that the game’s creator, Akihiko Kayaba, tells everyone that they are trapped in the game. The only way to get out of the game is to beat the final boss at the 100th floor. If they die in the game, you also die in real life. The premise of the first arc could’ve been interesting…. If IT WERENT FOR THE WHOLE THING TO BE RUSHED OUT. This is a problem of the first arc, everything is rushed with no time for explaining, no time for character development, no time for anything. Basically the first arc just time skips without WARNING. You just can see Kirito going from Level 20 to 70 in just one episode or something. That’s absolutely no way character development. They try adding sub plots. The main sun plot is the whole romance between Kirito and Asuna and it’s just freaking terrible. They just desperately hammer the whole romance thing to death and they force it out too much. Like really, what’s the point? But anyways, the first arc just ends with a fight scene between Kirito and Kayaba and the whole thing was just rushed. The first arc was really bad, but not unwatchable. It was more watchable bad at best. 

The second arc of the show can definitely be described as a freak car accident and that’s where things get worse. The whole getting out of the game or else you will die thing is now completely dead. The show then turns into a save the princess style something arc with INCEST. That’s no joke. The whole thing with Kirito and his sister…. I mean cousin was done VERY POORLY. Let’s not also forget the whole SEXUAL ASSAULT on Asuna that was absolutely cringeworthy. It was really unnecessary to add that sexual assault and the feel was very disturbing.  I’m sorry, but I’m just done talking about the story. It’s pretty much a giant mess of a story that makes an Adam Sandler movie like Grown Ups 2 tolerable or even Disaster or Epic Movie. The second arc in general is just a recipe for a HUGE mess of a story. Unlike the first arc where it’s watchable bad, this arc is UNWATCHABLE and that’s a huge accomplishment. 

                       The Characters 

………What can I say about the characters? Well, ALL of the characters that isn’t Klein are TERRBILE. I just hate nearly every character in the show. We got our main protagonist named Kirito, aka “An Insanely Overpowered Gary Stu”. He’s basically absolutely overpowered because he’s overpowered, he’s a huge chick magnet, and he is just an uninteresting character. Then we got Asuna, at first she starts okay, but then again becomes the pure fridge for the chick magnet know as Kirito because that’s what he is know for. We also got Yui, who IS THE MOST ANNOYING AND CRINGEWORTHY CHARACTER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LILE. Seriously, the show tries WAY to hard to make her cute that she isn’t even cute no more and is only just there to increase merchandise sales. We also got Silica, who is a member of the Kirito Love Club. The same also applies to Liz and Suguha BECAUSE KIRITO NEEDS THE CHICKSSSSSS. I gotta say that Sword Art Online has the most weakest female characters that I have even seen in a show. They are only there just to join’s Kirito club. Then we got Klein, who’s actually the best character of the show because you just feel sorry for him and want him to be the star of the show.

The antagonist  of Sword Art Online are also are definitely not that good or even. decent. First we got Akihiko Kayaba, the antagonist of the first arc, who pretty much forgets why he trapped many players in the game. Trying to make him good at the end of the second arc without any reason was just a bad move.  Then we got the second arc antagonist named Sugo and let me tell you that he is so hard to take seriously. He’s just freaking obnoxious that makes him more goofy than threatening that you just want to smack him really badly and don’t get me started again on that you know what scene. In general, the characters are just terrible with no good qualities.


                            Final Verdict 

You know, after watching Sword Art Online, I wonder how the hell was this show POUPLAR? I now people have their opinions and I accept them even for a show I don’t like, but with Sword Art, it makes you wonder how is it a thing? Luckily, it’s gonna stop in a couple of years but still. Sword Art Online is just horrible. While it might some good animation and music, it will absolutely not make up a rushed out and messed up story and  characters that you care less about. Even Naruto’s filler is way better than this trash. By the way, if you want to know my thoughts on the second season, here it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3JJ700tVT_0
Score: 1/10




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