One Piece Episode 316 Recap

Cedric_alpha back again with another One Piece recap for you. In the last episode, Robin had a talk with Admiral Aokiji and told him about how she found her friends in the Straw Hats, and he left afterwards. On “Shanks Moves! The Linchpin to the Reckless Era”, we see the party continuing. We then meet the train station guys who we met a long time back. (Ok, maybe not that too long back, but 60+ episodes is still over a year in Toonami time.) They want to get to the party because they think it’s a celebration for Paulie and Nami. They believe the two are getting married after the conversation they had at the train depot. While they try to get there, the party is still going crazy and everyone’s having a good time. Sniper King is entertaining people, Robin and Nami are having a drink with each other, Sanji is impressing kids with his cooking skills, Zoro is also drinking, but with some of Galley-La, and Luffy is eating all the food. They all are having a blast.

Then they cut away to a bunch of Marine ships that have been destroyed. The Navy is freaking out cause one of the 4 Emperors is meeting up with another one of them by cutting through the Navy. The person who did this is Red Hair Shanks, Luffy’s old friend, and the person who intrusted him with the Straw Hat, and he’s about to meet Edward Newgate, AKA Whitebeard, a giant man who is on a lot of medical tech. (There is a little thing between this that involves Iceberg getting equipment and looking at blueprints for a ship.) Whitebeard wants some booze from Shanks cause he loves to drink. Marco, the 1st Division Leader of the Whitebeard Pirates, warns the other men to back away from Shanks. Although it’s too late when Shanks is boarding and alot of them faint quickly. This is because of Shanks “Haki”, something we’ll learn more about way later on. Whitebeard is not okay with seeing Shanks and is unhappy that he knocked out a bunch of his men.

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Look at that cup of sake compared to Shanks. He drinks all that too.

After serving him some sake from his home in the West Blue, the two talk about the past. It’s been 22 years since Gol D. Rogers was executed, and Whitebeard remembers everything, including how Shanks used to be an apprentice for Gol D. Rogers, and how Buggy was with them. (Buggy and Shanks separated in Loguetown after Rogers was executed.) They also talk about how “No one talks anymore of the old times and legends of the past”. Whitebeard asks how Shanks lost his left arm. A flashback then shows Luffy in his early days with Shanks, and Shanks tells Whitebeard  that he “made a bet on the New Era” and that the only scar that is aching is the one that’s on his left eye. Shanks got that scar from a man named Marshall D. Teach, AKA Blackbeard (Quick Note: Luffy and crew met Blackbeard before they went to Skypiea). Blackbeard was part of Whitebeard’s crew, but “hid behind Whitebeard’s shadow, then made his move” and is looking to get to the top. Shanks wants Whitebeard to stop Ace, Luffy’s brother, and 2nd Division Leader of the Whitebeard Pirates, from fighting Blackbeard, and doesn’t want Whitebeard to get near him too. Whitebeard is angry at this because Blackbeard killed one of his crewmates, and each of Whitebeard’s crewmates “is like a son to him.” With a word of warning about “nobody can stop the New Era from spiraling into chaos,” Whitebeard and Shanks start a fight that disrupts everything around them.

Back at Water 7, one of the memebers of the Franky Family has a newspaper and tells the other of the news. Even though they were at Enies Lobby and fought with the Straw Hats, they aren’t mentioned as criminals. This also confuses the Straw Hats as well, but they believe Garp didn’t do this cause he’s too stupid to do it (Robin thinks it was Aokiji’s work.) But because the Government only blames the Straw Hats, that means all their bounties are going to go up. This excites all of them, except for Nami. Franky is working on the ship, and Iceberg joins him to work on it. And so do the rest of Galley-La, while Luffy learns of the ship they are getting from Franky. Afterwards, Nami wants to spend the rest of the 100 million berry they have, but there’s barely any left, cause Luffy spend it all on the party and the food for it. Nami is none-to-happy and takes it out on Luffy. It ends has the others then going around town shopping for some stuff.

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The future King of the Pirates everyone!

Overall, a pretty solid episode yet again (If there’s one thing One Piece does well, it’s be consistent.) This one was better than last weeks cause we finally saw Whitebeard and his massive presence, and we got to see Shanks yet again. It also set up what is gonna be happening soon enough with Blackbeard and Ace, and how it all plays out for future episodes. And of course, Luffy getting beaten the hell up by Nami. That was great as well. See ya next time as we head into 3 straight weeks of filler. My rating: 4 Black, blue and purple Luffy’s/5

One Piece can be seen on Toonami on Saturdays at 2:30 AM


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