Sword Art Online II Ep. 23 Recap: “The Dream Begins”

Warning! If you’re a SAO fanboy/girl, you might get pissed off by reading this article. Read at your own viewing pleasure

Hey, it’s Cedric_alpha again, bringing you another, and my 2nd to last recap, of SAO II. Yeah, I’m doing the last 2 episodes. Got a problem? Well too bad. Write your angry thought in the comments, or hit my twitter @cedric_alpha and say it. And boy, do I got some stuff to say bout this episode. Also, I have a little extra at the end that deals with some people who like this show. And by that I mean, “Fanboys”. Okay, what I mean is annoying assholes who really don’t represent most of the SAO fandom and are just being annoying assholes. But I’ll get to that in a few. On to the recap.

So last time on SAO II, we learned that Yuuki has AIDS. No really. But not just AIDS. A type of AIDS that not only past down from her, but to her extended family. And it spread like a freakin’ virus! Hold on, I got something perfect for this.

So yeah, Yuuki has a form of Super AIDS! And instead of suing the hospital for all that they got for this hellish life it cause her and her family, instead she now a guinea pig to them with their machine she uses that has her in the virtual world for 24/7, 3 years and counting. At the end of the last episode, Yuuki had one wish, to go back to school. And at the start of “The Dream Begins”, we meet Gary Stu Jesus (Kirito) and a couple of background characters with Asuna using a laptop to program a camera. On that camera is Yuuki, and she can see everything through it and also talk as well. Asuna then sets out and shows Yuuki the school, and she’s amazed by it. She really wants to see Asuna’s class though, even if it means going to the faculty room (she hates it.) Even though the background kids ask what it is on Asuna’s shoulder at first (and Yuuki misunderstands them cause they call Asuna by her last name which is the same name as Yuuki. Funny right? … right?) they are all impressed by Yuuki and they, and the teacher welcome her to their class. In fact, the teacher then after row call calls on Yuuki to read to the class. I would go into detail, but it bored the shit outta me for the whole 2 minutes, so no. Yuuki is thankful to Asuna for this day and says she won’t forget it and teachers will welcome her back.

Before the end of the day, Yuuki wants to visit one more place and guides Asuna to a neighborhood where she arrives at an abandoned home that used to belong to Yuuki’s family. They only lived there for a year, but she has fond memories of the place, like the fun she had with her sister, and the barbecue’s the family had, and blah blah. Her aunt wants to turn it either into a convenience store or sell it. This leads to a short convoy about Yuuki getting married around 16 years old so she can have it to herself. And it reveals that Yuuki would marry Asuna, if Asuna is the bride. (1. DO IT!!!! Yuuki’s already a better candidate for Asuna than GSJ. 2. Yuuki being married to Asuna would result in Yuuki being named “Yuuki Yuuki”. And 3. I have a 3rd candidate who could treat her right for the last few moments of her life without being a total asshat who turns you into a harem: The very gentlemanly Klein. I know that blasphemy to the “fanboys” and might get a ‘NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!’ from the “haters”, but he would treat her like she’s his everything.) We then see a flashback from a few years in a church with Yuuki’s mom. She wanted her mom to talk to her “like a real mom”. But she realized later that her mom that wanted to pray to keep her safe and that was all she needed. Asuna says she can’t understand what her moms says, and wants her to, and tells Yuuki she and strong cause nothing fazes her. Yuuki reveals it was all an act, that she was just faking it, cause she not that tough. Yuuki then says she says exactly what she wants to say and doesn’t care what people think. (I highlighted that part cause YOU HEAR THAT SAO FANS!! A CHARACTER FROM THIS SHOW OF YOURS HAS MORE SENSE THAN YOU DO!! NOT EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD LIKES YOUR SHOW!!! SO DEAL WITH IT!!!) Yuuki tells Asuna that she needs to talk to Momma Asuna about how she feels and that will come to an understanding.

Asuna. Me and you are the real OTP of this show.

Asuna  goes home and meets up with her mom in her studies.  Momma Asuna tells her she wants her to transfer from that school (and by extension be away from Kirito. A win, I say) but Asuna wants to talk to her, only in the virtual world, for 5 minutes. Momma Asuna thinks this is a stupid idea, and wants her “to speak in the real world, like a normal person.” (I TOTALLY agree with her here.) But Asuna is persistent and Momma Asuna agrees to it, but she won’t back down from her word. They enter the virtual world and say stuff that was just annoying as hell. Asuna then opens the window and shows her what she sees outside. It’s the cabin that looks like her grandparents place. It was a magical place for Asuna when she was a kid. They show a flashback that shows a chibi Asuna with her grandparents and all the fun she had there. She says her grandparents told her they are proud of Momma Asuna and how busy she works and wants to live life and be happy and TOO MUCH TALKING!! Asuna says she will study hard and go to college, like her mom wants her too, but only by going to the school she goes too. Momma Asuna starts to cry, and she can’t believe it. (If you cry in the virtual life, you cry in the real world. This shit again.) In the morning, Momma Asuna changes her mind and says Asuna can stay at the school, she must prove herself that she can be great and not a burden. Asuna then thanks Yuuki for this moment.

So I know alot of SAO fans before tonight and after this episode were saying prepare for all the feels of this, and it’s gonna make you sad. Guess what? This episode was BOOOOOOOORRRRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Where were the feels? I didn’t feel anything from this episode whatsoever. If anything, there was too much talking, and it just praddle on and on and on. The Yuuki/Asuna marriage thing was kinda cute, but other than that? NOTHING!! I know that Asuna/Momma Asuna moment was supposed to be the moment everyone said the feels happened. But again, nothing. I was annoyed it went on for so long. Now as I say this, this episode still wasn’t anywhere near as bad as last weeks episode, but yet, the best of the Mother Rosario arc was still 3 weeks ago. This was just very sleep-inducing. (And it doesn’t help that Shippuden was on afterwords.)

Now before I get to my rating on this show I have on more thing to say. I know about the war between SAO fanboys and “haters” and that it can get pretty ugly at times. I seen it. Now I may not have a positive look on this show, but again, as I stated, people love this show. A lot of people do. And if you love it, that’s fine. Go on and love it. And it you don’t like it, that’s fine too. Always different opinions for everyone. But, there is always a part of the fandom that has people who love a show “too much.” So much so, that they defend the show and will do anything to prove they are right and will not take no for an answer. If you’re one of these people, I have one thing to say: GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE!!!! As I stated what Yuuki said above, people can say what they can want to, and don’t care what anyone thinks. You people can do it too. But unfortunately, some are so far up their ass with defending, that they will block anyone who says one bad thing about it, or go on pointless arguments about why you should love SAO for no reason, even though multiple times they tell them no, and when asked why they’re doing this, they can’t back it up. Or, my biggest pet peeve, when a person says “If you hate this show, then don’t watch it at all.” Then they talk about how much they hate another show, and bash it, forgetting what the word “hypocrite” means. Hey we may hate a show, but we can watch whatever the hell we want to. It’s called having free will. Deal with it. All I know is that there is only one week left, and I can’t wait to finally stop dealing with all this BS this show brings week after week.

As for my rating of this episode, I give it 1.5 boring conversations/5. 

Sword Art Online II can be seen on Toonami on Saturdays at 1:30 AM


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