Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate: Rick and Morty Recap, 02×08

One of the worst episodes make a comeback tonight. Does it get better? Read to find out.
One of the worst episodes make a comeback tonight. Does it get better? Read to find out.

What’s up guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m recapping this Rick and Morty earlier than usual because why not? The newest episode just went off and I’m not sure if it’ll show up on the Adult Swim website, but if not and you missed it, then you can check it out on VOD under Adult Swim. I want you to know that I’m not particularly happy with this episode, it was one of the more boring episodes of season one and if I wasn’t recapping this, I would have turned it. That’s how much I didn’t like the episode. I hoped this episode would redeem itself from last year, but…you know what, I’m not going to tell you here. Lets hold on to that thought and get on with the recap.


The episodes starts off with the family going to an alien hospital because Jerry ate mutant bacteria from a Cherry Garcia container that Rick kept in the second freezer drawer (well he can’t keep anything in the second freezer drawer now, according to Beth). What I’m wondering so far is why Jerry didn’t look before you eat? It could have had Rick’s name on the top of this container. Did Jerry not notice this or was he just being a dick who doesn’t understand boundaries? I know which one I’m going with, but lets move on. The first alien doctor who was going to perform on Jerry, Dr. Glip Glop, got infected by Jerry’s mutant vomit (it could turn you into a murderous monster if it got on your clothes or in your eyes). So after Rick shoots him to prevent him from murdering the family; Rick, Morty, and Summer are banished to the waiting area and Rick destroys the original cable box, putting in another cable box and here’s what we get as our intro.

The first interdimensional show we get is Man vs. Car hosted by Michael McLick and Randy DickNose and its a very simple concept, its a man vs. a car. To make a long story short, the car wins by running over the man (who’s name is Michael Jenkins). The second one creeped me out a little with two aliens revealing their eye-holes to each other with the man alien having two normal eye-holes and the female alien having eight eye-holes and then the eye-holes making out and it was just weird. They are soon stopped by the Eye-Hole Man who kicks out their eye-holes because he’s the only one who’s allowed to have eye-holes.

Beth is worried about Jerry, but the only thing Rick is concerned about is how old Jerry is, thinking he’s fifty. Jerry, meanwhile, wakes up all better from the mutant bacteria (damn, I was hoping he’d died and we have a short episode) surrounded by doctors. The alien doctors reveal that an alien named Shrimply Pibbles (an influential Civil Rights Leader) is fighting for his life and the only way to save him is by replacing his heart with Jerry’s penis. Yep, I said it, Jerry’s penis controls life and death tonight and understand genocide (I guess its a thing no matter what species you are) willing gives away his penis.

The next TV show that pops up is called How Did I Get Here and it features a woman who was once in the hospital’s coffee room somehow get transported to on top of a lamp-post. It was weird because Morty was just thinking about her and then she magically ends up on top of a lamp-post. After that, the next show was actually a trailer for a man named Jan Michael Vincents and the only way the trailer was named was if you remember (or didn’t remember) his name. The actual name of the trailer is Jan Michael Vincent Quadrient 16 (really hope I remember that right). Back in Jerry’s hospital room, Jerry starts to feel uncomfortable about having his penis removed and decides to get Beth in here to talk about this with.

In the waiting room, the rest of the family is watching the next TV show, which is called The Adventures of Stealy and features an alien named Stealy who goes around stealing office stupplies (and a human being) until he reaches his secret hiding spot where he stashes his stolen items. After the next TV show, Funny Songs goes off, the doctor comes out and says that even though Jerry’s fine, but asks for Beth to follow him so she can convince Jerry to get rid of his penis. When Jerry tells her the situation, Beth is pissed, but once she sees the prosthetic penises, she’s starts to change her mind. Jerry mistakes this-or tries to get out of this-by saying that on Earth, love comes first. Beth sees Jerry trying to weasel out the situation, she tells him to make his own decisions and stop using her to make them for him.

My favorite Mini TV-Show has to be a restaurant commercial called Little Bits where they try to sell little bits of food for people with tiny mouths. Jerry tries to find another way to weasel out his current situation by seeing information about Mr. Pibbles and thinking about using that against the dying patient. Morty notices that the next two shows are weird by the two host (named Michael and Pichael) and weirdly leaning towards the center and then both Rick and Morty get excited then they realize that its Siamese twins. Jerry, meanwhile, at a Press Conference no less, tries to weasel his way out this important, life-saving operation by using the information he found on Mr. Pibbles, including Heroin Dependency. His plan backfires because in this particular universe, Heroin Dependency isn’t bad and he gets hated on when they realize that he’s trying to weasel his way out of giving away his penis.

A weird show called Personal Space is shown its about a man who doesn’t want you in his personal space naturally. He takes it so seriously that he takes his skin off his face. Back with Beth and Jerry, Jerry makes a further mountain out of a molehill, but Mr. Pibbles’ life is saved when the galaxy comes together and give him a better heart than what Jerry’s penis could have provided. Back in the hospital waiting room, Jerry is holding the hospital room where their doing Mr. Pibbles’ operation room hostage, shouting that he’s a good person and then he gets shot like 50 times. Oh is Jerry dead? Are we no longer going to see him? NOPE, the bastard lives (damn) and wakes up in another hospital room apparently healed. Jerry’s reason for doing everything he’s done within the past episode was so people could like him. Beth explains that basically Jerry’s needy and people can’t always like you [Jerry]. When he tries to get them to go to the zoo, the family flips out and Jerry apologizes for his mistake.

The after-credit scene involves the Eye-hole Man coming back and stabbing Jerry after Jerry tries to eat some eye-holes out of the box.


Damn this was  bad episode lol, I was not a fan of this episode at all. Luckily, I can place blame on Justin Roiland (he said so on Twitter). I don’t hate this episode; but I was expecting a perfect season of episodes and to see this again, (yeah it was generally liked last year), I don’t like it. I guess from a show where you can basically travel everywhere like Doctor Who in a Sci-fi universe, I don’t expect them to be sitting around and watching weird shows, even if its for one week. Hopefully next week will get the show back on track because 1) I don’t like Jerry-based plots and 2) This show has been downhill since last week.

I will be back next week, I love you all, and that’s the way the news goes.

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