NEWS: Aqua Teen B-N-G-O Finals Will Be Broadcast Online Tonight At 8 PM




IMG_23092015_184301Throughout the final season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim was running a Bingo contest for fans to win all manner of Aqua Teen swag and
memorabilia. In addition to these goodies, anyone who entered the contest would be eligible for a trip to Adult Swim and a chance to compete in a final contest, with the ultimate grand prize being a working, drive-able replica of Carl’s “2 Wycked” Dodge Stealth. The finale of this contest was filmed a few weeks ago, and is now set to be broadcast through Adult Swim’s website and YouTube channel tonight, September 23rd, at 8 PM. The event will of course be hosted by Sally Skinner and Max Simonet, the hosts for all the broadcast BNGO segments, and it will feature four finalists competing for the grand prize. The competition involves the four having to swim around in a filthy garbage-infested pool which looks very much like the one Carl kept in his backyard, with the winner being whoever finds the key within all the garbage.


Screenshot (137)


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