Food Wars Anime Review Thing

Hello people that’s right it’s meowth900 again. Reviewing this fresh from the oven anime named Food Wars, or if you think you’re too smart for its English translated name it’s “Shokugeki no Soma” in Japanese. What the heck is this show you ask? It’s your average run of the mill shonen series but instead of the “Getsuga Tenshos” “Ransengans” and “Gum Gum Pistols” it’s cook offs. Think Hell’s Kitchen but with teenagers and no Gordon Ramsey yelling at you if you screw up. Also apparently one of the guys who made this delicious series did a hentai series before so this show has big boobed useless girls as fanservice. So if you like that stuff check this show out. The main character of this show is named Soma Yukihira and he had red hair in a white headband and yellow eyes. He wants to become a great chef like his hot dad Joichiro. Soma works at “Resturant Yukihira” and serves his middle schoolmates squid tentacles with peanut butter. This is probably the point where the average person would be like “Nope. I’m out!” Now me though! I thought “this show is fantastic. It got the tentacle hentai reference out of the way.” And eventually I learned that these crazy food orgasms more commonly referred to as “foodgasms” are the way characters in this show love food. The resturant was almost going to be taken down but Soma being the coming of age shonen protagonist he successfully saves the day! After that fateful night Joichiro decides to move to another country and Soma is told to go to a culinary based high school named Totsuki Academy which is an elite as hell school who’s graduation rate is only 1%. Well guess Soma has his big challenge now. Soma takes an exam and doesn’t make it on his first try because of Erina Nakiri’s “God’s Tongue” which means she’s a fancy pants food critic. Her acceptance with your dish means you get into the academy. Soma’s egg dish impressed her, but she was so stubborn and denied Soma anyways. What a bitch huh? Oh also she’s a girl. And then the story just keeps going from there. Soma gets in the academy through another girl’s tongue, but I won’t say who.  

Other characters show up. A blue haired girl named Megumi Tadokoro who’s shy as hell but better than Erina. A fan favorite for the ladies because he walks around wearing nothing but an apron is Satoshi Isshiki. He’s in the same grade as Erina. Ikumi Mito or Nekumi according to Soma is another girl character who shows up later in the series. You probably saw her around the internets before she even showed up cause of the fanart floating around. She’s blond haired and her specialty is cooking meat and wanting to have sex with Soma. Get in line girl, along with Megumi, Erina and Isshiki. These three are the characters that have as much of a memory in my mind as Soma himself. 

There’s a term in this series named the Shokugeki. I think of it as a big cook off both judges testing the food and everything. This is what you’d call the “fights” of the series. Soma and his crazy pals participate in these and all the food and cooking techniques get explained. It gets really boring after a while, sort of like how the guys in Dragonball Z and Naruto talk instead of fight. I like sword fights so can’t complain about Bleach or Inuyasha. It’s even worse when you’re reading subtitles. 

The animation in Food Wars is middle of the road. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t like it. One thing’s for sure the food looks really yummy. Warning don’t watch Food Wars when hungry. The funny faces in Food Wars are a real highlight, and so are some of their side A side B transition cards, and end cards. Lot of funny references including cabbage sailor moon! 

Anyways time for the review part I guess. I thought this anime had its on spots and off spots. Its on spots were when the characters were interacting with each other and having a fun time hanging out. The off spots were during the Shokugeki’s when they were explaining about the dishes and how they cooked them. Don’t get me wrong, I like learning about stuff like that, but when I know it’s just padded talking to make the episode go for 20 minutes it’s not that fun. I give Food Wars a 7 out of 10. I’d like it to get a season 2 but if it didn’t then that’s fine and I won’t miss it that much. Also you aren’t committing to anything since this show is only 24 episodes.

Food Wars the anime can be found on Crunchyroll and Hulu. It’s licensed by Sentai Filmworks.  

Food Wars the manga can be purchased either digitally through Viz Media up to volume 7. If you would rather build up your Food Wars manga collection physically you can purchase them on Amazon or Rightstuf up to volume 7. 

New chapters of the Food Wars manga can be found in Weekly Shonen Jump every Monday afternoon. You can get a subscription for Weekly Shonen Jump for $3 a month. Keep in mind though, it’s the chapters that come out at the same time as they do in Japan. So they’re chapters that are way ahead of where the anime ended. 

Hope you enjoyed this review thing. 


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