One Piece Episode 317 Recap

It’s time for another One Piece recap people. But this one will be shorter than the other ones, cause it’s a filler episode. And the next couple afterwards are also filler. But unlike Shippuden and Bleach where those shows make you want to bash your head in cause of how terrible and numerous they are, One Piece usually does the filler episodes right, and doesn’t show them as frequently. So does this one do it as well? Let’s find out.

So on “The Girl in Search of Her Yagara! Great Search in the City of Water.” we start with a girl named Abi (Not related at all to this sites creator, Abi. I think) and she’s having a dream about her Yagara, and it being in a strange place. We then see Luffy (who still has his injuries from Nami) and Chopper eating some candy and the townsfolks (and Pandaman!) come to praise Luffy for the  party he thrown. And they all want to have another party thrown and will fight for Luffy if they have to. Anyway, Abi meets up with Luffy and wants him to find her missing Yagara, which went missing during Aqua Laguna. The townsfolks think he didn’t survive the giant tsunami, but Abi still believes he’s alive. She gives Luffy her “fortune”, which isn’t much, to help him. And Luffy, seeing how much she misses him, agrees to help, “if she promises to give him that treasure”. (Also, cause he has nothing better to do at that moment.) So off they go to find Bluefin, which is the Yagara’s name. After they go to the top of Water 7,  with no luck of finding them up there, and scaring the crap outta Abi with falling 200-something stories to the ground, Luffy then aids Robin’s help in finding the Yagara.

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What, you never seen a person with hands grow out of them before?

Even with all her hands looking for it around, she doesn’t find the Yagara anywhere. A story is then told of a myth that goes around that when the Yagara are badly hurt/dying, they go to a place only Yagara can go to, and wonder if Bluefin went to that place. Abi doesn’t believe it, saying it’s nothing but a fairy tale. Another Yagara, who Chopper understands, helps out and says he heard Blufin’s voice during Aqua Laguna. We then see a flashback to the good times of Abi and Bluefin, till he starts to deterate, and is revealed he’s going blind and is over 100 years old, very old for even Yagaras. Abi hears this and is saddened. During the storm, her family needs to leave their place, but Abi doesn’t want to leave Bluefin behind. He tells her to go anyway, and they leave.

Luffy then finds something strange in the water. Abi notices it’s Bluefin’s scarf she gave him. It leads to an underground water passage and the 3 investigate it. The place under there is like a hidden town, and it’s like that cause of the rising water levels. There’s a flash of green light, and Abi thinks she sees Bluefin, and runs towards it, with Luffy and Chopper trying to stop her. Abi falls into the water, and sinks near the bottom (with Luffy and Chopper also cause they jumped in to rescue her, and forgot, as usual, about the Devil Fruit Rules of Swimming.) But before she passes out, she’s see what looks like a bunch of Yagaras swimming near the bottom. When they come to, they wake up in a weird area, but they found Bluefin there. Abi is happy to see Blufin, but Bluefin doesn’t want Abi to stay there. Luffy tries to take hold of Abi, but misses and his stretched arm then goes through Bluefin. They are shocked about this. Bluefin passed on, and as Chopper says, “he’s at peace.” Abi wants to go to where Bluefin is going, but to no avail. Bluefins disappears. But there is some crying nearby, and they all go see who is crying. Nearby is a baby Yagara, wrapped up in Bluefin’s scarf. Bluefin sacrificed himself to protect the baby from Aqua Laguna. Abi is sad her friend is gone, but happy that the baby survived. She is grateful for seeing Bluefin one last time as well. At the end, Abi gives Luffy her treasure, and Luffy accepts, but gives it back to Abi to help with the baby. And Luffy and Chopper head off thinking they saw that magical Yagara paradise.

Overall, it may have been a filler, but this was a well made one. It made us care for a girl and her old fish for 22 minutes and I like that. One Piece has a way of doing that alot of times. And again, still better than the other Big 3 fillers by alot. I give this episode 3 Bluefins/5.

One Piece can be seen on Toonami on Saturday at 2:30 AM


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