Sword Art Online II Ep. 24 Recap/Toonami Review

Warning! If your an SAO fanboy/girl, you may get pissed off from reading this article. Read at your own viewing pleasure

So earlier this week, I saw a lot of people I work with (not just for this site) going to make a review of Sword Art Online II. And I’m like, “Why don’t I do it myself as well?” But I was writing the last recap as well, and came up with this idea: Why not incorporate a review in to the recap as well? GENIUS!! (Yeah, not really.) Anyway, this recap of the last episode of SAO II will also be my Toonami review of the show. It won’t be as long a review as the others you will see. And you most likely know my thoughts already if you saw me ranting. But I’ll get to that later on. For now, my last recap of the last episode of Sword Art Online II. 


So in the final episode of Sword Art Online II, titled after the arc itself, “Mother’s Rosario”,  we meet up with Asuna, Yuuki, the Sleeping Knights and everyone else having a big barbecue party (cause you can have them in SAO). And our friendly, dashing gentlemen Klein and June decide it be fun to clear one last boss on Level 23. Which they all do. Afterwards, we are shown them getting into a bunch of other shenanigans in ALO, which include racing, fighting (including Yuuki beating … Kirito?! BUT HE CAN’T LOSE!! HE FUCKING JESUS IN THIS WORLD!!!! ADSFDSFJKDSFGJSSDSAFJKSDFJKSD!!! Guess only a girl with AIDS can beat him.) and them having a good time throughout. After the opening ends, we see it’s a couple days later, and Asuna has a text from the hospital. It’s about Yuuki. Her condition has gotten worst, and Asuna rushes to meet her there. When shes see Yuuki, her doctor said her heart stopped for a short time, and had all the meds and equipment to revive her. Her condition has been up-and-down already, even though she still fights on. Even when she’s fighting the reality of all the pain she endured through the use of the Meti-whatyamacallit. (I really stopped giving a shit on what the thing is called that Yuuki is on.)

Embedded image permalink
Yuuki’s not looking so good, is she?

After holding Yuuki’s hand, Asuna ummm, feels(?) that Yuuki is saying she wants to meet up again in ALO, at the spot. The doctor preps Yuuki up for one last go, and Asuna leaves to join her. There, Yuuki has a present for Asuna that’s not made yet. She takes her sword out and slashes at the tree, and out pops something from it, and afterwards, Yuuki collapses. She’s says she weak now, but not in pain, and Asuna tries her best to doubt that she’s not dying, even though it’s plain as day. Yuuki gives Asuna her “sword skill”, which is the apply named “Mother’s Rosario.” Asuna doesn’t want it, but Yuuki insist she take it. Asuna  promises that when she dies that, she will past it on to the next generation. (Why SAO/ALO ever survive in the future after all the shit that’s happened is beyond me.) The Sleeping Knights arrive (along with GSJ too), not to say goodbye, but to “cheer Yuuki up.” They will join her soon (cause they’re dying as well) and tell her to wait for them. As they are crying their eyes out, everyone from all around ALO comes to say goodbye to Yuuki. This was Asuna’s idea from the very start. They wanted them to pray for “The Strongest Swordswoman in ALO” and wish her well on her next journey. (I can hear the SAO fans tears already). Now if I can point something out, Yuuki then tells them this line. (Paraphrasing it) “If I was born to die, why was I born to begin with? Why am I alive?” Well Yuuki, that cause of the SAO creator/anime writers, and them being 12 years old and writing you like this. You were the product of very shitty writing. You having Super AIDS and you suffering is their fault. So blame them (I’m not done with them yet. Oh no.) As her friends all surround them, Yuuki tells Asuna she loves her (The Real OTP of this show. It’s real!) and Asuna says she’s meet Yuuki again.  And then, Yuuki dies right there.

Embedded image permalink
She’s dead, Jim

And that is how we end SAO II. With Yuuki dying in her lovers ar-wait, what? That’s not how it ends? That was only the first half of the show?! Aww, crap, what else can they show after this? Fine, I’ll trudge on. So, it’s a few days later, and we are at Yuuki’s funeral. Asuna notices the camera is gone and Yuuki’s not there anymore to talk to her. (With the line “You gave me something and I carved it deep into my heart.” Making the Yuuki X Asuna ship still work after death.) As Asuna is thinking this, a women shows up. Asuna doesn’t know who she is, till she starts talking. It’s one of the Sleeping Knights. Her name is Shuin An. She tells Asuna she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She laid there in her hospital bed, thinking she was about to die, right there. But for some reason, by miracle, her cancer just disappeared like *THAT*. (Umm, WHAT?). And she believes Yuuki had something to do with this miracle. (WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, I’m not a doctor, nurse, or know much about anything related to medical science. But even I know cancer doesn’t go away just like that. THAT IS NOT HOW THAT WORKS!! THAT IS NOT HOW ANYTHING FREAKIN’ WORKS SAO!!! This shitty writing, holy crap man!) Anyway, Asuna talks to An and tells of how scared she was to tell her feelings to anyone, and that Yuuki changed that. The Sleeping Knights all want to tell how Yuuki helped, and how they are all grateful for Asuna and how she changed Yuuki (again, OTP). And she also tells of how June is doing great and is recovering, and it’s all cause of dead miracle worker Yuuki (again, THIS DOESN’T WORK EVER!!)

The GSJ (Kirito) then shows up with Yuuki’s doctor, and they working together it seems. The tech thing Yuuki used was a success, and it might be used for more stuff later. After congratulating An on recovering, she tells her Yuuki would be thrilled she survive, and that her name will be remembered throughout. (Even most likely getting a reward.) But there was one last twist at the end. The Meti-doohickey thing had a benefactor. And it was a women who was in SAO that helped Heathcliff. And the story comes full circle right here, cause the person who made the gear to help Yuuki full dive, was none other than SAO’s creator and Mr. Forgetful himself, FUCKING KAYABA!!!! Yeah, I really feel like doing this now.

Ed gif

There’s some other stuff after the credits, that involve Klein, Agil, Lizbeth, and the others having a picnic. But it mostly involves Kirito and Asuna incorporating FUCKING YUI!!!! into the real world. And I really didn’t want to deal with any more of those 3 any longer. And so, Sword Art Online II ends its memorable (for all the wrong reason) run on Toonami.


Now for the part you may/may not have been waiting on. The review of the whole show. And since I guess I’ll start out with the good parts of the show, since there isn’t alot of it.

  • The dub: This is basically the best part about SAO II right here. You can tell how hard they worked to make the characters come to life, even with this terrible script that the animation studio gave the world. Bryce Papenbrook is still loud as ever as Kirito. And Cherami Leigh does still do well as Asuna. And shoutouts to the rest of the cast as well. But props have to go to Erica Mendez as Yuuki, Ben Diskin as Death Gun and Michelle Ruff as Sinon, as they did wonderful jobs as them. Mendez definitely protrayed Yuuki well in her limited role, and while I was hesitant at first, it was great hearing her again after voicing Ryuko in Kill la Kill. And Ben Diskin should get major respect as he done well in alot of roles now. He’s an awesome anime VA, and I can’t wait to hear more from him. I have to mention Michelle Ruff as well, and even though I may not like Sinon, she does great as her. Her Sinon (and Diskin’s DG) was basically the best part of GGO.
  • The animation: Now, even though A-1 Pictures can be really hit or miss by alot of stuff they do, they do hit it fine with SAO. The visuals look stunning, and the world looks beautiful, to be honest. The animation on here is one of the selling points, and they do pour most of their money into this (as well as ass shots of snipers.)
  • The music: The music on here is still one of the strong points for SAO as well. The in-show music is still pretty good to listen to, and while the OP/ED weren’t as good as in the first SAO, it was still well enough. Have a listen to both OPs.
Screw you Asuna. Klein’s the best
  • Klein: Yeah, I’m including him. Cause he’s still the best character on this show. #RespectKlein
  • The Robotic Horse: Remember that Robotic Horse Death Gun was riding? Yup, he’s included in this. Too bad he only lasted for 2 minutes. Seriously, I’m like running out of good things to say. Let me think of one more (thinking…) AHA! Got it.
  • Yuuki X Asuna OTP: Yup. Cause it’s the real OTP of this show.

Now you take the good of the show, and you throw in the bad. And oh boy, is there some bad.

  • The writing/story: So what hasn’t been said already about the story should be told again, but I’ll keep this short. Whever its a villain that’s rip-offed from Star Wars, to a female character who had real potential, get turned into nothing but ass shots, has a crappy PTSD storyline, gets turned into another attempted rape victim on here, and to finish it off, into the harem for the MC, and a arc which we should have seen the female MC get a good character development, get turned into a story about a girl, who caught a version of Super AIDS by shitty hospital care, and her dying after only being around for 5 episodes. The female MC’s character gets thrown out the window. Again, I said it before, I’ll say it again. If Sword Art Online, both of the series, had at least any sort of semblance of a story, and taken out the rapes, AIDS, forgetful creators, manipulative feels, and all the other BS, this show would’ve been at least above-average. But they are all there, and it makes this show suffer for it. The writing/story is the worst part of both SAO, and if I rated it, it would really get a negative rating.
Someone’s mad I put him on the worst list.
  • Kirito: Yeah, I’m including him. Cause if the writing is bad, then the writing that involves him being involve in everything makes it worst. Yes, I know he’s the MC of this show. Yes I know he super strong and that. But you what? How much better would SAO be without him? I say pretty good. In the episodes where he wasn’t in them, like us meeting Sinon for the first time, or Yuuki and Asuna fighting together, the episodes were great. But when there’s another character who looks to be doing well, they have to add Kirito to ruin it. It happened in the first show. It happens more here. Everything that happens has to involve Kirito in some way. And because of that, the show falters, and we don’t have time for anyone else, cause Kirito, Kirito, KIRITO!! And if you think this is bad, the creator himself said that he can’t draw a female character on here without having them fall for the GSJ. That’s pretty sad. Also, it doesn’t help that the only character who could beat Kirito in this show, Yuuki, was only introduced to be an AIDS patient. Thanks for that. And yes, berate me SAO fans, cause I do want to see Klein as the MC, and him at least get one chick, cause Kirito can’t hog everyone of them for himself. (Look out Agil. He will come for your wife as well.)
  • The Characters Not Named Kirito: And since we have a big problem with only showing Kirito, that means the other characters don’t get to shine. You know how I praised the VA’s in the good parts of SAO? Well bless them, because there are a lot of faults to their characters they play. Sinon could have been, again, great on here if not for shots of looking at her pancake ass and having her depend on Kirito. Asuna could’ve finally been proven to be a worthwhile character for her arc, but nope. Yuuki could’ve been a great supporting character, if not for the terrible writing of her health. All the these factors come around to the one thing again that ruins SAO: the writing. And the supportive cast of Klein, Agil and Lizbeth need their chance to shine someday. Cause they are all more interesting than Kirito and Asuna. But we probably won’t get that at all.
  • SAO fans vs SAO “haters”: Yeah, I definitely don’t need to hash this out. Cause it got ugly. I know I was involved, but everyone had some role in this. For bad and for the worst.  Hopefully, Toonami will turn back to normal and be near-civilized for the time being. (Well, it should be normal at least till they start killing everyone off on Akame ga Kill!)
  • No Sandwich-kun: And this may be very minor, but WHERE THE HELL WAS SANDWICH-KUN?!?! He was a no show this season. He just got written out completely and may have gotten replaced by Cake-chan. Cake-chan was no Sandwich-kun, that’s for sure. I miss you Sandwich-kun. (And most likely, so does Kirito.)

Final Thoughts

Yeah, this season, in a nutshell was a dumpster fire of horrible . Ever since the first arc of SAO, things have gone downhill. And this 2nd show was a complete disaster filled with terrible writing, more attempted rape scenes, and just screwing up the way we see how diseases can spread/be cured. With potential characters being turned to nothing, and more Super Gary Stu Jesus doing his thing than you can handle, this is one of the worst anime sequels I have seen, if not one of the worst animes I have witness. It could even be in the running for worst Toonami show ever.  It divided the faithful, caused nothing but wars and death threats over Twitter. And gave us some of the worst defending I ever seen for a show. All I can say is, thank goodness this is over. Just bring us Parasyte already.

My review of Sword Art Online II in one pic:

Dumpster fire

My rating for Sword Art Online II: 1.5/10

My rating for the last episode of SAO II: 2/5

And to all the people who will hate this review thinking I’m biased, I got one more thing to say:

Migi 2

Sword Art Online II is animated by A-1 Pictures. It is licensed by Aniplex of America. 


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