Look Who’s Purging Now: Rick and Morty Recap, 02×09

Wanna stay for a little purge, Morty?
Wanna stay for a little purge, Morty?

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and welcome back to another Rick and Morty recap and while this episode wasn’t the greatest, its better than what we’ve been getting for the past couple of weeks. Also, sad to say but this is this next to last episode as next week is the finale. If you hadn’t seen this episode already, then your best option is to check your VOD under Adult Swim. For those of you who have seen the episode or just want to watch it again, then lets move on with this recap shall we?


The episode starts off with just Rick and Morty driving off in space, “Just like the good old days,” according to Morty. After a huge space bug hits the windshield, Rick discovers that he’s out of wiper fluid and stops in a small, Western-styled planet ran by space cats. One of the space cats tell them that they should hurry and be out by sundown because that’s when “the Festival begins.” Rick discovers that by, “the Festival,” the old-timer space cat means something of a purge where they go around killing and robbing without consequence. Rick is excited about the idea, but Morty is not and tries to convince Rick to hurry up and leave so they won’t be caught up in it, but Rick says otherwise and stays above the sky, watching a little of the Purge. Rick tells Morty he doesn’t have to watch, but he also can’t tell Beth about Rick forcing him to stay and watch the Purge, “If you tell your Mom, I’ll purge you.” Once the sun has set, the Purge begins and while Rick’s all excited about watching at first, it soon becomes too much and he admits that his eyes were bigger than his stomach as he sees all the space cats trying to kill each other.

The two are about to leave when Morty spots a teenage space cat about to get killed and blackmails Rick to go down and save her. Turns out her name is Arthrisha (I looked this up three times, I hope its spelled right). Morty tries to sweet talk Arthrisha, but she looks like she’s not the least bit interested. All of a sudden, Arthrisha remembers that she needs to get her, Nana. Rick, in total disbelief, asks her why she didn’t remember before and she says its because she was traumatized. Rick tells Morty to stay while he goes in with Arthrisha to retrieve her Nana. Morty, like the rest of us, notices something suspicious going on inside the cabin and after a shot of a ray guy, Arthrisha comes out and carjack the space car from Morty. Morty goes inside the cabin to see that its burning and Rick tells her that Arthrisha shot him in the liver, but gets even madder when Morty reveals that they’ve been carjacked, which means the two are stuck on this planet.

Now that their stuck on this planet, Rick and Morty call Summer and tells her a number for a box with a keypad that she’s supposed to send to Rick once she puts the code in. They go to a lighthouse where they see another old-timer space cat and he’ll let them use his lighthouse if Morty sits through his tale. They agree and once the space cat finishes his tale, he asks Morty for his opinion. Morty tries to be nice about it, but lets be honest, the story was horrible. When he finally gives his real thoughts about the tale, the old-timer space cat tells Rick and Morty to get out because he can’t handle criticism. This leads to a scuffle between Morty and the space cat when the space cat falls down the stairs to his death with Morty saying, “Yeah, you like that? Do you want to cut back to three weeks earlier when your alive?!”

With the beacon arriving, Rick and Morty head outside the lighthouse with Morty still upset about killing the old-timer space cat. Rick reassures Morty that its OK to purge. They are soon surrounded by murderous space cats, one of them is the old-timer space cat who was in charge of the general store. Just before their killed, the beacon lands and this happens.

Power upPurge (02)Purge (01)Purge (03)

Rick and Morty soon run into Arthrisha; who apparently had trouble driving the ship and pleads for Rick and Morty to not kill her, explaining that she she only stole their ship because she wanted to help her people by ending the Festival. She had plans of using the ship to kill the rich assholes who started the Festival in the first place. When Morty wants to kill her anyway and then gets into a rampage about killing Rick, Rick shocks him into a coma and decides for the time being to help Arthrisha.

Rick and Arthrisha, with Morty tied behind Rick, invades the Fat, Rich Cat Manor and lets Arthrisha kill them. When she asks Rick if he wants to join in, he says no, saying that he’s had enough purging to last him a long time. When she asks if he’s sure, he agrees and the two kill all the fat, rich space cats to the tune of Feel Good by Tony! Toni! Tone!

By the next morning, Morty’s back to his senses and feels guilty about last night, but Rick assures him that it was because of the candy bar he ate and that deep down, he’s still the same, old Morty. Even though Rick helped out Arthrisha last night, he won’t forgive her for shooting his liver. When Morty tries to sweet-talk Arthrisha one last time, she reveals she has a boyfriend (who’s probably dead now js) and keeps repeating it to the point it annoys Morty. Once Rick and Morty leave, the space cats try to figure out how to set up a society without the use of a Festival, but when they come to an argument about it, they decide to dedicate one night to where they argue and kill without consequence.

The after-credit scene features Jerry trying to cover up the fact that he spent $700 talking to somebody called Taddy Mason on TV for the longest time and Beth tells him to get a job.


The reason why I didn’t include Summer and Jerry’s relationship “improvement” during the recap is because I didn’t like it at the end. I hated the fact the the fact that Jerry was only being nice to his daughter was because he needed a few hundred dollars (probably towards his huge Taddy Mason phone bill) to get him through the month. Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with lending your Mom and Dad money if they need it, but I would have to say that hitting your sixteen-year-old daughter for cash is really despicable and shameful. This also proves to why Jerry’s my least favorite character and why I praised Morty when he said, “Holy shit, Dad. Shut the fuck up.” Jerry might have been mad because he’s everybody punching bag, but he is. And its not just because he’s unemployed, its also because of how spineless he is that he’ll accept the fact that he’s a punching bad instead of being willing to change it.

That’s all for now, next week is the finale and I’m super shocked because I’ll feel this will be the best episode of the whole season after Total Rickall. Hopefully Mr. Poopybutthole makes a re-appearance, but I honestly doubt it. Oh well, see you next week, follow me on Twitter, and that’s the way the news goes!!

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