This Week on the Adult Swim Streams (September 28 – October 4)

Rotating marathons, behind the scenes, live conversations, direct fan interaction, non-sequiturs and original streaming shows. The Adult Swim Streams are all you need to watch, bringing you new content every hour on the hour. You can binge-watch different shows, make a call, send your comments and hang out with your friendly late-night network anytime.

Here’s a complete schedule of all the streaming content you’ll see this week on or the Adult Swim app:

FishCenter Live
An original live streaming show, where viewers watch the daily activities of the Williams St. Aquarium, featuring games, commentary and comedy segments, and participate via phone, email and video. Call 708-SWIM-FUN to talk to them or voice your comments, or e-mail to
Live Weekdays at 4pm ET – Replays start at 6pm
You can also watch this week’s shows archived on-demand for a limited time.

  • This week: After a new friendly fish, a banana wrasse, was introduced to the tank last week in a moving episode sponsored by Scion, now we enter on the 3rd week of Autumn Season, and the public has the duty to choose a proper name for the new fish. Matt, Max, Dave & Choe will evaluate the performance of the new guy, as well as his relationship with the rest of the fish. Plus, of course, new games, phone calls, fish competitions, guests and anything else.
  • Also, FishCenter goes to the Drive-In. Tomorrow Tuesday, Sept 29, the Adult Swim Drive-In Tour will make a stop in Atlanta, and a bunch of faithful fans will park their cars and butts and watch some unaired episodes. And this time, the FishCenter team will be broadcasting the atmosphere from there. So if you’re not going to the event, stay tuned tomorrow for the show times and watch the live stream!
    [EDIT: Tonight’s Atlanta Adult Swim Drive-In was cancelled due to rain. Bummer]

 Lunchtime Games
The Adult Swim staff is getting into Twitch business every weekday afternoon, playing videogames, taking phone calls and interacting with the viewers. Hang out with them calling at 413-961-GAME during the live broadcasts or interacting on
– LIVE every weekday afternoon on Twitch – Replays start at 3pm

  • Amateur Hour with Sally & Jono – This week, Sally and Jonothon play Starwhal: Just the Tip on PS4, try to beat the daily challenge and give life advice for those in need. –Live Mon-Fri at 1pm
  • Dave & The Crossword Guys – Watch the FishCenter team reinventing the way we resolve the daily Crossword puzzles from The New York Times. Fans can help them get the answers on the Twitch chat. – Live Mon-Fri at 2pm
  • Game Humpers – Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin play different video games for console and share their thoughts about them. You can call in and tell them what are you playing. – Live Wed & Thu at 11am
  • Tuesday Tea Time – Adult Swim’s own Matt Harrigan having a relaxing conversation with different Williams Street employees each week, while drinking tea. – Live Tuesday at 3pm
  • Human Race Wars – The exciting Hoverboard Racing in Williams Street Studios continue! On the last episode, the big boss Mike Lazzo blew everyone away on the 2-lap race. This week, it’s the rematch between Zack and Valentina, and some other Williams Street workers trying to reach first place. Who will board faster? Make your bets on the phone or the Twitch chat, and get a chance to win a bag of prizes! – Live Thursday at 3pm

 Toonami Stream
Weekly looping marathons of anime shows, virtual replays of the previous Toonami block, and interesting behind-the-scenes facts in the original streaming show Toonami Pre-Flight. Fill your Toonami withdrawal watching this streaming channel whenever you want for free. (Available on US only due to streaming rights)

  • Toonami Pre-Flight – The video podcast has moved back to Fridays, and this week on ep #31, Jason & Gill will be talking all about the anime show Parasyte, which will premiere on the Toonami block this coming Saturday, and picking their favorite horror movies and TV shows. Plus, a look at this week’s lineup promo, and Steve Blum shares his experience in Hawaii Con. – New episode Friday at 5pm ET – Replays daily at 5pm. Watch archived episodes here.
  • Mon-Fri: Weekly Show Marathon – Sword Art Online II. Over three hours of a different anime show every week, from a selection of current/recent Toonami shows. Check back every couple of days for a different batch of episodes.
  • Fri-Sun: Encore Toonami MarathonLast week’s block (09-26-15). An encore marathon of the entire Toonami block from last Saturday, including packaging and promos, for those who missed it or want to rewatch it before Saturday night.
  • Sun-Mon: Encore Toonami Marathon This week’s block (10-03-15). Catch the previous night’s entire Toonami blockand watch this week’s episodes once again, packaging and promos included.

Ghost Planet
Hour-long compilations coming from the Ghost Planet. An edited mix of classic episodes and clips from Space Ghost Coast to Coast, combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, unused material and some other stuff. Editing work by Dave Hughes.
– Chapters 1-5 – Streaming 24/7


Daily Marathons
Watch a big collection of episodes of Adult Swim shows streaming and looping constantly for your amusement. There’s a different show marathon every day, from recent seasons, to beloved classics, to obscure shows and specials.
– Marathons start every day in the morning

  • Mon-Tue – Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Tue-Wed – Black Jesus
  • Wed-Thu – Robot Chicken
  • Thu-Fri – Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
  • Fri-Sat – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
  • Sat-Sun – Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
  • Sun-Mon – Rick and Morty

 Tim and Eric
Every single episode of the most side-splitting shows ever aired on the network. Includes Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, in no particular order.
Streaming 24/7

The Venture Bros
Every single episode of the most anticipated show ever aired on the network. Whenever you’re impacient about Season 6, you can watch the entire Venture saga at any time, including the original pilot and hour-long specials.
– Streaming 24/7

Off The Air
Experience every single episode of the psychedelic 4am anthology show Off The Air. It also contains some extra features, like Adult Swim idents and mindblowing shorts from featured artists. You never know what you’re gonna get.
– Streaming 24/7

New shows and time changes will happen suddenly when they feel like it. What do you think about this week’s streaming content? Tell us in the comments below!


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