One Piece Episode 318 Recap

Hey, it’s another One Piece recap for ya, and we are still in filler episodes here. We are gonna be like that for another week, so bear with it. But for now, here’s a recap of “Mothers are Strong! Zoro’s Hectic Housework Chores.”

We begin with Zoro looking to replaced his rusted-out sword. The only problem is that he has no money. When he leave the  sword shop, he sees the two kids who tried to help him when he lost his way again/tried to mug him.

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Yeah, not the cutest looking kids are they? Anyway, they are Michael and Hoichael . And they want Zoro to be their Big Brother. Zoro hates this idea, and doesn’t want to be their big bro. But the kids do tell him they can help him with his swords, and he has no choice. They do keep calling him big bro, to Zoro’s displeasure. Even when they find the sword shop they promised, they are still being pains, and the townfolks talk about how they usually are, and have no parents. Now as they are still being a pain in the ass to him, Zoro escapes by using the oldest trick in the book. But the duo are persistent, and knowing every street around town, chase Zoro endlessly till he gives up. Then, a big woman attacks Zoro (and gives the two brats a giant bonk on the head with her weapons.) This is the kids’ “Mom”. There a bunch of other kids and babies with her. M&H say they found their new big bro, still pissing Zoro off. Even so, Zoro still goes to their place. The house is full of junk. They sort through the junk for Galley-La. And with that lumber around, babies crawl on it, making Zoro save the baby and feed it afterwards. (And how does the baby return the favor? By pissing on him. He gets a new shirt for the trouble.)

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Baby used Fart. It’s Super Effective!!

Zoro still has trouble with the babies, and ask the others to help, but sees how busy they are working on the chores. Zoro wants to leave, and join his crew mates again, but Mom (the kids call her that) won’t have any of it, and wants him to stay with “his real family”. Even though they aren’t blood-related (and met like 5 minutes ago) she considers him family. Then the bad guys come in. They are basically loan sharks who want their greedy hands all over her money. They mention how the her family isn’t her real one, and Zoro notices it too. And when they attack, Zoro cuts their swords in pieces, and they run away like cowards. After this, Zoro goes shopping with them. During this, he sees Sanji, and tries to hide from him cause he knows he wouldn’t hear the end of it from him. He still tries to hide as the Monster Granny, Luffy, Galley-La, Nami, etc. are all out looking around too. Robin does find him, but she says she’ll keep it a secret though, and also like this side of Zoro (Quick Note: Is this where the Robin X Zoro ships I constantly see started from? Just wondering.)

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Multitasking. Zoro is good at it.

Zoro has had it, and is leaving to join up again with the Straw Hats. Mom and the kids still doesn’t want him to go, and make fun of him, even somehow making Zoro admit his hair is Moss. But he leaves. As soon as he does, the loan sharks appear again, and takes Mom and the others. Zoro thinks about how life is tough for them for a moment, but Hoichael tells of the kidnappings and Zoro goes to rescue them. The loan sharks do hire a swordsman who has a 36 million berry bounty on him. Which is stupid how he’s making a big deal about it, because you’ll see later why it’s not that much, and he also got his ass kicked by Galley-La before, so he’s not too tough. But Mom fights him to protect the kids. When she gets beat, the kids this time all protect her. Just as the bad guys are about to finish them, Zoro jumps in and beats all the loan sharks, and swordsman, pretty easily. Mom at the end understands how much Zoro misses his actual family, the Straw Hats, and has him set off to join them again. Of course she then wants him to come back, only cause Zoro forgot his shirt. But Zoro stupidly runs away from them.

Overall, this was probably not the best episode of One Piece, filler-wise. It did have some very funny moments with the babies and the chase around town, but the characters were a bit annoying, esp. the loan sharks. Yeah, this is filler, and filler episodes aren’t the best. But overall, this was just passable by a tiny bit. Tune in next week as we have a Sanji episode. I give this One Piece filler 2.75 farting and pissing babies/5

One Piece can be seen on Toonami on Saturday at 2:30 AM


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