Parasyte The Maxim Recap

Hello it’s meowth900 here, recapping this comedic show about high school love birds known as Parasyte The Maxim. Currently airing on adult swim’s Toonami block at 1am.

Our story begins on the planet called earth. And a couple looking like they’re gonna make out.

Now this is more like it. 

And the session ends with him eating her head and probably the rest of her body. Delicious. Apparently there are some weird virus going around and infecting people. Turning them into really scary monsters. How fitting considering it’s near Halloween. 

The next day we see the average Japanese family having breakfast. The Izumi family to be precise. There’s a dad who goes to work, a mom who cooks and cleans probably and their son named Shinichi. (Not be confused with Shinichi Kudo from Case Closed) Shinichi wears glasses, has a fear of spiders, and apparently has a worm for a pet. At least that’s what I thought. Shinichi’s been feeling tired and his right hand is all numb. Maybe he slept on it funny? His father said Shinichi stayed up really last night. Shinichi looks over at a random spider crawling across the table and gets really scared. 

Later on Shinichi is going to school as most kids do at his age. Some girl comes up behind him and karate chops his shoulder. Or at least attempts to. Shinichi grabs her hand with some crazy good reflexes and they greet each other. Notice that it’s the same hand that “is numb” They’re probably gonna wanna have sex with each other cause this is anime, the first girl who talks to the main character is a guaranteed sex partner. This girl comes off as a b-word in my opinion. Her name is Murano. She probably wants to have sex with Shinichi. Anyways they babble and  Shinichi grabs her boobs. Murano gets angry and leaves. I dunno why you’re mad Murano, it’s the only action you have gotten in your life. 

Anyways now Shinichi is in his class and he’s very sleepy. I believe this is when a flashback happens and we see a crazy worm crawling near Shinichi’s ear. The worm sees Shinichi has an earbud in his ear. The worm then goes up to Shinichi’s nose and crawls up his nostril. Shinichi sneezes and wakes up. He’s scared to death. Then this crazy ninja worm burrows into Shinichi’s wrist

To prevent this crazy ninja worm from going up to his brain Shinichi grabs his earbud wires, wraps it around his shoulder, has one end in his hand and the other inside his mouth. He’s also screaming for help causing his parents to wake up and help him. 

Oh dear. After this event his parents think he’s on drugs. His father asks Shinichi if he’s on drugs. Shinichi says no. 

The professor wakes Shinichi up by saying the usual rule of no cellphones in class. Eventually class is over. A girl from Shinichi’s class tells him that she’ll apologize to Murano for him. Shinichi says he hasn’t been feeling very well and decides to go home early. 

On his way home some dumb kid crosses a road chasing after a bouncy ball. Where the fuck are her parents!? Back when I was her age my parents never let me play near the road at that age. Anyways a car goes down the road really fast and this happens!


What the heck is this? After the little girl hugs her mom and cries a lot Shinichi goes home. Shinichi is really scared after seeing that eyeball on his hand. So he tried to cut his hand open with a knife to get the crazy ninja worm out. But this plan fails because then this happens!!! 

(Insert masturbation joke here) 


So Shinichi is scared out of his pants. His mom asks what’s wrong and Shinichi says no don’t come in. His mom leaves. Shinichi is so confused. His hand eventually goes back to being a hand and it’s dinner time. Mom & Dad ask Shinichi why he left school early. Shinichi lies saying he felt sick. But thankfully he’s still eating. In fact, he’s eating a lot more than usual. Enough to fill two people. Shinichi doesn’t want to tell his parents because he thinks that they’ll think he’s crazy. Eventually it’s bedtime.

People around the neighborhood are seeing very scary things. From blood and guts to dead skin on a clothesline something strange is going on. 

It is the next morning and Shinichi wakes up.

Hey Shinichi can I join your study group?

So the little one eyed thingamajig matured and can speak proper English now. Yay! They have a lengthy conversation about how to survive together. The little one eyed thingamajig decides to let Shinichi use his hand when it’s asleep. I do not know what gender it is. 

The next day Shinichi eats more breakfast. Even more breakfast than normal. Dad sees on the news that more murders are happening. Shinichi eventually goes on his way to school. Shinichi decides to go to the police but the one eyed thingamajig talks him out of it. Another creature is somewhere and Shinichi’s little buddy senses it and they try to find it. Shinichi really doesn’t want to go see it but he is convinced in a really hilarious way. 

Anyways they find that other creature they were looking for. 

It’s a doggy eating another doggy 

Awwwww what a cute puppy!

Apparently this creature also failed at getting a good target. Well that’s lame. Anyways Shinichi is told to run away and they run to a park. The puppy transforms into a crazy looking monster with wings.

Good lord.  I think I went into a strange hell that involves fucked up looking doggy monsters. Anyways there’s some cool art work in this show.  The fight happens, and Shinichi wins because the alien took out the puppy’s heart and squishes it. Shinichi washes his hand clean.

Then there’s a flashback to a couple days before Parasyte’s events even started up. A man’s murdering a woman and looks over to see a green ball falling from the sky. The ball lands on a tree branch outside of the Izumi house and a little worm crawls out, and crawls into Shinichi’s bedroom window.

To Be Continued

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can find it on Toonami on Saturday Nights at 1am. 

You can also find Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu (in Japanese with English subtitles) However please remember to watch it on Toonami.


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