The Wedding Squanchers: Rick and Morty Recap, 02×10

“He’s not coming back, is he?”

Hey guys, its KrisSimsters and this week’s Rick and Morty was the finale and what started out as a normal, funny episode with the family heading out to BirdPerson’s wedding, turned dark halfway through before the huge season finale shocker. The deal is the same as always with all episodes, if you hadn’t seen the episode yet, then I would strongly advise you to go watch it before reading this recap. It contains major spoilers, spoilers you might not be able to handle until you see the episode. Alright then, lets get this review started!!


The episode starts out with Jerry talking how to make perfect cereal and this leads Beth to say the same thing everybody’s been saying since the season started, “Get a job, Jerry.” There was a sudden knock on the door and Rick tells Jerry to get it because he’s the man of the house who doesn’t have a job. The thing on the other side of the door is a carrier flap who has mail for the family. Turns out, its an invitation to BirdPerson and Tammy’s mate-melding ceremony (wedding) and while everybody else is excited to go, Rick isn’t because he hates weddings. According to Rick, “If he wanted to watch somebody throw their life away, then he would hang out with Jerry all day. ” While Beth tries to convince Rick to go to the wedding, Jerry taunts Rick about him even having a friend. This leads to Jerry getting kidnapped by the carrier flap, who is shipped to Planet Squanch, and that means the family has to go to the wedding.

Once arriving on Planet Squanch, they are greeted by Rick’s old friend, Squanchy and after some awkward dialogue between Beth and Squanchy, Jerry is finally dropped off by the carrier flap and Beth tells him to go and get changed. Soon the family goes their separate ways before the wedding; with Beth talking to Tammy, Morty talking to Rick, and Jerry trying to network in space before a wedding. Beth tells him that’s a really shitty thing to do and I agree, but I’ll get more into that in my personal thoughts. Anyway, Morty tells Rick that he should open himself up more and Jerry embarrassing Beth talking about Tammy and BirdPerson’s age difference to her parents. Beth gets BirdPerson’s backstory and its long, so I’m just going to post a video link to it.

The wedding itself was kinda nice and during the reception, Rick gives an amazing speech, letting his guard down, but soon, everything gets shot to hell. It starts off with Tammy revealing that she’s not a teenage girl, she’s an agent for Galactic Federation and everybody in the room are wanted criminals. And then she KILLS BIRDPERSON!! I actually liked the Tammy being a federal agent twist, but I don’t like that she killed BirdPerson, so I’m kind of conflicted with this twist. Anyways, Squanchy orders Rick to get himself and the family out of here while he covers.

Once the family has escaped and has to fight off Tammy’s “parents”, who were really robots, there’s a huge argument over who’s at fault. Rick blames the family because they didn’t want to go to the wedding and if Jerry hadn’t gotten kidnapped, Summer hadn’t became best friends with an agent, and Morty hadn’t told Rick to let his guard down, then they wouldn’t have been in this predicament. And what’s worst? They can’t go back to Earth (which means dirt) because there are Galactic Federal agents looking for Rick and would kidnap the family and basically torture them because they wouldn’t where Rick is and he wouldn’t tell them where he was. So their best option is to find a new “Earth” to live in, one outside the Federation.

The first “Earth” they visit is too small, the second “Earth” is made out of cobs (which when you really think about it is really freaky), and the third “Earth” is too loud and the a normal day is 42 hours long, so they go back to the first “Earth.” The next morning on their new home, while Rick goes to discover the South Pole, Jerry begs to talk about their situation. Morty says its bad to talk about people behind their back but Jerry disregards this because he’s in the South Pole and to him, this is something they need to talk about. Jerry wants to turn Rick in to the government so the family can go home, but Beth refuses because she doesn’t want to lose her father again. Summer and Morty side with Beth, they would rather go along with anything Rick does than lose him again because they love him.

Later while Morty was playing Frisbee by himself, Rick tells him that he’s going to get ice cream. Morty asks if he should come along, but Rick refuses. Morty tells Rick that he wouldn’t be sad if Rick left, but it’ll hurt Beth and he’ll never forgive him for it. Rick asks Morty where the space van is, the next time we see Rick is when he’s up in space and he calls the Galactic Federal government and turns himself in, but places the tip on Jerry since he was the only one who wanted to go back to Earth. While Rick is picked up in a bar, the family is waiting for him when Federal cops come and takes the family back to the newly, overtaken Galactic Federation Earth.

The ending to this whole season is really sad with Rick being thrown in jail for committing everything, the family is being sent back to Earth and only good things happen to Jerry, like him getting a job. Beth, Summer, and Morty aren’t happy with this.

All and all, this finale was really sad…it hurt like hell watching Rick going to jail. And I thought seeing Mr. Poopy Butthole again, during the end credit scene, but he’s all deranged ever since Beth shot him. And he said that the next season wouldn’t be for almost two years, but I kinda don’t want to believe it because Mr. Poopy Butthole wasn’t himself. So while this finale was great, it was also depressing.


So yeah, I have a lot of hate towards Jerry (some of it is towards Tammy too, but the hate towards her is more conflicted) but even in all that hate, I can see where he’s coming from. Though Jerry hadn’t seen it, Rick did do some nice, very small deeds throughout this season, even in the first episode when he sacrificed himself to save Morty from death. I understand that Jerry was hungry, tired, and wanted to go home, so was his wife and kids, but they were sad when they knew that Rick was in jail. They didn’t want to go back to Earth, Jerry was the only one who did. Jerry was the only one who didn’t show any sign of sadness towards the fact that Rick was gone.

Oh yeah, he got a job in the finale…good for him, but I really don’t care about that. My main problem with Jerry is that he’s just a douche. He’s the only one happy in the end because he finally got his wish, Rick is gone. He doesn’t have to put up with Rick’s taunting anymore because Rick’s in jail. He’s just that smug for a man who went two seasons without a job, refused to give up his penis and ended up getting shot when he tried for force them to take it, a man who his children and wife doesn’t even respect anymore, a man who in the end is just a punching bag. Summer showed remorse for something she didn’t even know was going on. Beth has lost her father again and now its Morty’s job to make sure she’s OK. Jerry can do whatever the hell he wants, because he’s the worst character on the show. The show would have been much better if Beth had divorced Jerry after season one.

This has been a good season, overall. I would probably give it an A- because some episodes weren’t that great. I really hope I don’t have to wait two years for another episode, that would be so wrong lol. I’ll miss writing about this series with you guys, but its time we part. Until Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries come back. Until then, I’m headed out and that’s the way the news goes!!

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He's not coming back, is he...


3 thoughts on “The Wedding Squanchers: Rick and Morty Recap, 02×10

  1. Man, 2 years!? I can’t wait that long!!! Especially after what happened there…and that goddamn JERRY! Can Season 3 open with him getting robbed?
    Anyway, nice review, Kris! I think I’m also satisfied with this season as well. It was mostly consistent with the first one. Not better or worse but on par.


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