NEWS: Brendon Small Reveals The Purpose of the MetalocalypseNow Site

The “MetalocalypseNow” counter that gained serious traction in the past week finally counted down to 0 at approximately 1:45 PM today, coinciding with a scheduled interview with series creator Brendon Small on a Marvel-hosted live-stream at New York Comic-Con.Screenshot (184) During the stream, Small finally revealed some major details about the campaign and about the possible future of Metalocalypse. Small revealed that the fans behind the campaign approached him to be the mouthpiece for their petition and movement to convince Adult Swim and Hulu to come together and co-finance a final run of Metalocalypse episodes, since the enthusiasm behind the hashtag, along with consistently good ratings for Metalocalypse reruns, clearly shows high fan demand and interest for new episodes. In addition, he revealed not only that the final part of the series was already budgeted and planned out, but also that his ultimate goal is a 5-6 episode miniseries to cap off the entire series and even had a title in place for it.


Screenshot (185)


He encouraged fans to go to to assist in the campaign, which has already gotten support from major comedians and figures in the modern metal scene, and the site is even sponsored by Ubisoft’s RockSmith, a music game series designed to teach players how to play real guitar.

Note: the site may crash upon attempting to visit due to high concentrated traffic, so make sure to keep trying if you can’t access it right away.

If you want to hear more about the specifics and behind-the-scenes of the campaign, you can also check out the newest installment of the MetalSucks Podcast where Chuck and Godless interview Brendon Small on the subject.

So what do you think? Are you down to support the “MetalocalypseNow” campaign? What do you think the final run of episodes would entail, given the new information revealed? Let us know in the comments or on twitter, and be sure to follow Twitter user “@youarethegears”, the person initially responsible for the petition and campaign.


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