Stream Discussion: Toonami Pre-Flight

Hello everybody, it’s Starstorm here, and on this article, I’ll be talking about Toonami Pre-Flight and all of it’s awesomeness. So without further ado, let’s talk about two dudes talking about cartoon stuff.

Each episode of Toonami Pre-Flight starts with a brief discussion about a show they’re airing or have aired in the past. Jason Demarco and Gill Austin both talk about these shows and what they think of them, while also showing a promo from each show that was made. After that, they go onto the top 3 section, where Jason & Gill talk about their top 3 favorite shows/movies/games from whatever category they decide to talk about, and after they say their top 3, they share the top 5s from the Adult Swim and Toonami Facebook pages, with the [as] results usually being a lot more sarcastic/silly than the Toonami results. Then, they show the weekly goodie for the next night of Toonami, be it a promo, music video, TOM speech, or any other cool stuff they show on Saturday during DBZ Kai. That pretty much wraps up the stuff with Jason and Gill, but that’s not all that Pre-Flight has to offer. There’s also the Blum Room, which focuses on the voice of TOM himself, Steve Blum. We get to see what his normal, everyday job is like as a voice actor, as well as some other cool stuff going on in his life. The show also focuses on the voice of SARA, Dana Swanson, as she reviews mobile games, reviews old anime that people on Twitter tell her to watch, or just showing some cool stuff she does in her free time. Afterwards, Toonami Pre-Flight signs off, and the show marathons take over from there.

I personally find Toonami Pre-Flight to be a very cool streaming show that I really enjoy watching. Hearing Jason and Gill talk about certain things they like that don’t always involve anime is really entertaining, and seeing the behind the scenes stuff with the different voice actors and staff is also really interesting as well. Plus, the show marathons are a nice little treat as well, even if they’re a bit hard to time well. This has been my quick little discussion about Pre-Flight, and until next time, stay gold!

Toonami Pre-Flight can be seen every Friday evening at 5:00 PM.


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