Michiko & Hatchin, Episode 15 Recap: “Graffiti In Vain”

Toonami Airdate: October 10th, 2015

Toucan In The Rain


I wonder if they have Fruit Loops in Diamandra.

In Peninsula Colheita, we meet a kid named Lenine who’s organizing books in a library. He notices Hatchin in the window, carrying a bag of oranges and staring at one book in particular called Toucan In The Rain. He runs out to see what Hatchin wants, and he suddenly becomes enamored with her. Later on in the day, Lenine walks up to the library and notices the book is missing, and he goes to ask the elderly man working there with him if a young girl came into the store to buy it. It turns out some unfamiliar older woman had purchased the book earlier. Back at the hotel, Michiko and Hatchin are eating dinner, upset at how long it’s taking for the bike to get fixed, and Hatchin lets Michiko know about the book and if she can buy it. Michiko lets her go off to do so, but Hatchin finds out the library doesn’t have it. The next day, the two of them are roaming through an outdoor market with people selling all kinds of produce. Michiko comes across one man selling what he calls “Monstro-matoes”, and she busts out the newspaper photo of Hiroshi, suspecting he might know where he is.

I think these were grown in the same field that The Simpsons used to grow tomacco.
I think these were grown in the same field that The Simpsons used to grow tomacco.

Lenine is roaming through the market trying to sell fish, and he comes across Hatchin wandering around. When he finally catches up to her, he tells her that the book was sold to someone else. However, he asks Hatchin to meet him at a church in the afternoon. At the church, Lenine gives her a copy of the book that he happened to have with him. He offers it to her as a gift, and asks for the two of them to go up to the top floor of the church. Hatchin loves the view from the top, and Lenine then proceeds to get close to her, making her very uncomfortable. The whole situation gets continuously more uncomfortable from there for Hatchin, and the two end up learning each other’s names and about Hana’s search for her father. Lenine compares her search to the book, but by this point she quickly bails the church, and Lenine begins to quote straight from Toucan In The Rain.

“There is a kind of bird called the toucan. A species not native to this land. So when I saw one, I took her and we went on an adventure. She wanted a new world, so that’s where we went.”


Later at the hotel, Michiko hands a note to Hatchin from Lenine. Hatchin is annoyed by this, even though Michiko seems to encourage her to go “get her some”. Hatchin leaves to go shopping, leaving behind an origami bird. Lenine catches sight of her and begins to chase after her, and at one point follows her into an alley and starts experiencing some kind of hallucinatory fantasy about her.

Don't have a witty joke for this one. Just needed a picture of Lenine.
Don’t have a witty joke for this one. Just needed a picture of Lenine.

He ends up back at the church, and declares to himself his love for Hatchin. Back at the hotel, Michiko lets Hatchin know that the bike is done and they’ll be leaving in the next day or two. She hands her a copy of the book that was brought by Lenine, and Hatchin notices that the origami bird she made is a bit crumpled, and she gets angry at Michiko for reading whatever was written there. They get into an argument, and Hatchin storms out angrily. She goes to return the book to the store, but she only finds the old man there. After Hatchin explains why she’s there, the man recognizes her as “the angel” that Lenine always goes on about. He tells her about an incident that Lenine once went through: a building experienced a gas leak that caught fire and exploded, Lenine happened to be walking by, and the debris struck him in the head, clearing all his memories from before the incident. If he ever gains his memories back, he’ll lose all the memories he formed since the day of the accident. Hatchin looks for Lenine, and he ends up finding her. She gets cold feet when it comes time to actually confront him. She brings up the incident and what will happen to Lenine once he gets his memories back, but he promises he will never forget. Hatchin bursts out with anger and annoyance at him, declaring “I hate you and your stupid face” before running off. Lenine flashes back to the day he lost his memory, and then he experiences another hallucinatory fantasy where he pretty much loses and forgets Hana. The next day, Hatchin sees Lenine in the streets and goes up to him, but he talks to her as if the two have never met before. He mentions wanting to give the book to an angel that Hatchin looks similar to. Before the conversation ends, he thanks Hatchin, and then mysteriously disappears. The episode ends with her cooking food for Michiko, and then she suddenly has a bit of an emotional breakdown, realizing that she actually had some sort of hidden feelings for Lenine, and Michiko tries to comfort her.

After the fist-pumping action and “shit’s about to get real” plot turns in last week’s episode, this feels like a really weird diversion to take with the story. The main issue I have is the relationship between Hatchin and Lenine, which plays out in somewhat of an awkward confusing fashion, almost like a Nicholas Sparks novel except a random loved one doesn’t die before the end. Lenine’s attempts to be romantic with Hatchin come off as more creepy than charming, and yet the episode tries to play him as a sort of tragic figure with his memory loss, which, on a side note, functions on some odd logic (the anime One Week Friends made more sense than this, to be honest). This, combined with Hatchin’s back-and-forth reactions to his advances, kind of makes it hard to feel anything for either character. I get that young love (especially with pre-teens) can be volatile and confusing, but Hatchin’s reactions awkwardly shift back and forth between sensible and irrational. The episode wants you to feel sorry and sympathetic for both, but I end up not really caring about either. A minor down spot for now, but hopefully things can pick up next week.


Michiko & Hatchin airs every Saturday at 1:30 AM, only on Toonami.


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