NEWS: Decker II: The Movie live streaming NOW at 8pm / Decker 3 Premieres This Monday

This is a really quick post since the news are happening right now:

On Cinema at the Cinema’s Tim Heidecker’s 2015 film Decker 2: Port Of Call: Hawaii: The Movie, which was shot, produced and released early this year, splitted in 20 parts for YouTube, is about to start live-streaming as a full-length film on TODAY at 8pm, meaning that if you read this article, it may be already happening or you might be late for the party.

The livestream includes a test of an Adult Swim Boards-based live chat, in where national stars Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington from the Victorville Film Archive are answering your questions and providing live commentary. I hope this live chat can work later for the rest of the Adult Swim original streaming shows!

All this is made in occasion of Decker 3 [codename DVD], now written and produced by Gregg Turkington, premiering this Monday on and the Adult Swim YouTube channel.

If you’re a fan of the Decker saga, don’t miss it! Hit the link! GET ON IT!!



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