One Piece Episode 319 Recap

Original Air Date: 7/22/2007

Hey, another One Piece recap for ya. And we are finally down to the last of this mini-filler. Next week it’s back to canon. For 6 weeks. 7, if you count whatever Toonami is doing for Halloween. Anyway, enough of that. On to the recap!

In the episode “Sanji’s Shock! Mysterious Old Man and his Super Yummy Cooking!” (real actual title), we see Sanji shopping with Chimney and Gonbe, looking for whatever food they can. And getting some from a guy who looks like a vegetable. Anyway, Sanji sees *ahem* NAMI-SWANNNNNNN!!!!! and ROBIN-CHWANNNNNNNNN!!!! and as usual Sanji he’s is all ga-ga-googly eyes for them, hoping they will confess their love for him. They are surrounded by the press. And the press wants to takes pics of both of them, both in swimsuits. Nami wants money for it, of course, and all of the press, and Sanji, have dirty thoughts. I mean, I don’t blame them for it either. Look at Robin, damnit!!

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Anyway, Sanji chases the press off, and want to hang with the ladies. But Chimney is hungry, and complaining about it. Robin and Nami think he should go out and feed her, and with the “he isn’t at all mean to girls line”, he can’t say no. So off he goes with the big smile girl and her weird looking cat. Chimney takes him to a boat that has an old man on it, who Monster Granny Mermaid Kokoro knows. Two younger guys leave complaining about the food, but they ignore them. The old man is passed out drunk and asleep, so Sanji cooks up the food for the kid and cat in the old man’s kitchen, using his fancy utensils. When the old man wakes up, he notices Sanji’s technique, and compares it to that of the guy who taught Sanji, Zeff. Sanji’s impressed the old man knows him (they were rivals back then) and he tells the old guy of how he left Zeff’s ocean restaurant to search for the All Blue. The old man tells Sanji the All Blue exist, and that it’s in the dreams of all excellent cooks. Of course, the old guy never seen it himself. But the guy does want to cook some food up, and breaks his back, then fixes it himself, to do so. He barely can pick up the knife, and is shaking like crazy, but manages to fix up a meal, with an ingredient being shown getting thrown in. Sanji takes a bite, and he can’t believe it, cause it taste amazing! It was basically the same meal he cooked, but it was all different. So he leaves Chimney and Gonbe with the old man to find out what the secret ingredient is to making this delicious meal.

He goes to a store and checks out all the ingredients, but they are not the ones that made it so. He goes all around town, passing Robin and Nami without noticing them *GASP!!*, which even they think is weird for Sanji. His obsession with this leads him to Galley-La, who are still re-building, but decide to have a lunch break, and allow Sanji to join in. He taste some of the rice balls they have, and they too are delicious. Turns out they got their food as well from the old geezer, and with that, he found out what makes the food so good. He goes back to the old guy and says the secret ingredient is salt, which he is correct about. But it’s not like any regular salt you get around . No, the salt is from this island, alone, and it came from Aqua Laguna. The water from Aqua Laguna comes from all the different seas, making it an unique type of salt. Of course, you need a lot of seawater to make it, and the giant tsunami was perfect for it. Sanji wants this salt to help make delicious food for his crew.

After talking about it being perfect weather, the old man ask Sanji to take him to the roof of a home. There is a ton of salt on that roof. The old man says it is ready. This is where he gets his salt for his food, and it covered all the roofs in town. (Just a thought. Salt from the top of roofs seems a little unsanitary to use. But this is an anime, so whatever.) Aqua Laguna’s waters went to the rooftops of these homes for this to happened. The All Blue is most likely the cause of this salt being made. As Sanji now has a shit load of salt for the crew, those two guys from earlier who hated the food come back and wants some more of it. The old man says they were used to crappy food on the seas, so sometimes it taste weird at first and it happens. He also says that he’s staying in Water 7 for the salt alone, but two women are nearby, and he shows his real colors for staying there. Sanji, with Chimney and Gonbe, leave the old man. Before he gets back to the crew though, Sanji notices Usopp near the ocean. He’s doing scenarios on how to re-join the crew. Sanji thinks he’s an idiot for doing this. The episode ends with all the crew eating the yummy food, and showing the new ship is halfway done to being finished.

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Overall, this was the weakest of the One Piece mini-filler episodes. Just searching for salt is really boring. And it didn’t have the funny moments like it did last week with Big Brother/Papa Zoro. But it was something to see what it (kinda) might look like if Shokugeki no Soma: Food Wars made it to the Toonami block. Just without the peanut butter tentacle scenes and all the fanservice. This definitely wasn’t the best episode of OP, but still not the worst. See ya next week at we are back to canon. I give it 2.25 salt-covered rooftops/5

One Piece can be seen on Toonami at 2:30 AM Saturday


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