Monster Musume Anime Review Thing With Monster Girls

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here reviewing an anime that will never get of toonami but is licensed by the same company that gives Toonami the glorious shows Akame Ga Kill and Parasyte The Maxim. Yes I am reviewing Monster Tits-I mean Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Whores-I mean Girls! Yes. I am surprised I volunteered to review this too. Anyways this anime came out during the summer 2015 anime season. A lot of people were excited for it but I was in the camp of “Well there’s nothing out this season that gets my interest other than Gangsta so what the hell lets see this thing” and that’s how I watched this anime

 There’s nothing really standout story wise. It’s just an average harem anime but the girls are monster girls. The monster girls are like the foreign people kept in secret by the Japanese government. Until the Interspecies Cultural Exchange act was bought into law. Now the monster girls live in society amongst humans. The main character (Kimihito Kurusu who’s name isn’t even mentioned that much) is in a monster girl’s exchange program so he lives with a snake monster girl. He wasn’t suppose to be in it but when an officer  named Mrs Smith bought a scared and confused snake monster girl to his doorstep by mistake and he didn’t have the heart to say no.

The anime begins with the main character waking up and the snake monster girl named Mia is spooning him. Unfortunately she’s a snake so that means he’s currently being squeezed to death. He starts squeezing her tail and it looks like he is rubbing one out. Mia orgasms and he escapes. He leaves his bedroom and sets up a nice warm bath for Mia for whenever she wakes up and goes to the kitchen to make breakfast. Mrs Smith the officer surprises him. She checks in periodically to make sure he isn’t having sex with Mia. Unfortunately humans can’t have sex with the monster girls because it’s against the law. 


After Mrs Smith leaves Mia seduces the main character and calls him Darling-kun. Everyone calls him Darling-kun actually. Anyways that leads to his shoulder being dislocated. After that happens they go to the Interspecies lingerie shop to go get Mia some new underwear. I still don’t understand monster girl anatomy but I can always ask a male and they’ll answer it for me perfectly. After they leave Mia hears a racist couple making fun of her. Mia gets upset and tries to hit them with her tail. Darling-kun knowing that if Mia hurts people that she’ll get in trouble with law officials and stops her. Crowds of people look at the commotion, and Darling-kun escapes them with Mia and they hide out at a love hotel. They get attacked by the Interspecies Exchange Security Squad because they think he’s going to have sex with Mia. Mrs Smith sees this and convinces the other IESS members to leave them alone. Darling-kun and Mia go back home and Mia tried to seduce Darling-kun again. Every day life with a snake monster girl. 

The following day Mia is seducing Darling-kun once again but then Darling-kun gets kidnapped by a harpy monster girl. 

Darling-kun being a darling-kun gets the harpy girl a ice cream pop. She eats it and it looks very much like she’s sucking Darling-kun’s dick and he jizzes all over her face. Later on the harpy girl plays in the fountain water. Later on she reveals her name “Papi” and she’s a real bird brain which means she’s an airhead. Mia shows up and is really pissed at Darling-kun. Crying is heard from the trees and they see a little girl stuck inside a tree. Mia and Papi work together to save the little girl and they did it! A police officer shows up and Darling-kun tells the officer that Papi is living with him. The officer doesn’t believe him until Mrs Smith shows up with Papi’s papers. Papi happily joins the household.

Darling-kun goes out shopping and collides with a running horse. Or rather, a centaur monster girl.

She has some big ass boobs. 

Anyways her name is Centorea. She thinks Darling-kun is her master. They go after a purse snatcher and Centorea takes out her sword but accidentally drops it. The snatcher goes to attack Centorea with the dropped sword and Darling-kun blocks it. The sword is revealed to be a fake sword and they go back home with groceries. Later that day Mrs Smith tells Darling-kun that riding centaur girls can be considered rape. Centorea tells Mrs Smith that she chooses him to be her master. Mrs Smith gives the okay and Centorea lives with all of them. 

The three of them all begin being horny monster girls all wanting Darling-kun’s penis inside their wet monster vaginas. Thankfully it only truly shows during the night of a full moon. Everyday life with dangerous monster girls. 

When Mia opens up a pot she gets attacked by a slime creature. Centorea explains what slimed are and what they do. The slime starts attacking everybody and everybody is panicking. Because in a world where monster girls exist and want to have sex with you the most surprising thing is a slime. Centorea tried destroying the slime with her sword but it only makes a mess. Everyone sees the slime disappears. Darling-kun ends up taking a bath because he wants to get slime juice off. Centorea peeks in the bathroom and asks Darling-kun if she could join him in the bath because she can’t get the slime off her body. Red in the face he eventually allows her. Centorea hypothesizes that the slime didn’t attack them to attack them. The slime only wanted water. The slime on the bathroom floor moves and attacks both of them, KOing their asses. 

Darling-kun wakes up and sees a woman washing him, and he also notices he’s drowning cause the woman’s body is made of liquid water!


Darling-kun and the monster girls try to figure out what to do with the slime monster girl. Papi decides to name her Suu because she’s a slime. I don’t know what the hell that is suppose to mean honestly bit her name is Suu. Mia and Centorea begin speculating that Suu is an illegal immigrant. Papi hears this and runs away with Suu. Darling-kun chases after them and runs into the group of small children and one of them almost gets hit by a truck. Suu saves the little kid and falls off the bridge. Luckily thanks to Darling-kun pushing the truck into the water Suu is saved. After this Suu moves into the place becoming another member of the monster girl harem, as well as Papi’s lover and partner in crime. 


Construction workers begin doing construction in Darling-kun’s apartment. The monster girls escape but Darling-kun is left behind. Somehow the monster girls all get wet and Suu starts assaulting them to get water. Darling-kun is looking for his monster girlfriends and a runaway wheelchair runs over him. The wheelchair is being ridden by a mermaid monster girl name Mero. Darling-kun and Mero go back home. Mrs. Smith reveals that the room wasn’t being built for Suu. It is being made for Mero. 

Mia gets jealous that Mero got hang out with her Darling-kun and breaks the wheelchair. While Darling -kun is carrying Mero around the place Mia tries to convince Papi and Centorea to work with her and foil Mero’s romance attempts. They decline thinking  is razy. Suu attacks Mero and Darling-kun saves her. Mia seeing this gets really mad and goes into the water to save Darling-kun this making herself get sick because she is a cold blooded reptile monster girl. Later on Mero reveals that she has no romantic interest in Darling-kun, she just wants a tragic love story like in the not Disney Little Mermaid. 

A doujinshi store had some crazy events happening. A group of orcs demand Orc doujin stories. The police do not know how to handle this. Smith shows up and tries to calm the situation. 

An Arachne monster girl escapes the crime scene later and kidnaps Darling-kun. Darling-kun wakes up inside a spider web hanging upside down. She reveals her name Rachnera Arachnera and asks him to call her Rachnera. 

Rachnera is surprised to see Darling-kun isn’t repelled by a lower half. The police show up again and Darling-kun panics thinking he’s gonna g et arrested for having sex with a monster girl but Mrs Smith straightens out the situation. After Rachnera realizes she wants to have sex with Darling-kun she bugs Mrs. Smith to get to live with Darling-kun. Eventually it works and Rachnera joins the harem. She’s really into some kinky shit.

So these are all the main monster girls in the story. There are other ones in the anime but they weren’t really explored character wise because this show was only 12 episodes long. I thought this show started off really good and trashy but as it went on I got more and more bored with it. I mean the show itself is funny at times but somewhere in the show it felt like the same jokes over and over again, and only getting more and more perverted. Which again isn’t bad but let’s just say I’m really glad that it was only 12 episodes and not 24 because I probably would have stopped watching it by now. The characters are really great, including the protagonist. The show itself just suffers from being a harem with fanservice and nothing more. The last episode had some action scenes but this show is just the best harem trash. If you love harem shows with perverted humor and fanservice you’ll really love Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls. I give this show a solid 3 Mia body pillows out of 5. 

Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Dub plans haven’t been announced for this show. You can watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu. 

Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls manga is licensed by Seven Seas. You can buy it on Rightstuff or Amazon

And remember the best monster girl who should be with Darling-kun. 



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