Parasyte The Maxim Recap 2

Hello again it’s Meowth900 recapping the lovely show named Parasyte The Maxim. The second episode aired and a lot of stuff happened. Fortunately it’s less events than episode 1. But there were a lot of events anyways. 

The opening is cut this time but I think it’s just the second half being played or something. Not bad of a cut as akame ga kill’s opening. Can’t wait for intruder 2. 

Episode starts off with a woman getting almost gang banged by a buncha dudes. Heavy stuff. She gets saved by a dude in glasses but it is not Shinichi. It is another man with glasses. The glasses dude scares those guys away and escorts the woman out of the place. The woman feels safe until another guy walks to them with some kind of weapon. The man with the glasses appears to be an alien life form thing. He kills the dude and it seems safe for now. 

Time jump to Shinichi going to school. The little alien guy asks him if he’s still willing to talk to the police. Shinichi says he doesn’t feel like it anymore and decides to just deal with his hand being taken up by an alien life form. Shinichi decides to come up with a name for the little guy. I thought they were gonna call it Right but they decided to go with Migi in the dub. Which is alright with me. Anyways the little alien thingamajig is named Migi now. Lotta people spoiled it last week but I tried not to inside this recap.

Later on in school Shinichi and Murano interact and Shinichi apologizes for the boob grabbing. Murano accepts his apology and invites him to eat pancakes with her. What the heck? I want pancakes! Anyways she leaves the room. Adult swim cut the scene cause if tv reasons but Migi turns into a penis which is great. It was really fast cause Japan is almost as strict with penis showing on TV as we are. Migi says Shinichi wants to mate with Murano. Shinichi denies it but I think Murano will take a plowing from Shinichi like how Bulma would take it from Vegeta. I mean look at her, she’s so thirsty for Shinichi. 

Later on in the boy’s room Shinichi is using the urinal and so is another guy. Migi starts rubbing one out and Shinichi tells him not to and they get to an arguement. 

Shinichi starts washing his hand and Migi and the other guy tells him “Dude it’s hard for me to pee with you talking to your pecker.” and I laughed my buns off at that. 

More updates on the murders. Rumors are going around that detectives are trying to figure out what’s happening. They should call up the boy with the mind of an adult. 

Migi and Shinichi’s thoughts on life begin colliding. Migi’s primal thoughts that one would compare to an animal, and Shinichi’s normal human thoughts. The two of them are really learning about each other and their ways of thinking. Later in the day Migi is looking stuff up on the internet and sees demons. 

Later in the episode a bad parasitic monster shows up. Migi warns the other monster that it won’t let it hurt Shinichi. The other monster cuts off its host’s arm and offers Migi to join its host so they can be powerful. Migi refuses and kills the other monster. Shinichi hears the nonster’s pleas, or it could be the human host’s pleas. Later that night Shinichi is having a hard time falling asleep. The voice keeps echoing in his head. Shinichi begins thinking why the monster said those things as it was dying. 

The next morning is pancake morning. Pancakes! Pancakes morning! Shinichi and Murano are eating pancakes. Later on the two of them are walking through the town and they see some assholes throwing rocks at a cat that they buried in the sand. Fuck those guys! Anyways Shinichi lectures the assholes about the cat being a living creature. When that doesn’t work Shinichi threatens those dudes that he’ll eat them. They all run away scared. 

Shinichi and Murano leave the park. Murano holds Shinichi’s hand and they walk home happily.

Then we see a naked parasitic man and woman and they hug each other. Or rather she hugs him. I think they had sex and the episode ends there. What a strange episode. But the most important thing is   

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks airs on Toonami on adult swim Saturdays at 1am

You can also find Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu Plus in Japanese with English subtitles


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