This Week on the Adult Swim Streams (October 12-18)

The Adult Swim Streams are always on, and always showing something for your enjoyment. The marathons are constantly rotating, and the original streaming shows are constantly changing.

Most of those changes are so sudden that I can’t keep up with them on this Monday article. For example, here are some changes that we couldn’t report last week: FishCenter was livestreaming the atmosphere of the Robot Chicken S8 Party last Thursday [that we failed to report, it was amazing], Amateur Hour was changing games every day last week, and the Wednesday FCL episode along with last week’s broadcasts of Game Humpers and Sports Bitches were pre-recorded because of New York preparations.

But still, the usual show times are always right, and the details we give you are just everything we know by the end of Monday, so here’s a complete schedule of all the streaming content you can see this week on or the Adult Swim app:

FishCenter Live
An original live streaming show, where viewers watch the daily activities of the Williams St. Aquarium, featuring games, commentary and comedy segments, and participate via phone, email and video. Hosted by Matt, Max, Dave and Choe. Call 708-SWIM-FUN or e-mail to
Live Weekdays at 4pm ET – Replays start at 6pm
Watch this week’s archived episodes here.

  • This week: Most of the team was out of the office today, so this week started in a different way. For Monday’s episode [which you can already watch on the replays], they prepared a compilation of highlights from the Robot Chicken Season 8 Party that they broadcasted last Thursday from New York, followed by a very special presentation of Going Deep: Choe’s Dinner with Dani. If you missed the party, check the replays, it was really awesome. Autumn Season returns Tomorrow, when we will see the viewer reaction for Long Donovan, the winning name for the new yellow fish. And of course, more coin quests, call-in games, Rebecca Brand segments, heated discussions and improvised goodness. You can call in to the show, make a FishCenter Theme Cover or short film for the FishCenter Film Festival, and sending it to

 Lunchtime Games
The Williams Street team is back in Atlanta, and after a weekend of experiences, they’re ready for more gameplays, conversations, chat comments and phone calls in the Lunchtime Games block. Hang out with them calling at 413-961-GAME during the live broadcasts or chatting on
– LIVE every weekday afternoon on Twitch – Replays start at 3pm

  • Amateur Hour – This week, Sally and Jono are in Halloween mode, playing the intrincated and extremely suspenseful game Until Dawn on the PS4. Expect some extreme decisions, characters dying and a tense atmosphere combined with relationship advice, trivia questions, reality TV/90’s music talkback, phone calls and sweet prizes. –Live Mon-Fri at 1pm
  • Maxterminds – After a week of tense discussions and side-splitting reception about the hosting and handwriting of Zack and the integrity of the program, now we’re back to the status quo. Except that now is Max giving a whiplash to Zack to become a proper puzzle master. And besides the usual daily The New York Times Crosswords, this show is about Mastermind.Live Mon-Fri at 2pm
  • Game Humpers – Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin (or Dana, or Vanessa, or Jonathan, or other employees) are back in Atlanta playing different video games on each episode, and giving their thoughts of them. You can give them tips and interact with them via the Twitch chat. – Live Wed & Thu at 11am
  • Sports Bitches – Williams Street’s most passionate football fans Dennis and Will are still giving their weekly analysis on the current tournaments, brackets, players, stats, etc, while competing with each other on NFL Madden 16. If you’re a rabid sports fan, call them and express your opinion! – Live Thursday at 3pm

 Toonami Stream
It’s 5pm on a weekday, and your eyes are hungry for Toonami. Don’t worry, now there’s the Toonami streaming channel, where you can enjoy weekly looping marathons from a selection of current/recent anime shows, encore replays of the full Toonami block and the original streaming show Toonami Pre-Flight. (Available on US only due to streaming rights)

  • Toonami Pre-Flight – This Friday, on a new episode of the original streaming show, Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin will be giving opinions and behind-the-scenes info about another classic Toonami show. On the question of the week, they will be showing clips and talking about some of their favorite Movie Remakes or Reboots, and the contentious Hollywood trend of making them. Also, a sneak peak of this week’s goodie, and new segments from Steve Blum and Dana Swanson. – New episode Friday at 5pm ET – Replays daily at 5pm. Watch archived episodes here.
  • Mon-Fri: Weekly Show MarathonThis week: Samurai Jack. Marathons start Mondays at 9am ET. Check back every couple of days for a different batch of episodes.
  • Encore Toonami Marathon – A looping encore marathon of the previous night’s entire Toonami block, including packaging and promos. Encore marathons start Friday at 6pm ET, right after Pre-Flight.
    Fri-Sun: Last week’s block (10-10-15)    
    Sun-Mon: This week’s block (10-17-15).

Daily Marathons
Watch a big collection of episodes of Adult Swim shows streaming and looping constantly for your amusement. There’s a different show marathon every day, from recent seasons, to beloved classics, to obscure shows and specials.
– Marathons start every day at 9am ET

  • Mon-TueRobot Chicken
  • Tue-Wed – The Eric Andre Show
  • Wed-Thu – Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Thu-Fri – The Boondocks
  • Fri-SatLoiter Squad
  • Sat-Sun – Delocated
  • Sun-Mon – Robot Chicken Specials

Ghost Planet
Hour-long compilations coming from the Ghost Planet. An edited mix of classic episodes and clips from Space Ghost Coast to Coast,combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, unused material and some other stuff. Editing work by Dave Hughes.
– Chapters 1-5 – Streaming 24/7

 Tim and Eric
Every single episode of the most side-splitting shows ever aired on the network. Includes Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, in no particular order.
Streaming 24/7

The Venture Bros
Every single episode of the most anticipated show ever aired on the network. Whenever you’re impacient about Season 6, you can watch the entire Venture saga at any time, including the original pilot and hour-long specials.
– Streaming 24/7

Off The Air
Experience every single episode of the psychedelic 4am anthology show Off The Air. It also contains some extra features, like Adult Swim idents and mindblowing shorts from featured artists. You never know what you’re gonna get.
– Streaming 24/7

> Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii
Released on Sunday night, now you can watch Tim Heidecker’s action series the way it was meant to be seen. Season 2 of Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii: The Movie, now replaying constantly in occasion of the third season – new episodes every day. The webpage includes a test of an ASMB-based live chat.

This is it. Everything there is to watch this week on the fine selection of Adult Swim streaming services. Scheduling is subject to constant change, so stay alert. What do you think about this week’s streams? Tell us in the comments below, and participate on the live shows!


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