Michiko & Hatchin, Episode 16 Recap: “Etude of Crimson Inconstancy”

Toonami Airdate: October 17th, 2015

They were totally growing tomacco in that facility.

Seriously, what the fuck are these things?!
Seriously, what the fuck are these things?!


Starting on a flashback in Planicie Colheita, a woman named Elis is dreaming about one particular night with Hiroshi where he was playing around with a hair growing out of a mole on her arm. She wakes up from this, having fallen asleep watching the same television show Michiko was when she got sick in “108 Degrees of Telepathic Purgatory”. She goes to work, which is in the production/research facility that produced the strange-looking tomatoes seen in “Graffiti In Vain”. We get a quick scene of Atsuko and Ricardo in traffic, establishing that they’re on their way to the production facility, and then we see Michiko and Hatchin in a high-class fashion store.

Fine like great wine.
Fine like great wine.

Michiko is trying on jewelry and nice outfits to prepare for her encounter with Hiroshi, but Hatchin expresses skepticism since the name on the newspaper photo, Rock Morena, is clearly a different name than Hiroshi. Michiko stubbornly asserts that the man in the photo couldn’t be anyone else but Hiroshi, and she decides to change her outfit out of frustration. The two of them walk down the street up to the front entrance of the production facility, but as Michiko tries crawling under the entrance, a security guard immediately stops them from going in.

Guys, you may want to clench right now.
Guys, you may want to clench right now.

She tries to use the photo to get in, but the guard just ends up warning the facility of an intruder, and Hatchin has to interfere, once again being skeptical about if they’re in the right place. Michiko decides to go in anyway, telling Hatchin to wait outside, but the security guard stops her once again. However, since she’s not the type to take any real shit from anyone, she immediately kicks the heel of her shoe into his crotch (ouch!) and runs away towards the facility, fighting off another couple of guards with ease. Inside, Elis is shown security camera footage of Michiko’s infiltration, who fights off another couple of officers before one manages to incapacitate her by firing a gas(?) grenade. One of the guards brings Michiko into Elis’ office where Hatchin happens to be as well, and Hatchin helps untie her before they start quarreling for a bit. After getting interrupted by Elis, Michiko immediately asks about where Hiroshi is. The two eventually get into a struggle over a white cloth, which ends with Michiko falling back with her legs in the air.

Let's be honest: you're only reading this to see if this image would come up.
Let’s be honest: you’re only reading this to see if this image would come up.

Elis offers Michiko a tomato (which looks surprisingly normal compared to the ones seen before), but she refuses, stubbornly searching for some shred of proof that Hiroshi was here. Hatchin asks Elis about “Rock Morena”, and then Michiko runs into the bedroom in the back, stunned at the sight of loose bras laying around. She angrily asks what the room’s for, and Elis offers no answer, instead letting tomato juice drip down her mouth in a very suggestive manner. She then imagines Elis and Hiroshi doing it under the sheets, and she angrily rips off the bed sheet, revealing absolutely nothing underneath. She tears open the closet doors and runs around angrily screaming for Hiroshi before entering the office and holding up Elis by her collar, asking once again where he is. Elis responds… by kissing Michiko.

Hatchin's reaction: priceless.
Hatchin’s reaction: priceless.


The kiss continues for a while until Michiko finally gains her composure and backs off. She asks one more time about Hiroshi, before Elis lets her know that he ran away specifically because he know Michiko was coming. Elis begins to recap her experience with Hiroshi: he came to the factory saying he had no name and was looking for work. She herself started out as a researcher who failed constantly before finally succeeding in growing a sprout. The two of them were very happy on that day. Elis reveals the name “Rock” was given to him by her in reference to a dog she once owned. She keeps wearing in Michiko’s nerves, even telling her that Hiroshi was the one who first kissed her during his time at the facility. Michiko thinks about Hiroshi for a bit, and realizes that he wants her to forgive him, understanding that he’s a selfish brat, even though Elis refutes this. She asks if Hatchin is actually Hiroshi’s kid or if she’s just using her as a way to get to him. We see a flashback to Elis and Hiroshi watching a breaking news story about the events of episode 1, where Michiko takes Hatchin away from the foster home. Hiroshi looks down, away from the television, and Elis asks if he knows her. Elis gets a call from the front desk letting her know that the police, Atsuko and Ricardo, are in the building. She hangs up immediately, but the security guard lets the two know that her office is on the sixth floor. Michiko and Hatchin begin to head out, but before they do, Elis lets them know that Hiroshi is most likely in São Paraíso. She also tells them the exit route they should take, taking the emergency exit through the basement farm level. Atsuko gets off the elevator, but Ricardo tells her that the two just got on the elevator and are heading down. As she runs down the stairs to catch up, the elevator suddenly stops and the facility sprinkler system goes off. Fires are reported on floors 3-5, thanks to Elis setting off flares to buy time for Michiko and Hatchin. Atusko gets to the third floor and opens up the elevator doors only to find that the two are climbing down the elevator shaft.

Intensity intensifies.
Intensity intensifies.

Meanwhile, Elis opens up the farm level doors and runs away when she realizes she’s on the security camera. Atsuko aims her gun and fires at Hatchin, while Michiko is already in the ground floor elevator. Hatchin jumps into her arms and as the two escape, Atusko fires one more bullet out of pure frustration. She gets a call from Ricardo and learns that the facility’s power has been shut off, so they can’t see anything on the security cameras. As Michiko and Hatchine escape, Elis flashes back to the day that Hiroshi left, just letting her know out of the blue that he was going. On the roof of the facility, Atsuko and Ricardo ask Elis if she knows Michiko, and she immediately lets the two of them know where Michiko and Hatchin are heading: São Paraíso. The episode ends with Elis standing alone on the roof, thinking to herself, “It feels good to move on.”


We’re back to the main plot after the side-story from “Graffiti In Vain”, and we finally get some major details about Hiroshi, the man whose existence forms most of the plot’s backbone. The details we learn of his time at the plant are kind of interesting, as they contribute to the idea of Hiroshi as a selfish brat, something kind of hinted at throughout the series. In addition, the episode seems to foreshadow what could be a major turning point in the development of Michiko as a character. Hiroshi’s fling with Elis and his desire to leave as soon as he hears about Michiko seems to call into question whether or not pursuing him is ultimately worth all the effort she and Hatchin have to go through. The final line of the episode calls attention to this most of all: Elis herself has moved on from her relationship with Hiroshi, but the audience knows that Michiko is still stuck in this mindset of finding him and can’t let it go. I’m interested in seeing how this ends up playing out over the final six episodes. Will the two ever find Hiroshi, and if they do, will the effort put into the search be actually worth it, or will Michiko have to learn to finally let go of her past? Whatever the case, this was a good episode, and I look forward to next week.


Michiko & Hatchin airs every Saturday at 1:30 AM, only on Toonami.


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