One Piece Episode 320 Recap

Original Airdate: 8/19/2007

Hello again. I’m back with another One Piece recap, and we are back to canon after 3 weeks of filler. We are getting close to seeing the Straw Hats new ship and are also close to wrapping up the Water 7/Enies Lobbies arc. Only a few more episodes to go. So without further ado, here’s “Everyone Finally Has a Bounty! A Pirate Group Worth Over 600 Million!”

We start this episode with Franky, Iceberg, and Galley-La still working on the Straw Hats new ship, late at night. Seeing how hard Franky and Iceberg are working, Galley-La wants to work as hard as they are. Iceberg thinks of the memories of Franky building his ships back then, and thinks this has prepared him for this ship. He does it “With real gusto”. Monster Granny Kokoro is pleased with this. We then see flashbacks of them all with Tom from 70-80 something episodes back. Franky is concerned about Iceberg building it with him, cause the Government might get suspicion of him, and brand him a criminal. But another flashback of Tom’s Workers talks about Tom saying there is no bad ship, just the pirate/marine flags that fly with it, and Iceberg still believes this. He wants Franky to achieve his dream, and sees that he is his same old friend he used to know. Another flashback shows when Franky tried to stop the sea train, but failed miserably, jacking up his body badly. It’s extended to show what happened after. He is floating in the water, barely alive, when a abandoned ship appears before him. Having just enough strength, he makes it on, and using the scrap metal on board, repairs and build the body he has today.  There are more flashbacks showing Iceberg thanking Franky for being alive, and Franky still cares for Iceberg alot, even if he won’t say it out loud.

Meanwhile, Usopp is still trying to re-join the Straw Hats, with different scenarios to play out (he’s up to scenario #53.) Going to the Galley-La house where his ex-crewmates are, he sees they are all serious, and think they all miss him. He plays out scenario #34 in his head, thinking they will notice, but Nami closes the curtains. When he notices, he goes off, thinking of different ways to get back. Back at the ship, the girls (and cat) all serve up drinks and food to the hard-working group and they all take a break. Iceberg wonders what Franky will do when the ship is completed, and thinks he will join the Straw Hats. But Franky wants to stay with his bros, the Franky Family, in Water 7, even though he had a lot of fun with Luffy and co. taking on the World Government. The Franky Family can sense something with Franky himself.

Iceberg and Franky are still working hard in the early morning, while everyone else is passed out, or near exhaustion from working so hard. Monster Granny believes that Tom would be so proud of their hard work on the ship. Back at the base, The Log Pose is set, and all they need now is a ship. The Log Pose is strangely pointing down, and Kokoro tells them it’s pointing at the bottom of the ocean, to where Fishman Island is. Of course, the word “fishmen” brings back terrible memories of Aarlong and the havoc he caused to Nami and the rest many episodes ago, except Sanji, who dreams of meeting the beautiful mermaids all there (until Kokoro reminds him she’s a mermaid, and he gets all sad.) Kokoro tells them that to get to Fishman Island, they have to traverse the Florian Triangle, a dangerous part of the Grand Line that has reported hundreds of ships going missing every year, with no one knowing why. There are also stories of ships losing all crew and some having ghosts and skeletons on board. Luffy, of course, wants to see this now, while Nami and Chopper? Not so much. But Nami changes her mind when Robin says most of those ships are treasure ships.

Embedded image permalink
Spooky Monster Granny is spooky

The Square hair sisters, Chimney, and her cat rush over to the Straw Hats. They tell them the ship is finally complete, and this makes the crew happy. But then, the Franky Family all rush over too, and they are holding a newspaper, with some bad news. The Government has issued bounties for the whole crew, totaling up to over 600 million berries. The crew berry bounty as followed:

  • Luffy: 300 million berries (He’s real happy about this)
  • Zoro: 120 million berries
  • Nami: 16 million berries (She’s not happy)
  • Chopper: 50 berries (He’s very sad it’s so pitiful.)
  • Robin: 80 million berries

And finally Sanji, with a very shitty drawing of him: 77 million. And he’s … well …

Sniper King also has a bounty placed on him, but it’s not revealed how much he’s worth in this episode. But the Franky Family is really worried because big bro Franky also has a bounty, worth up to 44 million berries. And so, because of this, the Franky Family wants the Straw Hats to take Franky along with them.

Overall, this was not too bad of an episode. There was a bit too many flashbacks that we seen, but still heartfelt, and there was a bit too much talking. But all that was worth it because of the final 5 minutes and seeing all the bounties photos they have. Especially Sanji. Overall I give this episode 3.5 terrible bounty photos/5.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM on Saturday on Toonami


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