Parasyte The Maxim Recap 3

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here recapping Parasyte The Maxim. Let’s get right to it people, and parasites.

A lady gets groped by another guy in an overcrowded train. Shinichi is also on the overcrowded train. Also who is this lady. We saw her a lot. 

Dad brings up more news. Apparently 84 murders have happened. Holy crap if Akame Ga Kill wasn’t on the block right now this would be a lot of deaths on Toonami right now.

Shinichi walks to school with the annoying bitch-I mean Murano. Migi senses another life form coming towards them. It’s inside the school building oh no! Shinichi questions what gender the life form is. Migi says it’s 30 feet away and to not make eye contact with it. 

Oh hey that creepy lady from the train station is a new math teacher-ooh-and she’s the life form Migi sensed!

 It’s interesting how she adapted to human life. Migi thinks the other life form shouldn’t eat humans for food, but Shinichi says they should keep an eye on it. During the math class Shinichi is very nervous, and the creepy lady questions his progress. And what the hell is with that guy who wants to have sex with the creepy lady? And why is there a horny girl with pigtails also lusting for Shinichi? 

Shinichi and the lady have a one on one conversation. She admits that she won’t kill Shinichi and just wants to talk with him after school. 

Migi agrees, and Shinichi is still suspicious. 

After school Shinichi is at a cafe, and meets with the lady and her boyfriend who she had sex with at the end of last week’s episode. A waitress falls down and breaks a glass apparent ally surprised by hearing the part about sex. (Are we in America?)

 Apparently she’s pregnant too. She’s pregnant with an ordinary human baby. Shinichi asks why these life forms need to eat other life forms in order to survive. Migi survives and gains nutrients through Shinichi’s blood and doesn’t know why the life forms act with cannibalism. The lady brings up that the species cannot reproduce on their own and that they mustlike that in order to live. The boyfriend leaves mumbling about how he’s going to eat and destroy whatever is in his way, and she says that he and she haven’t bonded with their human hosts in the same way. This show is interesting with the whole exploring what humans think versus what the parasite monsters think. 

Shinichi is home and it’s really late in the day. Migi says Shinichi is filled with fear and Shinichi washes it with cold water. 

The next day Migi senses another life form with an intent to kill. It’s the boyfriend fom the cafe yesterday. He’s going to kill Shinichi and eat him! Migi informs Shinichi that they’ll only have to be fighting the boyfriend and the teacher lady will only watch and observe their fight. A girl asks Shinichi who he’s talking to. Shinichi says he’s thinking out loud. 

Migi informs Shinichi of its strategy, using the other students as a “a wall of flesh” and a means to surprise their opponent. Shinichi disagrees and leaves to find an empty hallway. He builds a wall of school desk as a substitute to the wall of flesh. Migi brings Shinichi a broken desk pole to use as a weapon. They must fight side by side in order to win. Shinichi isn’t sure if he can do it so he has to trust Migi and fight alongside it. Their opponent shows up and the episode is over. 

What a cliffhanger! Attack on Titan’s got competition. 

Parasyte. The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can watch it Toonami every Saturday night at 1am. 

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu Plus in Japanese with English subtitles. 


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