Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Three: Magical Friendship Recap

Holy Cow Batman!! There are two of you!!
Holy Cow Batman!! There are two of you!!

Hey guys and girls, its your girl KrisSimsters and after waiting around for a year, Robot Chicken is finally back (technically) with their third DC Comics special, Magical Friendship. If you weren’t like me and didn’t wait until 12:00 last night in order to see this, then its available to you On Demand under Adult Swim. Before I get into the recap, I want to see this. Robot Chicken has been on for ten years. TEN!! I was just finishing middle school when the show started. Now I’m recapping it, its just totally awesome. Anyway, lets move on into this recap shall we?


The main story of this year’s DC Comics special is that Batman and Superman just can’t get along. They go from friends, to enemies, and back to somewhat friends throughout the episode. The beginning of the episode starts out with Superman and Batman driving along; causing chaos in their sight including exposing Aquaman while he’s in the bathroom, Batman pulling down the Joker’s pants, trying to escape the police, and crashing into the Hall of Justice. Superman, being the ass that he is in the Robot Chicken verse, starts telling Batman about his trip to space where he was arresting people on the wrong planet. He then proceeds to ask Batman if he’s ever been to space, knowing that Batman hasn’t because Batman doesn’t have powers and still proceeds to gloat with Batman because of that.

Later on in the episode, we see the Justice League introducing a new member called Guy with Rock and its one of the best skits of the night, with Green Arrow walking out and Superman paying Guy with Rock for his great job with the prank. When Guy with Rock asks Superman for full-time work, Batman throws him out. Later, Batman shows Robin his different ways of killing the Justice League if need be. His way of killing Superman is by throwing Kryptonite-laced Bat-arang at him in case he goes evil, he kills the Flash by misdirection, he kills Green Arrow by simply cutting his bow, Martian Manhunter with fire (everybody’s weakness) and he kills Wonder Woman byoh that’s in the wrong file!! When Robin asks Batman how he gets killed, Batman just punches him in his arm.

Superman then comes in contact with a private investigator named Transar, who tells Superman that his parents didn’t die, but that his father placed him in a rocket and sent him to Earth because his parents going through a really bad divorce and he didn’t want Lana to get custody of their son, so he sent him up in a rocket and his mother hired Transar to go around the galaxy, searching for him. Rubber Man tries to stop a bank robbery, but fails miserably. Superman tells Batman that he can turn back time like Superman by running around the world and gets the Flash in on the joke when Superman mentions that he’s in Batman’s secret kill files.

The final straw that turns Batman and Superman into enemies is when Superman pulls the fire alarm at the Hall of Justice and Batman is caught outside naked. He then gets into a fight with Superman after Superman replaces Batman with the janitor and they both land in therapy, who tells them that even though it’ll be a lot of work, they can bring the fun back, but Superman and Batman bail.

Batman later gets on the cosmic treadmill and creates another Superman, who better than the original Superman because he brought muffins. Superman gets revenge on Batman by creating another Batman (who’s voiced by the INCREDIBLE “MY DREAM FINALLY CAME TRUE” ADAM WEST. (Like serious, after watching old Batman and Robin episodes, all I wanted was Adam West to play Batman on Robot Chicken, I know I’m a dork). Batman and Superman arguing on the cosmic treadmill soon create an evil Batman and Superman joined together. Evil Batman and Superman then create more versions of the DC heroes and even villains with a Lex Luthor with hair. Even Burt Ward comes along and kidnaps Robin and its incredible.

Adam West Batman is soon killed by Penguin after he breathed in Anthrax and we’re left with this glorious gif and Burt Ward stuffing Adam West Batman into his trunk along with Robin:

Batman and Robin soon realize the error of their ways and they now have to correct their mistakes. Realizing that half of evil Batman and Superman is Superman, Batman throws his Kryptonite-laced Batman-arang at the evil Superman side, weakening him and Superman and Batman defeat him (with Superman killing him because it felt right) and Batman and Superman are friends again. Realizing that the worlds are still doomed because of the treadmill, Batman and Superman try to stop the treadmill, but its the janitor who saves the day by unplugging the treadmill. Also, Sex II Men was a thing and it was glorious and I can’t believe that a video hasn’t been uploaded of it yet lol.

The end-credit scene features Burt Ward bringing Adam West Batman back from the dead and the two (with Burt Ward in Robin’s costume) are reunited.


This was amazing and I’m so glad Robot Chicken is coming back next week!! My favorite skit would have to be Superman finding out how he really arrived on Earth. His face at the end of it was amazing lol. This was a nice welcome back!! And thank you Seth Green and Matt Senreich for creating this amazing special. See you next Sunday!!

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