This Week on the Adult Swim Streams (October 19-25)

Another week, another rundown. We’re here again to report on all the latest changes, schedules and show times on the Adult Swim Streams. Last week, there was a change of look on the stream website once again, now including more complementary links, an intuitive schedule and another subtle redesign on the video player. That relaunch must be the reason why the AS Streams are having some issues currently, so we wish the best of luck for Drew and the dotcom team, hoping they can fix the problem soon. But still, on the Stream you can always find a fine selection of looping marathons, live broadcasts and original streaming shows at any hour.

Now that I paraphrased the definition for this article again, here’s a complete schedule of all the streaming content you can see this week on or the Adult Swim app:

FishCenter Live
An original live streaming show, where viewers watch the daily activities of the Williams St. Aquarium, featuring games, commentary and comedy segments, and participate via phone, email and video. Hosted by Matt, Max, Dave and Choe. Call 708-SWIM-FUN or e-mail to
Live Weekdays at 4pm ET – Replays start at 6pm
Watch this week’s archived episodes here.

  • This week: We’re now halfway through the Autumn Season, and the hosts are analyzing the performance of some of the fish. Also, there is a seasonal virus spreading around the office, and everyone is potentially vulnerable to get sick. Dave Bonawits is traveling to Vienna tomorrow and he will be sending updates from there, so another member will be replacing him on the show this week. Plus, as always, more coin quests, Halloween-themed games for callers, presents from the viewers, Rebecca Brand from Santa Barbara, beefs with Amateur Hour, a lot of running inside jokes with the fans, and another exciting competition to see what fish will become King of the Tank. If you wanna be a part of the show, just call in during the program, make your own FishCenter Theme Cover, or submit your short film for the FishCenter Film Festival [deadline ends on Nov 2nd], and send your contribution to

 Lunchtime Games
The ever-changing Lunchtime Games block has a wide selection of shows with gameplays, direct audience interaction and brand new experimental live shows from the Adult Swim Digital team, redefining the Twitch platform as we know it. Call them at 413-961-GAME during the live broadcasts or on
– LIVE every weekday afternoon on Twitch – Replays all day

  • Amateur Hour with Sally & Jono – This week, they continue playing the horror game Until Dawn on the PS4, testing their quick reflexes and watching the consequences of their decisions. Who lives and who dies? Make your bets! Plus, delightful live advice, fun conversations, phone calls, sweet games and prizes for callers, and a big secret surprise on Thursday! Don’t miss it! –Live Mon-Fri at 1pm
  • Hot Crossword Superstars with Max and Dave – After a lot of morning meetings and several past changes on the show, now we get back to the basics. Watch Max, Dave, Nick and some other guests from Williams Street beat the daily Crosswords from The New York Times with the help of the viewers. You can be part of the solving group by calling in or helping on the Twitch chat. – Live Mon-Fri at 2pm
  • Game Humpers – Jason and Gill are out of the office this week, so Dana Swanson, Jonathan Delgado and some other employees will be filling the spot and having a fun time playing different video games for next gen consoles, and sharing their own impressions. You can share some tips and comments to them via the phone lines or the Twitch chat. – Live Wed & Thu at 11am
  • Mystic Shadows – A new LTG experiment that launched last week. Now on Mondays right after Crosswords, you can contemplate a hypnotic voyage about exploration. It’s a half-hour sound collage where strange music, audio sources, YouTube videos and koozie road trips collapse into each other, being melted with chroma key and reverb effects. It’s kind of like Off The Air, but live, as it happens. You can even call in and become part of the confusion. From Dave Bonawits and Max Simonet. – Live Monday at 2:35pm
  • Sports Bitches – It seems that this show has been moved to a later time, so you can now prepare yourself for Thursday Night Football, by watching Dennis and Will playing NFL Madden 16 and sharing their opinions about the current tournament season, players, teams, brackets and more. If you’re a rabid sports fan, you can express your opinion on the phone. – Live Thursday at 7pm
  • Movie Xpress – Another brand new LTG show that premiered last week. Every week, you can enjoy a carefully selected classic film, probably a western, now speeded up for time and presented on a digestable hour-long format. This is TCM done right! For a better experience, join the live commentary on the chats. It’s gonna be like an amateur MST3K. – New Friday at 3pm

 Toonami Stream
For all those requesting a full 24/7 Toonami network, Adult Swim came up with a more effective and affordable solution to please your needs. The Toonami streaming channel contains weekly marathons of some of their current/recent anime acquisitions, encores of the complete on-air Toonami block and some exclusive goodies on Toonami Pre-Flight. (Available on US only)

  • Toonami Pre-Flight – Jason DeMarco & Gill Austin are out of the office this week, with Jason being in Tokyo, but they left us a pre-recorded episode for this Friday, where they’re gonna share some info about Hellsing Ultimate and its run on the block, and recommend some of the movies that scared them the most. You can also post your choice on their FB page. Also, of course, a sneak peak of this week’s on-air goodie, a new segment from Steve Blum going to conventions and more. – New episode Friday at 5pm ET – Replays daily at 5pm. Watch archived episodes here.
  • Mon-Fri: Weekly Show MarathonThis week: Ghost in the Shell. – Marathons start Mondays at 9am ET. Check back every couple of days for a different batch of episodes.
  • Encore Toonami Marathon – A looping encore marathon of the previous night’s entire Toonami block, including packaging and promos. Encore marathons start Friday at 6pm ET, right after Pre-Flight.
    Fri-Sun: Last week’s block (10-17-15)    
    Sun-Mon: This week’s block (10-24-15).

Daily Marathons
Watch a big collection of episodes of Adult Swim shows streaming and looping constantly for your amusement. There’s a different show marathon every day, from recent seasons, to beloved classics, to obscure shows and specials.
– Marathons start every day at 9am ET

  • Mon-Tue – Squidbillies
  • Tue-WedBlack Jesus
  • Wed-ThuCheck It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
  • Thu-FriChina, IL
  • Fri-SatNewsreaders
  • Sat-SunFrisky Dingo
  • Sun-Mon – Robot Chicken Specials

Ghost Planet
Hour-long compilations coming from the Ghost Planet. An edited mix of classic episodes and clips from Space Ghost Coast to Coast,combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, unused material and some other stuff. Editing work by Dave Hughes.
– Chapters 1-5 – Streaming 24/7

 Tim and Eric
Every single episode of the most side-splitting shows ever aired on the network. Includes Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, in no particular order.
Streaming 24/7

The Venture Bros
Every single episode of the most anticipated show ever aired on the network. Whenever you’re impacient about Season 6, you can watch the entire Venture saga at any time, including the original pilot and hour-long specials.
– Streaming 24/7

Off The Air
Experience every single episode of the psychedelic 4am anthology show Off The Air. It also contains some extra features, like Adult Swim idents and mindblowing shorts from featured artists. You never know what you’re gonna get.
– Streaming 24/7

And we wrap up another really late rundown on the Adult Swim Streams. As always, expect some possible sudden changes and improvised surprises throughout the rest of the week. And try to call in and be directly involved with the live broadcasts. I promise you’ll get hooked. What do you think of the two new shows? Tell us in the comments!


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