My Love Story Review Thing That Contains Cutest Anime Couple

Hello that’s right it’s Meowth900 here with another anime review thing. This anime is probably never going to air on Toonami’s anime block because there’s no action. But what is really action anyways? Is it just the Goku spirit bombs and Naruto ransengans? Does it really have to be limited to blood and gore like Akame ga Kill? Anyways the anime series I’m going to review is named My Love Story. It’s Japanese name is Ore Monogatari, and it’s not be confused with the weird show Aniplex has. 

This show is about a love story that isn’t mine. 

*crickets chirping* …Well I tried.

This story features a really tall strong man named Takeo Gouda. He’s a real giant with a giant heart. He’s got a big eyebrow, a big nose, and really big lips. But don’t be fooled by his intimidating outward appearance. He’s a real nice guy. Takeo despite being a really nice guy always has bad luck with girls. The girls always fall for his friend Makoto Sunakawa who is nicknamed Suna. Suna’s a good looking guy, and really looks like he would be the main protagonist of a shojo manga series that would fall for the female lead. All of the girls ask Suna out and Suna says no. This has been the history of Takeo Gouda’s love life throughout his whole middle school years.

Our story begins with Takeo graduating middle school and moving onto the big scary place known as high school. While taking the train ride on the way to school Takeo sees a small girl being groped by a strange dude. Suna tells Takeo not to get involved, but Takeo gets more pissed off. When the train gets to the next stop Takeo starts beating up the guy. Takeo asks her if she’s okay and stares at the girl’s eyes. He starts feeling something inside his heart. Could it be love? The girl introduces herself as Rinko Yamato. Rinko blushes a lot and begins feeling something inside her heart.

The second episode is when Takeo decides to be Cupid and hook Rinko up with his friend Suna. Takeo loves Rinko and remembering his luck with girls he thinks Rinko loves Suna and thus decides to be their Cupid. Rinko asks for Takeo’s phone number and they become text buddies.

Meanwhile Rinko is flustered and asking Suna about how she should tell Takeo how she really feels about him. Suna’s getting annoyed by this. I don’t blame Suna because I would also be annoyed when it comes to dealing with the emotional affairs of others. Suna suggests giving Takeo some sweets, and then confessing.

Rinko gives the two of them some tasty treats as thank you for saving them.Yamato is very flusted while doing this.

 The two of the boys eat the sweets and they taste really great. After Rinko leaves Takeo still thinks Yamato doesn’t like him and Suna says he’s blind. Takeo doesn’t believe Suna and still insists on making them a couple.

Later on Rinko insists on seeing Takeo alone. Takeo thinks it’s because Rinko is really shy about asking Suna out and wants to ask him for love advice. They meet up and Takeo is ready to give Rinko some advice. Rinko then freaks out and starts crying. Takeo thinks it’s because Suna turned her down and gets really pissed off.

Takeo confronts Suna and yells at him for turning down Rinko. Suna calls him an idiot and that Rinko likes him. Takeo still doesn’t believe Suna and hears Rinko knocking on the door. Takeo gets nervous and hides under Suna’s bed. Yes a giant Takeo can fit under a bed. Suna answers the door and they both sit on the bed. Rinko says she wanted to tell Takeo how she really felt but freaked out at the last minute and began bawling. Suna tells Rinko to say out loud how she feels about Takeo, hoping his goofy friend can get the message. She says it, and she says it about ten times.

Suna asks Takeo out loud if he believes him now. Rinko is confused at who he’s talking to. Takeo then lifts the bed up and puts it down. 

And this is how they became a couple.

Three episodes and they hooked up. Something many romance anime series just bait fans on. The rest of this series is for the most part Takeo and Yamato being all cute and adorable together. Their relationship is questioned by other students at school. Many of the girls question why Yamato would date Takeo, and guys are so surprised at how Takeo has such an adorable girlfriend. 

We also learn Yamato’s not an innocent cinnamon roll. Takeo’s a big old innocent cinnamon roll though. Their relationship is a learning experience that can be put to the test at times. Especially at the “end” of the anime series. (I’d like to believe there could be more episodes but I’m probably stuck having to read the manga if I want more)

Takeo is my favorite character of the show. He’s big and strong yet also not portrayed as the average anime character. He’s also a good main character in a shoujo anime series. He’s not perfect or rich. He’s not a pretty boy, yet also not ugly as some people claim he is. He goes out of his way to help people despite them being afraid of his outward appearance. He cares about his friend Suna, and cares about his mom. He loves Yamato and he always will.

(That’s Takeo’s mom)

Suna is my second favorite character of this show. He’s a pretty boy and the heartthrob of many girls at the high school. Suna’s my second favorite because he doesn’t let the cliches of romance in anime happen too much. Heck sometimes he even makes fun of them. Another cool thing about Suna is that he turns down girls because a lot of the girls that ask him out make fun of Takeo. Suna doesn’t date girls who talk shit about his best friend.

Yamato is my third favorite character. She’s funny with how she hides the face that she wants to do the naughty stuff with Takeo. It’s also great how Takeo doesn’t get that side of her and just thinks she’s adorable. The food she makes also looks delicious and judging by Takeo’s face they must also taste delicious. I just wish the series could have shown what her family life is like. Maybe later on in the series it could happen?

This show was a fantastic delight of the spring 2015 anime season, and the summer 2015 anime season. There was some cheese, but it was mostly fluff. The relationship didn’t feel the need to be a break up and make up every episode even though it really could have gone that way sometimes. The funny faces were also a highlight of the show, in fact it was the part that made me want to check it out. Here are the faces that got me to check this series out.


 I recommend shojo anime fans check it out especially if you aren’t a fan of the constant relationship baiting in anime. 

I give the My Love Story anime 4 cakes out of 5

My Love Story is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. No dub plans have been confirmed yet. (but I would really like to hear a dub of this. Sentai please dub it!)

You can watch My Love Story in Japanese with English subtitles on Hulu and Crunchyroll

My Love Story manga is licensed by Viz Media and you can buy it digitally, or physically on Amazon, or Rightstuff. There’s 6 volumes out so far.

Don’t fall off a cliff



2 thoughts on “My Love Story Review Thing That Contains Cutest Anime Couple

  1. Good read!
    While I did enjoy the series, I would have liked a little more drama or at least some tension in the relationship besides all the fluff, but it was still some enjoyable fluff.

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