Black Jesus Episode Recap, 02×06: “Taco Sundays”

“Why would Pops be mad? Look, he blessed us with this beautiful day, we out here chillin’, you got a pocketful of weed, and we about to catch some free dinner. Did I mention that it was free AND it was dinner?”.


Hey, everyone! RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about this week’s episode of Black Jesus, “Taco Sundays”. …Wait, I thought Tuesday was Taco Night.


I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiis big.
I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiis big.

The episode opens with Jesus, Boonie, and Trayvon fishing out by Wilt Chamberlain Lake (presumably named after the basketball athlete famous for playing with the Globetrotters, Warriors, 76ers, and finally the LA Lakers). Boonie asks if God’s mad at them, but Jesus assures him that the day they’ve been given is a blessing, especially since they’re getting free dinner. Trayvon expresses skepticism at what they’re doing because he read a report online about the poor environmental conditions present in the lake, but Jesus reacts by once again assuring them of God’s blessings on them, as well as once again speaking of getting the Word out to the people, with Jesus preaching and Boonie as the DJ. As they finish the conversation, Jesus manages to reel in a rather large fish. Later, Jesus shows up as Ms. Tudi’s house while she’s gardening and asks for a favor. She’s a little on-edge, but listens to Jesus anyway. He presents her with his latest plan to spread the Word and go legit: Jesus’ Church of Compton & Fish Taco Truck. He wants Tudi to be the truck’s cook, but she doesn’t want to do it for free, and even questions where he’s getting the fish from. Jesus takes her to Boonie, Trayvon, and Jason, who are shown with bins full of freshly-caught fish on ice. Tudi’s still skeptical about all of this, but she goes along with it, as we see when the gang’s shown setting up the food truck. Vic and Lloyd walk up to the truck, and Jesus tries to entice them to try some tacos, but Vic just sneers at them and talks shit. His attitude lightens up a little when Ms. Tudi gets his attention, and he tries the tacos, acknowledging that they’re good. Jesus lets him know about where he got the fish from, and Vic immediately spits it out. Jesus gets mad at this and chews Vic out for constantly trying to demonize him and his friends just for trying to spread joy and love to the neighborhood, even mentioning that he got Vic’s mom flowers for her birthday and put Vic’s name on them. Trayvon butts in, mentioning he picked the bouquet himself, and Vic responds by asking where they got his mother’s information. Both of them claim it was God’s divine intervention, but Vic calls bullshit, suspecting they used Trayvon’s hacking skills to get this information and even do some cyber-crime. He leaves the truck angrily, and Lloyd sticks behind to take some tacos before leaving as well. The truck finally opens for business, with Boonie giving the crowd a rousing introduction to Jesus, and then there’s a montage of Jesus giving sermons to people while he and the gang drive around Compton looking for people to preach to. At one point, while Ms. Tudi and Jason are serving customers, she asks about Trayvon who went to a store to pick up some supplies for the truck. He’s talking to Jesus on the phone while on his way back, and Trayvon goes to unhook his bike when suddenly… a random white girl comes out of nowhere, beats the crap out of him, and steals the bike. While attempting to chase her down the sidewalk, Lloyd happens to notice that Trayvon dropped his phone and takes it with him. Trayvon runs back to the groceries, only to notice that the phone is nowhere to be found. Jesus’ truck drives by Reverend Cleveland’s church, and he makes a call to Vic, neither of them being particularly pleased by his activities recently. Vic even lets the reverend know about the fish coming from the lake. Meanwhile, Jesus is delivering a sermon down by the lake, when Trayvon shows up and lets them know about what happened, lying about the girl beating him up, but mentioning the missing phone.

Boonie looks like he's seen some shit, man.
Boonie looks like he’s seen some shit, man.

Vic and Lloyd are scrolling through the phone and notice an unbelievable large list of contacts, including famous people like Bill Gates and Russell Simmons (co-founder of the label Def Jam Recordings. I’m going to assume that Jesus, much like 80% of 15-year-olds on the internet now, has a mixtape he wants to promote). Lloyd tries to make a call to Judge Judy, but Vic stops him after suspecting that the phone’s probably being tracked by major government organizations like the FBI. He tosses the phone out of the door, breaking it apart and knocking the battery out, interfering with Trayvon’s ability to locate it. The gang’s in the truck, lamenting the fact that they’ve only gotten 24 bucks after all their work. Even Jesus is doubtful about whether God’s blessed them for real, but he tries to be reassuring after hearing everyone complain. This doesn’t help much, as the engine gives out and they have to push the truck back to the apartment. Everyone leaves for the night except for Trayvon and Jason, the latter staying behind to work on the engine.


The next morning, Jason and Jesus work together and manage to get the truck running again, while Lloyd ends up coming across the broken phone and puts it back together. Down at the lake, Boonie tries to drum up business for the truck, calling at potential customers and pedestrians in ways that make you seriously wonder why Jesus thought it was a good idea to have him be the truck’s hype-man. Lloyd’s screwing around on the phone, even making a Deez Nuts joke while calling the pope, which gets Trayvon’s attention. He shows Jesus various pictures that Lloyd’s posted to Jesus’ social media profiles, including a picture of his dick.

This shw is so unrealistic. Who the hell would ever post an unwanted photo of their dick on social media sites?
This show is so unrealistic. Who the hell would ever post an unwanted photo of their dick on social media sites?

Trayvon promises to take care of it and goes off to do so, while Jesus comes out to the people and starts giving sermons about defeating hate with love and not letting your ego get out of control. Jesus hones in on one kid in particular, using a football analogy to give him a lesson on the stupidity of revenge. Suddenly, Reverend Cleveland shows up on the scene, asking Jesus where he got the fish for the tacos. He calls them a blessing from God, but the reverend reveals the truth, and everyone suddenly loses their appetite.

God, I hate this guy so much.
God, I hate this guy so much.

Trayvon manages to hunt down Lloyd, tackle him, and take the phone back from, but not before Lloyd decks him in the face and shouts “World Star!”

…Hey, remember last week when I said the show had the perfect opportunity to make that exact joke and they didn’t take it? Was his holiness listening to me that day?

The gang, including Trayvon, mopes around the truck, with everyone saying they’re kind of sick of the truck at this point, with Jesus still trying to maintain a positive outlook. The kid from earlier visits the truck and lets Jesus know that his lesson on revenge actually helped him out since he’s been going through some stuff recently. He leaves, but not before pulling a gun out and leaving it behind with Jesus.

Screenshot (278) I have several questions


Filling himself with confidence, Jesus asks God to bless everyone who’s been doubting him, and the episode ends with Boonie taking the gun and accidentally firing a bullet, with Ms. Tudi giving him shit for it and Trayvon putting it back where it was, before Boonie takes the gun with him again.

My Thoughts

After the slight slump of last week, it’s good to see the show back in top form with an episode that makes some real progress within the overall story. The church/food truck finally started getting off the ground in spreading the word to the people, even seeing Jesus’ message actually getting to someone. There’s plenty of funny moments throughout, like the aforementioned Trayvon getting beaten up by a girl (and Lloyd), Boonie trying to get business by, well, being Boonie, and all the stuff with the fish and the lake. I think the opening of this episode (and some of the plot) are supposed to be referencing the first 14 verses of John 21, the story of several of Jesus’ disciples fishing out in the Sea of Galilee. After not having any success catching fish, Jesus arrives and tells them to haul their net out one more time, finally receiving a large bounty of fish. None of them ask who this man is because they know he’s Jesus. In the context of the show, it’s likely they were alluding to this passage as a way of silencing the doubt of Jesus and his gang, proving that they are in fact being blessed by God. The conflict with Reverend Cleveland also gets expanded upon, showing him and his scummy ass trying to stop Jesus from spreading the word in a sincere fashion, probably building up to something that’ll play out near the end of the season. One last stray observation: for an episode all about fish, Fish was nowhere to be found… I’m just saying. Anyway, this was a really good episode, and I look forward to next week.

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